Frequent ejaculation lowers prostate cancer risk

Frequent ejaculation lowers prostate cancer risk

Frequent ejaculation lowers prostate cancer risk!

Ejaculating often helps to fight prostate cancer!

It’s not me who said it but science and researchers who found out that a man who ejaculates often has less risk of having prostate cancer.

Researchers are even accurate in saying that a man must ejaculate at least 21 times a month to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

The more you ejaculate, the better for your body and your prostate.

This scientific conclusion is very logical, the sperm that stagnates is not good for the prostate, it must be released so you must ejaculate.

If you ejaculate every day, it’s even better.

There are then two solutions, masturbation or sex with your partner.

We are talking here about prostate cancer risk so it is not to be neglected, your woman cannot say anymore that she has a headache for not making love.
There is a risk of prostate cancer in play, so you have to make love often or to masturbate.

You can also alternate masturbation and sex in order not to ask your partner too much.

And if you do not have a girlfriend, well, you have to go flirt and read my ebook about flirt and seduction.

While waiting to find a girl, masturbate every day, it will not hurt if it is good for your prostate.

Finally a good excuse to make love or to masturbate.
Before people used to sai that masturbation would make you deaf or that it is wrong.

Well, show them this article that frequent ejaculation helps to fight prostate cancer so you have to masturbate to ejaculate more often.

Ejaculating is good for health, masturbation should be recognized of public utility in order to fight prostate cancer.

If researchers recommend ejaculating at least 21 times a month, it’s almost once a day so.

The more you ejaculate, the more you decrease the risk of prostate cancer.
Whether it is ejaculation during a sexual intercourse or masturbation, the effects on prostate are the same.

This is not an excuse either for not looking for a girlfriend and just masturbating.

So you now know that ejaculating is good for human health and helps fight prostate cancer.
The more you ejaculate, the better!

You now know what you have to do to limit the risks of prostate cancer, whether you are young or old, this technique is effective at any age!

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