Best Flirting Tips


Perfume is Essential when flirting and Dating!

You do not wear perfume? Well, you are wrong! Perfume or fragrance is a main part of the charm of a person, his olfactory identity. If a woman sees you first, then she will smell you! You want a woman who smelled you in your back to come around and see you to discover who […]


Places to meet girls!

Before flirting or dating a girl, you need to meet one! 🙂 But where? In my book Top 100 Best Flirting Tips, there is a section about places to meet girls but I will give you a few tips and advices in this blog article. The Dog Park! If you have a dog already then […]

best flirting tips

Why This Ebook about Meeting and Dating Women?

The 100 Best Flirting Tips and Advices in seduction is a simple and effective method to seduce girls you are interested in. Why this e-book dedicated to flirting and dating? As a good seduction coach, I toured the methods or other guides ebooks dedicated to the dating, flirting and seduction, in the end, a lot […]