Best Flirting Tips


When to call back a girl after a first date

When to call back a girl after a first date? This is one of the fundamental questions in flirt and seduction, not to call her back too soon so you do not look like the guy who is super interested. But you cannot call her back too late otherwise you will look like someone who […]

How to find a one-night stand

How to find a one-night stand

How to find a one-night stand. On this site and in my ebook about flirt and seduction, The top 100 best flirting tips, I give you tips in flirt and seduction. Sometimes, we can also flirt just to fuck, let’s say things clearly. If dating is to find a girlfriend for a lasting relationship, sex […]


Healthy High Protein Diet To Build Some Muscle!

Healthy High Protein Diet To Build Some Muscle! Importance Of Protein To lose weight or To Pack On Serious Muscle! In order to stay in shape but especially to gain muscle in order to have a better look, let’s talk about the importance of proteins in your daily diet. Even if you have not yet […]

hitting on a girl

How To Approach A Girl

How to approach a girl? Whether it’s a perfect stranger or a girl you meet every day at your workplace or during specific activities, approaching her is always a challenge. But what do you want, having a crush on a girl can make you lose all your means! You want to succeed in your approach, […]


Best Places to Flirt!

Best Places to Flirt! Flirt, ok, but where? In my ebook about flirt and seduction, I talk about places to flirt. I will give you some ideas here but it is more detailed in the book of course. There are also sometimes unusual ideas of places to flirt. We can say that we can flirt […]


Avoid The Friend Zone!

Avoid The Friend Zone! And if you are already in the Friend Zone, you have to get out of it. Getting out of the friend zone is a priority if you want to pick up the girl you are interested in. What is the friendzone or friend zone? The friend zone means that the girl […]


How To Pick Up A Girl?

How to pick up a girl ? In the evening, at the pool, on the train, in the street… there is no miracle recipe to succeed in seducing the girl you have spotted no matter where. There are no truly infallible schemes or flirt techniques if they are not used wisely. Indeed, despite all the […]


Valentine’s Day, the best day to flirt!

Valentine’s Day, the best day to flirt! Yes, before Valentine’s Day or on Valentine’s Day, it’s the best day to flirt! Girls are lonely and do not want to be the only bachelors on Valentine’s Day while all their girlfriends have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day! It’s like New Year’s Day, full of girls to […]


Art of Seduction

Seduction and Art of Seduction. Since the world is a world, whether a man or a woman, we are all looking for the ultimate weapon of seduction that will make people crush on you. The Art of seducing and seduction are the basics of flirting: what women want. However, flirt and seduction are most often […]


How To Kiss a Girl?

How To Kiss A Girl? To kiss a girl good is essential in flirt and seduction, I talk about it of course in my ebook about flirt to download. The first impression is always the most important one, to kiss a girl good also and especially the first kiss! Whether you are young or younger, […]