How to flirt with a dog?

How to flirt with a dog?

I talk more in detail in my seduction ebook The 100 best flirting tips but I will discuss it a little here also as a teaser.

There are plenty of methods to flirt and date girls, including flirting with a dog or with your dog.

Because yes, if you already have a dog, nothing easier, you just go walking around with him and let things happen! 😉

– If you already have a dog:

Either you will meet a girl who also has a dog and there is nothing easier to start a discussion and flirt than to talk about your dogs.

In addition, a girl who has a dog and meets a man who also has a dog, well she will think he must be a good guy.
Because he also loves animals and it is a big common thing to meet people with whom we have common points, otherwise we will soon get bored.

Stroll through a park and spot the girls you like, then get closer to them and begin the flirt and seduction phase.

In addition, flirting with a dog will make you see new places, because girls who walk with a dog, there are plenty to meet in the whole city and parks!

If you like to stroll, it will be nice to flirt with your dog.

Dog is man’s best friend, he will become your best accomplice in flirt and seduction! 😉

How to approach a girl, how to attract a girl, well a dog or your dog is a solution to test, results guaranteed!!

How to approach a girl on the street, well with a dog or your dog too.
Find an excuse if you approach a girl on the street who does not have a dog, likecan you hold me the dog’s leash or a top one, ask a girl to take you picture with your dog.

You can then ask her if she also wants a picture with your dog.

I explain in my ebook how to move on in these moments of flirt and seduction.
But the dog greatly facilitates the task, flirt made easy!

– You do not have a dog:

Do like me, borrow the dog of a friend.

Preferably a cute little dog, girls love it.

You’re going to be the star of the day with your cute little dog.

Sit at the terrace of a café and let it happen!

Success guaranteed with girls who will go crazy for your pretty little dog.

I have already done it several times, the girls come to see the dog to pet it and they come to you too then.

Most girls love dogs, they will love dog lovers too (you).

If it’s not man’s best friend! 🙂

You will have to reward him with a nice bone.

When I put myself at a terrace or when I walk him, it’s non stop!

I borrow the pretty little dog of a friend, so many pretty girls I got to meet thanks to this dog!

If you are in a big city, you will be able to flirt tourists, pretty Russian blondes, Japanese girls.

This is one of the best flirting tips that I know of.

There are even dating sites for dogs, sign up with your dog or even your friend’s dog.

The opportunity to make dating much easier on the internet than on a classic dating site.

Tindog a dating site for dog, created by Julien Muller, you will be able to find dates for your dog but also to meet girls yourself!

A dating site for dogs that works like Tinder actually.

Based on geolocation, Tindog suggests profiles of dogs and owners located around you.

There is also Dogfidelity, a social network for dogs created by Hélène Laroche.

In the US for example, there are 80 million dogs, that’s a lot of girls to meet!

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