What To Say To A Woman On The First Date!

What To Say To A Woman On The First Date!

First Date Conversation Tips on Bestflirtingtips.com!

Flirting and dating means you have a first date with a girl with whom you managed to have a date.

This can also be a little chat at an evening where you have time to talk face to face with a girl you are interested in at a party or an event.

In my book about flirting and seducing, I talk about what to say to her, what to talk about with a girl you are flirting with and you want to seduce.

There are many topics that can be tackled with a girl you meet for the first time but having some discussion ideas always helps.

Depending on where you are and the surrounding, you can already find things to talk about with the girl in front of you.

For example, in a park, you can ask her if she comes here often, if she jogs, etc…

You have to look at her and ask questions about her.

There are easy topics to talk about when dealing with a girl you do not know and it is also interesting to ask questions to learn more about her and her personal life.

– If, for example, she has a pet, it can already show if you have things in common about this.

Personally, I like pets but I do not have any.

If, for example, you are looking for a girl who does not have pets, this conversation topic will be interesting.
You will know right away if you will follow up if, for example, you do not want a girlfriend who has a dog or a cat at home.

You could also be allergic to animal hair so better to know about this from the start.

Then you can talk about your pet memories.

  – Talk about travel and ask her the most beautiful trip she has ever made.

You will find out if she likes to travel or stay at home watching TV…

I like to travel, some people don’t, so this will let you know about her passions and hobbies.

If you like to travel and the girl in front of you never took a plane, it’s not a good sign then.

Finding the right girlfriend is about finding a girl who has something in common with you.
If not, it will not work, unless you’re just looking for a one-night stand.

If both of you like to travel then you can discuss trips and experiences by evoking your favorite destinations.

– Ask her about something she would like to do in the future.

Something that holds to her heart and important that she would like to do in the future.

This can be a trip, something related to her family, etc…

– Ask her what she does in life, her work can already tell you a lot about her.

If she is a graphic designer, baker, lawyer, secretary, etc …

You’ll find out what she’s doing every day.

And this allows you to talk more about this topic of discussion.

In my ebook on flirting and dating (The top 100 flirting tips), you will find even more ideas about what to say to a girl on a first date and also flirting advices.

There are also topics or subjects that must be avoided when you flirt and seduce a girl so that you do not make her go away right from the beginning…

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