How To Flirt On Facebook

How To Flirt On Facebook.

How to flirt with a girl on Facebook?

Advice for dating on the internet and on social networks like Facebook.

Nowadays, people spend much of their time on internet watching photos and news of their friends on Facebook.

You have your family on Facebook but also friends, colleagues and then there are friends of friends, friends of co-workers.
And finally, there are the unknown girls who are on Facebook and whose path we may perhaps cross in a comment or looking at the list of the friends of your friends.

So you have understood, Facebook is a huge source of girls to flirt with because most of the people are there.
Besides, Mark Zuckerberg had understood it right away as seen in David Fincher’s movie “The Social Network” when a student comes to ask him if he knows if a girl on Facebook is single.
He understands right away that this is what people want to know and are looking for, who is single on Facebook so they can flirt with those girls.
That’s why you want to flirt on Facebook.

So there is the option of being able to indicate whether you are in a relationship, single or what you are looking for.

So I had to write an article to give you tips and advice on how to flirt on Facebook like I do in other articles in the online dating section
Especially that the other articles I read on other sites are often not very specific or limited in tips on how to flirt on Facebook.

That’s why I also wrote my ebook about flirt and seduction The Top 100 best flirting tips, to give you something good to read about flirt and seduction.

On the internet, there are plenty of ways to flirt with girls, Tinder, Badoo, and Facebook of course.
The difference is that a girl who signed up on Badoo is there to flirt like you, on Facebook, she is there for the social network with her friends, family, etc…

A big advantage of Facebook is that it is 100% free to use it.
Facebook makes a lot of money through advertising so the service is free.

If Facebook is free, it means that there is everyone on it and therefore many guys who contact girls to flirt with them.
This also means that like on dating sites, girls on Facebook are also very solicited and receive a lot of messages and friend request.

So you will have to make a difference like on other dating sites like Badoo or Tinder where all the raptors are there to contact the girls.
We will see that it will be necessary to work on your Facebook profile because like on a dating site, a mobile dating application, you must have a profile photo that attracts girls and an interesting profile.

  • Facebook flirting tips.

– A good Facebook profile photo.

What do we see first on Facebook, the profile photos like on a dating site.

It will therefore be necessary to choose your picture of profile so that it is attractive, it is necessary to take the time to find a good one or to make a new one if necessary.
I talk about it in other articles on about online dating like in this article on how to flirt on Tinder:

Many people neglect their profile picture, many especially think that their picture is good but in fact it is terrible!
I see friends who put pictures, I tell myself how could he choose this terrible picture…
As for many personal things, nobody will dare to tell you and you end up with an ugly or stupid photo that does not make you look good or attractive, on the contrary!…

The best advice, I mention it in other articles about flirting on the internet, ask a friend to advise you, to give her opinion or ask your friends if they have nice pictures of you.
Personally, I do not have a lot of pictures so I ask my friends.

A fun, social photo, under the sun, on vacation, with friends, a photo with a smile.
A nice photo that will make the girl want to click to see your profile!

The profile photo is the most important marketing element of your Facebook profile.
It’s like in advertising, we choose an image that will make people click, not letting them go elsewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If the picture is nice, the girls will click to see who you are or ask you as a friend if you are not.

ย – Your Facebook Profile.

The Facebook profile photo was the first thing to do, it will be necessary to see now your profile and its content.

You need to optimize your Facebook profile to flirt and seduce girls.
You have to put content and things that girls will like to see and not a personal page where you will post anything.

First, you need friends, if you do not have any friends on Facebook, it’s weird.
Either it is a fake Facebook account, or you are not sociable and have no friends which is repulsive.
Do not have too many friends either, it’s stupid, superficial and not credible.

– Your pictures.

It will be necessary to put some pictures of you and remember that if the objective of your Facebook page is to flirt with girls, you will have to pay attention to the content of your page and photos.

Put normal photos, on holiday, in a restaurant, with friends, birthdays.

Avoid photos that give a bad image of you, vomiting in the toilet, vulgar photos that could let a girl doubt about your real personality.
The first impression is always the most important as people say, so you have to look after the content of your page to present well.
You are not asked to be the perfect son in law but to have an interesting, funny, sociable Facebook profile (it’s a social network precisely).

Photos with a pet like a dog or a cat are recommended.
This gives a positive image of you, someone who loves animals, many girls love animals.

If necessary, make new pictures, it will also be useful for other dating sites like Tinder or Badoo.

Same thing for the groups you follow, do not follow bizarre Facebook groups, rather stuff about cinema, news, humor.

The About section on Facebook.
Fill in the minimum information, you are not there to tell everything about your private life, no birthday date, just put the day, not the year.
Indicate some info about your interests, movies, etc…

Do not put anything too personal, Facebook is not for that.

Your posts on Facebook should be rather about entertainment.

Do not post uninteresting stuff like I’m having dinner, drinking a coke, etc…

On the other hand, if you are at a dinner with friends or in a nice restaurant, post some pictures yes.
You have to post original stuff with photos that will please and interest.
Do not do as some people do, posting bullshit 10 times a day that does not interest anyone.

Girls love to laugh, make them laugh!
A girl who laughs will be easier to get in your bed, post humorous videos, there is a ton on the web.
Find funny comic videos or gifs that will make girls laugh.
Be careful, nothing vulgar either, do not shock girls who will see your Facebook profile.

Even though it can be fun, girls do not have the same sense of humor as men and they can quickly understand something else…
Or they might not find something funny and see something vulgar or misogynistic instead…

Again, post videos or pictures with animals, they will love it and find it very nice.
There are plenty on internet.

Avoid posting photos with girls who are too sexy, girls might think that you are only interested in sex or a sleazy guy…
Exchange these pics with friends on Facebook Messenger by creating a group on it for example.
Somewhere you can talk freely about personal stuff that nobody else will see in public.

You have to pay attention to all these details, your Facebook profile, it’s your business card or your resume with the girls, you have to make a good impression.
Everything is in appearance, she will see later if she is really interested in you when she will meet you.

On the internet and on Facebook, we easily post bullshit that we find funny but if it goes too far, you can make the girls doubt about your personality.

Same thing when you click like on stuff or photos, be careful!!!!
Do not forget that people see what you do on Facebook and where you click like.
Facebook tells everything to your friends, this person clicked like here thinking that you may like it too also since you are friends but Facebook is mostly a big snitch, a reporter who says everything to your friends about what you do.

When you signed up on Facebook, you knew about this. And if you did not know, you are now warned!

So, pay attention where you click like, if you click like on weird stuff, hard photos, girls will see it too and this can tarnish your image.

If there are things on your Facebook that are too alluding to sex, you’re going to scare girls away who will doubt on your real intentions.

If you want to avoid all these worries of self-censorship on your Facebook page, you may want to consider having another Facebook page.
It is possible but you will have to be careful, do not use the same email address, the same telephone number as Facebook will show your second profile to your friends on your first Facebook page and people will see that you have two Facebook pages then.

And you must not have the same friends if not the same, we will propose your page to your current friends.
A second Facebook page may be useful for dating unknown girls, girls your friends also do not know so you have a separate account to chat with girls without your friends knowing about it.

It is up to you, a second Facebook account can be interesting to flirt with girls without your entourage seeing it. You must then forbid access to your second Facebook page and all the photos, especially the profile photo.

– Who to flirt with on Facebook?

On Facebook, you can flirt with girls who are already on your friends list, friends of your friends, co-workers or flirt with girls you do not know.

Flirt with girls who are near you.

The level of difficulty will therefore be different because when you do not know a girl, she will have to accept you as a friend or to read your first contact message.

The best thing to do first if you want to flirt with girls on Facebook, is to look at ths girl friends of your friends.
There are many girls there, go to the friends list of your friends, or your co-workers who are your friends too.

In flirting in general and when flirting on Facebook too, it is necessary to make your life easier in order to make flirting easier.

Being friends with a friend or girlfriend of a girl you are going to flirt with will help you a lot.
And it’s normal, being friends with someone in her circle of friends, you already have some legitimacy.
You are not a 100% unknown guy because one of her friends knows you and it will reassure her on her first contact with you.

At first, you will flirt with girls that you are interested in in the entourage of your friends and co-workers.
You can also flirt with a friend who had been on your mind for a while or a co-worker.

There is already a social link with these people so the task is going to be easier to flirt with them.
You already have access to their Facebook page, so you already know a lot about these girls and have topics to talk to about with them.

Besides, do not hesitate to ask your friends to recommend Facebook profiles of girls they know or have seen and that could be interesting for you to hit on.
Tell your friends you are looking for a new girlfriend, do you have any friends to recommend me?
You have to use your network of friends, there are surely pearls that are hidden somewhere and your friends will not think of telling you about it.

Then come the girls that you do not know.
Either you surf by chance on their profile, or you have searched for a new prey by yourself on Facebook.
The first contact will be more difficult because they do not know you and they will therefore have to accept to read your first contact message or your friend invitation.
Knowing that some people prohibit friend requests from people who are not already friends with a friend of theirs.

– How to approach a girl on Facebook?

Flirting on Facebook is one thing but you must first approach a girl on Facebook before you can flirt with her.

First, avoid to Poke a girl.
It’s a little stupid thing, actually, when someone sends you this, you do not know what to answer or you wonder what means this stupid thing…

I wonder why Facebook leaves this thing on, I guess it’s just an additional feature.

So, avoid it if you do not want to look like a moron. Haha

What to talk about with a girl on Facebook?

Talk to a girl who is already a friend on Facebook.
This is the easiest case because you are already friends so you are not an unknown person to her, you know all about her and she also knows everything about you indeed.

So you will have to send a first contact message but before doing that, you will show your interest in her by clicking like on stuff she posts on her Facebook page.
Without clicking like on every stuff she posts on Facebook but some of it.

You will also start to write little comments, start with smileys showing that you like or approve what she just posted on her page.

A girl wants to be with someone who is on the same “page” as her or who loves the same things.

You can also comment with small sentences on stuff that she posts.

You establish contact indirectly and she will be interested in you because she will see that you follow her page, that you agree with her opinions or that you like pictures or videos she posted.

Some compliments will make her happy, as a photo comment or a private message and that is where we find the best opportunity to contact her by Facebook Messenger.
To contact her on a thing she posted and to engage in a conversation on this subject, she will love to be told about something she has posted since it concerns her and is close to her heart.

And you, you show that you are also interested in this subject and therefore to her who posted it on her Facebook page.

This can be a holiday photo and you can ask her “So how was Barcelona?”
Or compliment her on an outfit on a photo, a night out, a restaurant she did and ask her for advice.

Do not compliment her on a photo in a swimming suit, this will immediately make her feel that you are more interested in her breast or ass even if it is surely the case. ๐Ÿ˜‰
A girl is more sentimental and subjective, you must talk to her about something else.

Similarly, you must avoid talking about sex, there could be a misunderstanding. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You will be able to chat with her about stuff you have seen on her Facebook, so the task is made much easier.
By knowing what she likes, you will be able to invite her for a drink where she likes, dinner to eat with what she likes, etc…
This is the big advantage of Facebook, people put their lives there so we know all about them, what they like, etc…

Engaging contact with a girl that you already know on Facebook is therefore more or less easy.
Follow this method and go step by step so that it does not look too abrupt like you are just looking for a one night stand.

– First message to a girl that you do not know on Facebook.
Approaching an unknown girl on Facebook will be clearly more difficult because the girl does not know you at all.

And when someone does not know the person, that you are not friends with someone in her entourage, the first feeling is surprise and interrogation. Where did this guy come out from?! ๐Ÿ˜‰
So, how to flirt on Facebook with a girl you do not know?

First, she will have to read your first message that will arrive in her Invitations box.
Sometimes people do not even see that they have received a message from someone who is not friend with them.
Or you receive a message asking if you accept a message from a stranger without even seeing his name in advance.
The risk is that some girls do not see the message or dare to click yes not knowing who is behind.
It would be better if Facebook first said who made the request, after, you click yes or no.

The advantage though is that you will know if the girl read your message or not, it’s better than nothing.
Before we did not even know.

The rule is to send a first contact message before asking the girl as a friend.
Otherwise it’s too abrupt, the girl does not know you at all and will surely refuse you as a friend!
You do not want to look like a stalker who asks to be friend without even saying something.

You can try a friend request without talking to her if you think that your profile picture will be effective, it’s up to you to try.

So, what to say then in this first message when we do not know this girl on Facebook?
What message to send to a girl you do not know yet on Facebook?
Well, in this first contact message with a girl that you do not know, you will just tell her that you contact her because you did not want to send her a friend request right away as you do not know each other yet.

Saying this already shows that you have manners to approach a girl, you introduce yourself and you chat a little bit before going to ask someone directly to be friend.
Because, just like you, this person might not want to have you as a friend and talking to you a little bit will make her think and it will give her a good image of you.

Write a nice message with proper grammar and spelling, quoting her first name at the beginning of course.
No Text Message language.

In a first message to flirt on Facebook, no message like “Hi, how is it going?”.
But rather a message of presentation as indicated at the beginning, that you contact her because you noticed her profile on Facebook and that you would like to get to know her more.
And that if she is ok with it, well to add you as a friend in order to connect with her and get to know each other better.

The girl will appreciate the way you approach her, it’s not like you copy/paste the same simple message to every girl on Facebook like some guys do. You have to stand out and look more interesting.
You have to make a difference to flirt on Facebook!

Try !

– Flirting with girls on Facebook in a foreign country.

Facebook will have soon 2 billion members! This is huge, a good part of the planet is on Facebook.

Like on Tinder or Badoo, there are girls to flirt with in foreign countries.
If you go on vacation for example, you will be able to flirt with foreign girls on Facebook.

The fact that you are a tourist will certainly attract their curiosity, easier to make a first friend request especially without knowing her .
By sending her a first message, a local girl will be clearly interested in knowing an interesting foreign man on vacation near her home .

So do not forget Facebook when traveling abroad or even prepare your trip in advance by contacting girls in the country where you will go in order to have already contacts of girls to meet and flirt on the spot.

So, you have here all the best flirting tips to properly flirt on Facebook.

There are a bunch of girls to chat with on Facebook, once the contact is established, you can then invite her to meet her and see her in real life.

You will then go from virtual flirting to flirting, seducing and dating in the real world, so you must be ready to flirt and seduce her face to face.
You will have the advantage of already knowing her through her Facebook page, you will then already have subjects of discussion to start a conversation with her.

Good luck on Facebook!

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