How To Flirt On Tinder

How To Flirt On Tinder!

Tinder, everyone knows, just like Badoo, Happn, Grindr,, Pure.

All new mobile dating apps that are also dating sites on the internet.

As there are more and more smartphone users, dating sites are increasingly made to be used on tablet, ipad, mobile phone and smartphone.

We swipe profiles as we say, we look, we like or we throw away!
Flirting on Tinder!

It’s kind of fast but our current society is a bit like that, everything always goes faster and encounters too.

If Tinder has a slightly younger image than dating sites like, it’s because these sites are rather focused on serious dating while Tinder is more about fast dating and sometimes one night stand.
But of course you can meet girls to find a serious relationship thanks to Tinder. It’s just that it’s not Tinder’s main clientele.
Tinder is more fun, people say it’s the heterosexual version of Grindr which is probably true.

Tinder is therefore a trendy mobile dating app like Badoo or Happn.

Before signing up, you might want to know how to flirt on Tinder.

– Free Mobile dating app.

First of all, like many dating sites, Tinder is free like Badoo with premium options of course.
Tinder needs to earn some money to offer a free dating service with basic features.
Tinder is then one of the best mobile dating apps for Iphone and Android.

You can register on the internet via your pc or mac or you can install the Tinder mobile application on your smartphone.
On your app store for android or Apple Iphone, the Tinder mobile dating app is free of course.

You sign up using your Facebook account, it’s fast, on the other end, Tinder gets your Facebook account information, profile photo, etc…

As for any dating site, it is necessary to fill out at least your profile, photo, description, etc…

Then you are ready to use Tinder and see who is on the site to date singles like you.

– Geolocation.

Like Badoo, Tinder is based on geolocation to see the single girls to flirt with who are not far from you.

It is very useful indeed to see who is next to you and to see the girls who want to meet guys.
Geolocatin is a key point on how to flirt on Tinder.

Tinder will then show you the profiles of single girls next to you.

You must then click whether you like her or not, you click the heart or the cross.
There is a heart or a cross in order to choose what you think of the girl.

Hot or not, you like or swipe her profile.

If you like a girl who clicked she likes you too, it’s a match!
Tinder tells you of course that there is a match between the two of you, so you can start a conversation to flirt with this girl.

So, you will be able to surf a lot of photos of single girls to flirt and date.
All you have to do is to contact the girls you are interested in.

If a girl clicks that she likes you, you have to like her too to know that she likes you too, you need a match, that’s the goal of this dating app, to match people.
The purpose of the application is to meet people.

– Who is on Tinder.

Before knowing how to flirt on Tinder, you need to know who is on Tinder.

The name Tinder, it makes me think of Kinder chocolates surprise, we do not know what surprise we will find inside! 😉
As in a Kinder surprise, there are a bunch of girls on Tinder but not only, you’ll see what exactly right away.

Tinder has become very well known in the world, it is one of the biggest meeting places on the planet.

The positive side is that like Badoo, you can use Tinder in a foreign country to flirt and seduce girls.
If you are in Thailand, France, Spain, Brazil, you will be able to flirt with local girls.

That’s what’s great with these mobile geo-targeted encounters, you are put in touch with girls where you are.
No need to do a profile search, Tinder tells you right away who are the single girls near you.

The perfect dating application for dating during your vacation or business trip abroad.

It also allows to flirt with tourists on vacation next to you!
The nice little French girls are all yours! They are on holiday near your place and just want to meet a local boy to flirt with and more if it works out! Thank you Tinder!

As Tinder is very well known, there are many people to flirt with, so you will see different kind of people there too.
There are also fake profiles of people who like to make you believe that there is a woman behind a beautiful photo.
So you have to be careful with girls who look too pretty to be there.

This pretty girl can also be an escort girl, a prostitute, there are some there, they will ask you money to meet them and to fuck then.
Dating sites bring together different types of girls so it’s up to you to see what you are looking for and eliminate the profiles that do not interest you.

There are also transvestites who should not be in the women section even though they think they are part of it. Haha
And believe me, those transvestites know how to flirt on Tinder, they are expert in good profile photos…

Otherwise, there is everything, girls looking for a lasting and serious relationship, girls looking for a one night stand.
You will see, based on her profile and photos, who you are dealing with. If the profile shows somewhat daring photos, the girl is just telling you what she is looking for, sex.

If the profile is more serious, the girl is looking for a serious guy and for a serious relationship.

This will depend on what you are looking for too, so you will throw away profiles that do not match your search.

– How to flirt on Tinder.

To properly flirt on Tinder and to know how to flirt on Tinder, it’s like on Badoo, Facebook, it takes nice photos and especially a good profile picture to attract girls.

Dating sites are like seeing people on the street, you turn your head on a girl that you like not on her brain.
Girls are like that too, they notice a guy that they like.

So, on Tinder, for good flirting, you will need to have a good profile picture.
It seems obvious but how many times I have seen profiles of friends on Tinder or Badoo with very ugly profile photos!

Pictures that do not appeal, make the person uglier than in reality.
A picture where he does not smile, does not look cheerful, etc…

The profile picture is what will attract the girl on your profile if she looks on the dating site but it is also this photo that the girl will see first if you contact her.
Girls will avoid you right away if your profile picture is ugly, without even going to see your profile.

The men do the same, we see a photo of a lousy profile and we say “Oh no, not that one!” when maybe the girl just did not choose the best profile picture and she is maybe not bad actually!

So take a moment to find a nice profile picture for Tinder!
Myself, I made this mistake in the past, to do things quickly I was putting any profile picture.
What a nice mistake!

Imagine the number of girls who avoided you because of a bad profile picture.

So this is the first golden rule to flirt on Tinder and on other dating sites like Badoo or Facebook also: the profile photo!

To choose your profile picture and increase your chances on a dating site, there is this article in particular:

It takes photos where you look social, cheerful, photos showing that you have a busy life.
Take the time to put some pictures, not too much either, otherwise she will not want to know more about you.
4 or 5 pictures is good.

You must also have hobbies or passions in life, put some credible ones even if we all know that we do not do all these activities or passions.

Put a simple and concise description, which is nice to read, not a presentation for a job interview.
You have to be funny, friendly, interesting. So the photos play an important role in showing off all that in addition to the things you are interested in in your daily life.
You are not asked to be a top model or to be perfect but to be interesting.

– First contact with a girl on Tinder.

To know how to flirt on Tinder, the first contact is going to be the most important step.

When you contact a girl on Tinder, always put her first name at the beginning of your message, it shows that you are interested in who she is and that you have read her profile.

Refer to one of her hobbies or passions in your first message to engage in a discussion about something that interests her (sport, movie, book, etc…)

Seeing that you are interested in her and in what she loves, she will answer you.

A simple “Hi, how are you?” is not going to do the trick! Would be too easy otherwise.
Girls get a bunch of messages from single guys like you who are also interested in contacting this girl.

Therefore, you will have to make a difference to get an answer, your profile picture is indeed a very important element for her to click on your profile.
Then, she has to be interested in your profile.

But it is primarily the message that will have to get her attention, it is necessary to provoke a reaction in her head that makes her want to answer you.
An uninteresting message will send you straight to the exit!

You have to hook the fish with something that attracts her, you do not attract bees with vinegar.

Flirting is like Politics, you have to tell people what they want to hear, even if you do not do what you said afterwards. Haha

– The highlights of Tinder.

What is good about Tinder is that if both people want to know if the other person likes her/him too, each one has to click like to get a match.
Then everyone knows that the other person wants to talk and flirt too.

Otherwise, a girl does not know that you have clicked like about her profile on Tinder.
If when seeing your profile, she does not click I like, she will not know that you had clicked like also.

Same for you, if a girl clicked I like on your profile and you do not click like also, you will not know that this girl had clicked like about you too.

There is Tinder Plus also, a paid, freemium or premium version of the basic Tinder to not have advertisements displayed for example.

Tinder focuses on simplicity with its mobile dating app. We swipe, we like, the profiles scroll to go faster than to have to read profile descriptions.

The big asset of Tinder as of Badoo, it is geolocation, it is what gave a good kick in the ass to old dating websites like who were still in the old way.
When you flirt, you want to meet someone quickly. If the person is away from you, it’s a pain in the ass.
It is also a waste of time to check profiles of people who in fact are not right near you.

On Tinder, you immediately see single girls available and nearby who also want to flirt and meet a man.

Local flirting, we could call it like that. Like for local news, you want to know what is happening near you. Well, it’s the same for dating, you want to flirt with the girl next door, not in Peru…

Tinder and Badoo fulfill this function of local flirting using geolocation.

– My personal opinion about Tinder.

Tinder is simple to use, that’s what makes it strong, it’s my seduction coach’s opinion.
We can flirt on Tinder and it fast to look at single girls profiles who are near you.

The fact that you can only sign up with your Facebook account, I do not like it at all.
Why should we give our Facebook information to Tinder if we don’t want to…
I understand why they do it of course, it allows to have authentic accounts based on Facebook (even if you can have a fake Facebook account too).
This is also to limit fake profiles, it is not stupid even if the initial purpose is advertising and therefore to have your email address and to be able to display advertisements according to your age, sex, etc…

But the Tinder mobile app is free, Tinder needs to earn some money somewhere in exchange for a free dating service.
They don’t teach you how to flirt on Tinder but it’s free to use it and date girls.

So if registering on Tinder with your Facebook account does not bother you, Tinder is very easy to use.
You will see with which girls you match and try to contact the ones you are interested in.

That’s what makes Tinder’s strength, it’s simple to use, we swype and we like or not.
Swiping photos might seem a little too much like a dating factory but well, you look for people who first attract you depending on their appearance so photos let you know if the girl is your type of girl you are looking for.

We therefore look at many profiles waiting to see which girl will please us on Tinder.

Personally, I prefer Badoo to Tinder.
I also wrote an article on how to flirt on Badoo even though this one is about how to flirt on Tinder.

It’s up to you to try and see which mobile dating app is right for you.
This can depend on many things like the design, advertising, etc…

But you have here all the tips and advice on how to flirt on Tinder.

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