How to write a first message to a girl on Tinder

How to write a first message to a girl on Tinder?

How to start a conversation with a girl on Tinder?

What to say in your first message to a girl on Tinder?

Everyone wants to know how to send a first message on Tinder.

A first message is like when you approach a girl on the street or elsewhere, you can’t be wrong right from the beginning to have a chance to flirt with her.

On Tinder, once you get a “match” with the girl, it’s good! But now you have to talk to her.

If you send her a good first message, you’ll get her attention, make her want to answer you and then you can start a conversation with her on Tinder.

But beware, competition is tough and girls can be very difficult.

Also, you have to choose the best catch phrases that stand out from the crowd!

Some good online flirting tips and seduction advice on Tinder.
Know that these tips are also valid on Badoo for example which is another mobile dating application similar to Tinder precisely.

Get out of the mass!

With “hello”, “Wassup?”, “you’re so cute” … you will end up like the other guys who have come to talk to her so far and you will just be like a water drop in the ocean, you won’t even exist.

It is important that you stand out from other men.

Above all, you must be funny.

Use her first name.

A simple and easy approach that works very well: you write her name followed by an exclamation mark.

As it is kind of different, girls often answer with a “Yes? “Or the same thing with your first name.

Afterwards, you just have to go on, either by continuing on the indirect path “What do you do crazy in life?”
Or be straight forward “Only 2 miles separate us … What are you doing tonight? ”

Use a detail of her photo.

Find a detail that is kind of different on her picture and try it, send her a message about it.

Whether it’s her purse, her hairstyle, the assortment of her colors, her top, her pet, the landscape…

As long as it is something that she has chosen to show on the photo, you just have to make your current creativity work.

I therefore strongly recommend:

Comment something in her photos or bio.
Ask her a specific question.


Is this a Corona in the picture? This is my favorite beer. What is yours?
I noticed a white dress. Are you a nurse? Do you like it?
Awesome your costume! Where do you go for Halloween?

Find common interests.

What’s great about Tinder is that you can see the pages that you and your match both like on Facebook, so take advantage of it to bounce directly on it.

People tend to be attracted to those with whom they can share passions.

This can quickly create something in common and this will allow you to fast-forward the conversation.

And so, ask specific questions about interests or passions she has about things like sport, animals, etc…
If she likes dogs, she will be glad that you come to talk to her about her dog or yours if you have one or any other topic about dogs precisely.

Avoid compliments.
If you want to compliment a girl on Tinder, do it creatively.

All pretty girls know that they are pretty, you do not need to tell her this and all the losers are already telling her this… Remember, she receives a lot of messages every day.

Do not write a whole book.
Remember that girls on Tinder must be on the lookout for weirdos, stalkers or any other strange guys.
And nothing is more scary than a 1000-word text about your childhood.

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Now you only have to try and practice by contacting girls on Tinder to see which first messages work better to start a conversation on Tinder.
It is by practicing flirt that you will improve you art of seduction on the internet or in real life.

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