Sex improves Professional Performance!

Sex improves professional performance!

It is not me who said it but a serious study on the subject precisely.

I was reading an article in a newspaper about this, a scientific study on sex and couples.

American scientists observed 159 couples for two weeks and noticed that the day after a sexual intercourse, their performance at work and their mood were better!

We already know that sex is very good for evacuating stress, when you come your brain releases cells that relax you.

Sex is good physically and mentally!

Sex is good for health!

So we are in a better mood when we make love.
That’s why also that you often hear when people are edgy or stressed out, that they are frustrated and need to have sex to release their stress.

So it seems true, kissing, making love is an asset to be in better mood and therefore to be more concentrated on your  work, which induces better performances at work!

It was the work of Professor Keith Leavitt of the University of Oregon with his colleagues at the University of Washington who followed couples in order to more easily measure the effects on their job and their mood after they have made love or had sex.

The teacher explains that it is easier to follow couples because they are together every day and therefore make love more often than single people who only see someone from time to time.

It also helps to measure the effects of regular sexuality on people’s physical and mental health.

Making love regularly helps to be in a better mood and to perform better at work.

Sex is good, so you have to make love, it’s good for your body and your mind.

It’s good for your mood, so you have to take time to make love, have free time for sex.

The study also shows that it is better to avoid working at home, bringing home the stress of work is negative for sexuality.
Ideally, you should leave work at the office and focus on your personal life at home.

The positive effects of sex are the same on men and women.

So you only have to make love to be less stressed and if you do not have a girlfriend, go flirt to find one.

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