Too much sport is not good for sex!

Too much sport is bad for libido and sex!

Yes, you read well, an excess of sport is bad for men’s libido and therefore a less effective sexuality.

Sport is important to stay fit, to have a nice body that pleases women especially for flirt and seduction!

So it’s not an excuse not to do sports anymore, but do not too much sports.

It’s like everything, everything is good but not too much, like for food, etc …

This is a serious study published in the journal Medicine & Science in sports and exercise that comes to show that too much sport is harmful to men’s libido and sexuality.

Getting tired too much with sport, your sexual appetite is affected and it is a bit logical in fact.
If we do too much sport, we are tired and afterwards we do not especially want to make love if we are too tired.

It’s a bit like working in the office for example, you are stressed and tired, your libido is affected.
You are no longer performing in bed, you do not want to make love.
For once, it is you who says to have a headache to your partner! Haha

This scientific study was carried out by researchers at the University of North Carolina in the United States on over 1000 men.
They therefore studied their sexual and sporting habits in order to see the correlation between the two when men do a lot of sport.

The longer and intense the sport, the lower the libido.

Men who have a mild and moderate sports activity, have a more active libido, they are active in sex.

Researchers believe that this comes from the effects of intensive sport on men’s testosterone levels which ultimately affects the libido of these.

By doing too much sport, the body must bring the maximum energy for this intensive sports practice.
It is as much energy less for sex and sexuality with your partner.
As the example cited above when you get tired of work, you do not have the energy to make love.

So it’s basically the same.

The solution, well, is to do less sports, the body will immediately adapt to the new situation and redistribute energy for sex and libido.

Sport is an endorphin supplier, it reduces stress, puts you in a good mood.
So sport is important, you just have to do enough to be fit, keep your physique attractive to flirt and seduce.

The art of seduction goes through physical attraction, remember it, just like you, a woman first sees your physique and does not turn over your brain in the street.

You want to hit on and flirt with pretty girls, well women are first physically attracted by a man too.
This is the nature of things, sex is a natural physiological need.

So, do sports but not too much and spend the rest of your energy in bed with your partner.

Sex is good for health as well as for sport. Besides, sex is sport too, you must have endurance to please a woman in bed.
So doing sports will help you to please her in bed and to be good in bed.

Sport and libido are linked but too much sport kills the libido.
No excess as ywe always say, your partner expects you to be good in bed.
And then for you too, it would be a shame to miss some sexual activity because you do too much sport!

Sex is important to reduce stress, it’s sports in bed.

I talk about all this in my ebook about flirt and seduction of course, physical preparation and improving your look to properly flirt and seduce!

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