What you should eat to last longer in bed!

What you should eat to last longer in bed!

What to Eat to Make sex last Longer?

What if I can not make love to her long enough?…

All men on this planet have experienced at least once the fear of not lasting longer enough in bed.

Not to mention the shame you can feel when you see that your partner has not had enough pleasure during your sexual activities.

Do not worry anymore because today it’s all over.
In this article, we will share with you some simple solutions and explain everything you need to eat to make sex last longer.

Make love longer: understand the mechanism of erection.

Before we look at what to eat, let’s start by understanding what you need to last longer in bed.

Starting with the erection.

A strong erection is a real gift of nature. And it helps to make love!

Indeed, you will agree with me to recognize that to sleep with a woman, it’s still practical that your sex can change shape and size in seconds.

So how is the erection?

In fact, the erectile bodies that make up your sex are suddenly turning into sponges. They dilate and cause an aspiration that attracts the blood massively towards your penis.

When your penis is “at rest”, its arteries contract and tighten to leave only a small trickle of blood.

On the other hand, as soon as something excites you, you feel sexual desire or you wake up in the morning, the arteries of the penis enlarge and let a lot of blood go through.

It is this blood that will swell the erectile bodies and allow you to have an erection.

Then the membrane that surrounds the erectile bodies compresses the veins. As a result, the blood that arrives at great flow in your sex will then stay there.

This allows you to maintain your erection throughout the duration of sexual intercourse.

But let’s get down to the facts and look at what you all want to know: what do you need to keep a good erection and be able to make love longer?

What is responsible for the main masculine physical characters?

What makes your hair grow and change your voice at puberty? And who is also responsible for the proper functioning of the erection mechanism?

You have understood since everything is in the title of this paragraph: it is testosterone.

If you are not sure how it all works, just remember that testosterone is a hormone secreted by the testicles of humans.

It promotes muscle development and bone strength, but is especially necessary for sperm production.

Clearly, if your testosterone is too low, you may experience a decline in your libido and erectile dysfunction.

And as a misfortune never happens alone, you should also know that the older you go, the less your body will produce testosterone.

The good news is that by adopting a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, you can boost your testosterone levels and delay for many years the moment your body is going to let go.

So what should you eat to keep a good testosterone level?
What does it take to keep high testosterone levels?

And to make sex last longer!

In fact, we will start with what you should not eat.

And you already know it.

For information, currently, testosterone levels among men in western countries is falling sharply.

The explanation is simple and it’s always the same: overweight, junk food, sedentary life and lack of sports.

So first of all, if you want to make love longer, the first thing is to try to keep in shape and monitor your line.

So, you take away sodas, pizzas, hamburgers, cakes, sweets, chocolate and beer.

We have already covered the subject extensively in this article on diet and sexual performance.

Well, I’m abusing a little. You still have the right to eat from time to time, but it should not be the basis of your diet.

And if you consume these foods more rarely, you can only better appreciate them.

In the same way, try to play sports regularly.

Whether jogging, cycling, going to the gym, playing football with friends or at least going to the office while walking and taking the stairs instead of the elevator to do the 6,000 steps a day that are recommended by the World Health Organization.

These little simple reminders being made now, let’s see what you can eat to boost your testosterone levels.

What diet to make sex last longer?

Indeed, there are many foods that can allow you to have a more active libido:

Oily fish.

For example mackerel and tuna that contain zinc, a nutrient that will help maintain a good level of testosterone in your body.


It is an excellent healthy vegetable that helps reduce excess estrogen in the body.

However, if you have less estrogen, your testosterone will go up mechanically.

This is also the case for cauliflower, red cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts.


Basically, testosterone is made from cholesterol.

Eggs are a source of good cholesterol and contain all the essential nutrients to help you make testosterone.


It is a meat particularly rich in protein and zinc, two particularly important nutrients to optimize your testosterone levels.


Simply because a diet rich in calcium will allow you to have a naturally higher testosterone level.

Eat Brie! 🙂


The shells are full of zinc and protein.

Did you know? 6 oysters are 7 times the recommended daily intake of zinc, a nutrient particularly important in the secretion of testosterone.


This fruit contains a maximum of antioxidants and will allow you to improve your blood circulation

But this is not the only fruit to benefit your sexual health.

Think of berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

Apples, peaches or bananas will also help improve your blood circulation.

Finally, think of avocado, peanut butter, garlic or cocoa.

More generally, focus on protein sources such as meat, fish and eggs as well as good fats such as olive oil and avoid consuming too much carbohydrate.

Now that you know what to eat to optimize your testosterone levels, here is an additional tip to prevent this precious hormone from oxidizing!

Vitamin C to make love longer!

As you know now, what is important to have and maintain a good erection is to have a good testosterone and good blood circulation.

Vitamin C can improve blood circulation.

In addition, it prevents the oxidation of testosterone.

It is therefore by absorbing an optimal dose of vitamin C that you will be able to maintain a good testosterone level.

But beyond that, vitamin C plays a key role if you want to stay healthy.

Already, she is your greatest ally against all the little worries of winter such as colds or flu.

Then, it intervenes in many mechanisms and boosts your immune system.

It also helps to keep bones strong, iron absorption or neutralization of free radicals.

To be sure to absorb the dose you need, do not hesitate to supplement.

In short, here’s what you can remember: vitamin C intake can solve your problems in case of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or problems of libido.

I will now give you my secret, the one you will never talk about to your girlfriend!
Make love longer with the complement that makes the difference.

It’s just by chance that my sports coach told me about this: a kind of natural viagra.

It’s called citrulline malate. And you can find it in tablets.

In fact, it is an amino acid that is found mainly in the skin of the watermelon.

But, as you will agree, it is quite rare to eat watermelon with the skin, it is easier to extract it and to propose it in the form of capsules.

Here is how it works.

To have an erection, you need your body to make nitric oxide that will help dilate the vessels of your penis.

That’s when the blood flows to your penis.

However, these vessels can be damaged as we have seen from bad fats, excess sugar, tobacco, free radicals and a whole lot more.

So to continue to produce enough nitric oxide, you can help yourself by taking a dose of citrulline malate before sleeping with a woman.

The bonus tip: to make sex last longer, forget about alcohol and cigarettes.

This is often the first thing you say to yourself: “If I drink a little bit of alcohol, I will be able to make love longer.”

But in reality, it’s a terrible illusion.

Certainly, in the short term, you may hold a few more minutes during sex.

But over the long term, you will put your health at risk and put you in situations where you risk losing your lucidity.

Same thing for cigarette that attacks arteries.

So if you smoke too much, your penis will be less well irrigated and you are more likely to experience libido problems.

Another good tip to make sex last longer!
Make love longer: do not put too much pressure either!

After all, is it really that important?

Do not put too much pressure on yourself.

I know you’d like to last longer when you make love.

But do you really know what is the normal duration of sexual intercourse?

In fact, there are not really any. A sexual intercourse may seemingly last from 33 seconds to 44 minutes.

This is the result of a study conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia.

If you want to laugh, they call it “what is the average latency duration of intravaginal ejaculation? “.

A scientific way to say that they too, it interests them to know how long a penetration lasts.

Well, there is still an average.

Know that the penetration for Mr. Everybody lasts approximately 5.4 minutes before ejaculation.

So, you do not have any particular reason to think that you are not lasting long enough in bed.

And after all, if your sex is loose before 5 minutes and you feel that the sexual intercourse did not last long enough to bring enough pleasure to your partner, you still have your hands and your mouth.

And if you feel that this is not enough, you can add a dose of fun by using technological doping: sex toys.

As you can see, the solutions are not lacking.


If you happen to have breakdowns and you sometimes lack vigor during sex, some simple food changes can sometimes be enough to have good erections and a sex life completely fulfilled.

What you need to understand first and foremost is that we are what we eat.
So over the long term, diet and lifestyle play a vital role in the quality of your sexual health.

If you do not play sports, smoke or drink a lot, you are less likely to have sex longer than someone who cares for your body and your health in general.

In any case, it is a virtuous circle that will be put in place. The more fit you are, the longer you will be able to make love and make sex last longer.

So, think about optimizing your testosterone levels and everything should be fine.

I hope you will have found this article and tips useful!

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