Why do men have an erection in the morning

Why do men have an erection in the morning?

Why do men have an erection in the morning?

Why do men have nocturnal and morning erections?

Men are proud or embarrassed. In the womb of their mother, child, adult or old, erection during sleep or in the morning is uncontrollable.

How it works?

Why guys get morning wood?

Spontaneous exchanges with the brain.

  • Why do men have an erection during the night when they sleep?

Scientifically, it is called the nocturne penile tumescence.

The erection takes place in the phase of sleep called “light”. The place where we dream.

All men, except those with some health problems, experience these erections three to five times a night for between 15 and 40 minutes.

When the parasympathetic nervous system takes over the sympathetic nervous system, this stops the release of noradrenaline and allows the release of testosterone.
This shift in balance results in a spontaneous parasympathetic nerve response that leads to erection.

  • And in the morning, what happens?

Erections in the morning are very frequent.

No doubt because we often wake up in the paradoxical, light sleep phase.

It is also known that a full bladder can cause an erection, since the latter is terminated as soon as the bladder is empty.

As a signal, the bladder once full, stimulates the nerves located in the spine.
They respond by directly engaging an erection.

The number and duration of nocturnal and morning erections are not necessarily an indicator of good or bad sexual health.

On the other hand, the complete absence of this phenomenon is often an indication for a common disease affecting erectile function, such as diabetes or, more severe, mental health disorders and severe depression.

  • Sexual desire?

What is certain is that it is not in the majority of cases the expression of any sexual desire, but rather a reflex of the body which is almost always impossible to control.

This is also the source of many misunderstandings within couples, and many women are mistaken in thinking hard as to be the origin of the thing…

Do not be disappointed ladies, but if your companion at night awaken with a superb wood, it is quite possible that your charms are in reality for nothing!

  • Why does our body persist in wanting to keep this strange reflex?

In fact, it is very likely that these erections are in fact necessary for the good health (and functioning) of the male penis.

The erection causes the corpus cavernosa to swell which in turn allows oxygen to the tissues.

This oxygenation helps preserve the valuable tool, and its absence could cause fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum, a condition that is one of the potential causes of male sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction…

Well anyway, it seems that all this night activity is rather normal, and even vital for the health of family jewelry.

So, be happy!
Thank your penis for getting up every day before you, and with as much vigor…

And then, as long as we are there, why not take advantage of this wood with your partner?
But make sure she is in the mood to make love and have sex because waking her up in the morning when she sleeps might not be a good idea sometimes.

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