5 foods to improve your erection

5 foods to improve your erection

5 foods that to improve erection.

What to eat to have a good erection?

To get your dick hard and fight erection problems, you can eat everyday foods whose effectiveness is proven to improve erection.

Beyond sexual dopants like Viagra or Kamagra, you can also eat natural foods that will help you with your erection.

Here are a few foods to add to your shopping cart.

  • Olive oil.

A very good complement for your salads, mozarella with tomatoes and many other dishes.

Or just with some good bread, olive oil is good for your heart and fights inflammations that could affect your erection.

  • Blueberries.

Blueberries are good for erection

Blueberries, yes, are good for erection

A very good anti-oxidant to fight cancers also.

A ten-year study by Harvard University has shown that a man who regularly eats blueberries has less chance of having erection problems than a man who never eats it.

You know then what you have to do in the fruit section of your supermarket.

Take advantage of it to flirt with girls there:

  • Pistachios.


Yes, eat pistachios with a good drink! This can only be good for your erection and libido.

A serious study proves it (http://www.nature.com/ijir/journal/v23/n1/full/ijir201033a.html).

The study is about men eating pistachios for three weeks, the result was a better erection and better libido.

More pistachios in your diet means more sex in the end.

With a good drink (drink moderately) or with a soft drink, eat pistachios, it is good for erection and libido.

Your girlfriend will thank you too.

  • Salmon.


Yes, salmon, a very good fish but it is necessary to eat it with moderation because it can contain lead in high dose and it then becomes carcinogenic.

But once a week, eat salmon to improve your erection.
Salmon flesh is rich in protein, Omega-3, vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D improves testosterone and therefore erection.

Fish is good, eat it, it is good also for memory precisely and if it favors erection.

  • Coffee.

coffee favors erection

Yes, coffee helps with erection.

I talk about it in an article dedicated to the benefits of coffee for male erection.

Drinking coffee is therefore good for your libido.

You have here a list of foods to eat if you want to improve your erection and your sexuality.

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