Why choose an asian woman?

Why choose an Asian Woman?

Why choose an Asian woman?

Asian charm: Asian girls are perfect!
Beautiful almond eyes.
The eyes of Asian girls are sexy and sensual, mysterious and welcoming, one look makes me melt.

Black hair.
I have something special for women with long, straight black hair, it’s so beautiful.

Unfortunately for those who are tinting their hair that takes away that quality, but it can still be hot.

The complexion.
Asian girls have the most beautiful complexion in the world.

This pale, off-white color perfectly complements their black hair.

Southeast Asians are of course darker, but their brownish skin is beautiful too.
I especially like the color of their lips.

Soft skin.
Asian women have softer skin, they are so much more pleasant to the touch.

A Japanese friend warned me, “Once you try an Asian, you will never come back.” She was right ! I can not imagine being against any other type of skin.

Pleasant fragrance.
Asian girls always feel good to me.

It does not matter if they are just back from the gym or have not washed in a few days, their scent is always good.
It may be their pheromones. Asian women do not need perfume.

Always beautiful with age.
With their smooth skin and slim body, Asian women stay nice and warm until they are in their fifties.
So, you will enjoy their beauty longer.


Small body.
The bodies of Asians come in all shapes and sizes, but the fact remains that many Asian women have a small bone structure. Which means beautiful girls, thin, small.

Asian girls sexually open.
All women are of course different, but I find that Asian people are generally more open sexually.

Perhaps it is the cultural aspect of not growing up in a Puritan society with an oppressive Christian culture that teaches us to be ashamed of our bodies and our sexuality.

They take care of a man.

Sex with Asian girl
It is reductive to make it a global one because Asia is vast and ethnically different from one end to the other.
But there is something more, somehow, that makes Asian girls more sexually open and tend to accept / experience many things.

I do not say that other women will not do the same, but there will be greater resistance (reluctance?) on her part to really let go and experiment. It may even take time…

It’s probably linked to Puritanism due to Christianity, I think that religion plays a lot and it is because of the conservative side also of Buddhism and Hinduism, the 2 main religions in Asia , that Asian women are more open minded to sex.

A question of religion and society
I see only one difference is the society that evolves around us, women in the West have sex in profusion that it is in newspapers, on TV, on the internet.

In Asia, it is a taboo! India is just starting to have “Sexy” clips on MTV….
Not to mention the Buddhism that operates in many Asian countries, it is one of the strictest religions in the world but open minded at the same time.

Asian girls are edonist, an Asian girl likes to cook, go out to eat.
Finally, the Asian woman knows how to please her man, this is one of the aspects of Asian culture in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, etc…
Asian girls will love to have fun in bed, sex is an important part of life and fun.

For this reason that many Asian women have this festive and joyful side compared to Western women, they appreciate life and its pleasures everyday.

Choosing an Asian girl is a very good idea to discover a new culture, another type of woman who has remained feminine!

For a fulfilling life, hectic and always exciting, do like me: Choose an Asian woman! 😉

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