Wingman the New Mobile Dating App

Wingman, the New Mobile Dating App

Wingman, the New Mobile Dating App.

Wingman, the new mobile dating application to help your friends find their soul mate!

If you are single, let your friends do the job and help you find your soul mate on Wingman.

Wingman is a new mobile dating application with a new dating concept, your friends will do the work for you to find you a date.
This new mobile dating application is a bit special because it is not the single person who does the research for you but a friend, a wingman.

You must already have trusted friends to come and complete your profile on Wingman and add comments, personal stories, things that will put forward their friend so that he can find love.

The concept is interesting and of course wants to stand out from the competition like Tinder or Badoo.

The idea is cool, a friend who recommends you to the girls on this dating site, trying to show the best out of you to find you the perfect date on Wingman.

Who better to talk about you than your close friends.

It also makes flirting more sincere and honest perhaps, a friend speaks of you honestly whereas when you describe yourself, the profile and description will be different.

Once there is a match with a girl, you take over and control the conversation with the girl who is interested in your profile.

Personally, I think the idea and the dating concept can be interesting to test, in flirt and dating, you can try everything, you never know on what you will find or meet and there may be some pearls hiding on each dating website.

The main concern is to find the right friend to take care of writing on your profile and it might be difficult to find because many people do not especially want to spend time for you on that kind of thing.

But if you have a good friend ready to play the game to help you find your soul mate, do the test to see what will be the outcome, you may get a good surprise.
A dating website is maybe like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get ! (To quote Tom Hanks in the great movie Forrest Gump).

For now, the Wingman mobile app is only available in England, USA and Australia.

So you will have to wait before you can try it if you are in another country.

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