The Best Dating Apps!

The Best Dating Apps!

You probably already know some dating apps like Tinder among the famous ones but it does not mean it is the best dating app.

A survey about dating app analyzed numbers of downloads on the apple store and google play store for Androit phones and ios, the reviews by users.

The best dating app might not be the one you think so it is interesting to see the results to find out which ones are the best dating apps.

Indeed, Tinder that most of men might think to be the best dating app is only number 5 in that survey.

You might discover dating apps that you did not know too.

So here is the top 5 dating apps on the market with a brief description of their dating concept.

  • 1 – Okcupid:
    You answer a series of questions to find the right match for you on
  • 2 – Happn:
    Interesting dating concept to put you in contact with people you went across physically during the day.
  • 3 – Coffee meets Bagel:
    This dating app will only show you a few matches every day, not more.
    And no swiping on Coffee meets Bagel.
  • 4 – Bumble:
    This dating app has an original concept where only girls can contact you first.
    Women are in control on this dating app.
  • 5 – Tinder:
    Well, you probably already know Tinder, the swiping dating app.
    Far from being number one dating app, it’s only number 5.

So now you know which ones are the best dating apps, you can register and start looking around if you see some girls you like.

I read an article saying that Bumble is the best dating app but it’s only number 4 so it really depends on your personal experience and profile or the kind of girls you are looking for of course!

Then you will have to contact them and try to see them in real life to flirt and seduce them.

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