Importance of Body Language in Flirt and Seduction

Importance of Body Language in Flirt and Seduction.

Body Language, when your body talks for you!
Or when female body language tells you a lot about what the girl you are flirting with is thinking of you.

Body language, I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction The top 100 best flirting tips.

And for good reason, it is an important element in flirt to understand the girl in front of you but also for you and what you communicate with your body.

Often, people talk about Body Language but some people do not know this term even if it’s easy to guess what it means because the words just say it.

To speak, we talk but our body also says a lot.

When you blush for example, your body says something to the person in front of you.

When you are angry, you are not going to look the same as usual and will have a very specific expression on your face.

You cry because you are sad or because you are laughing!

All this is body language.

Your body communicates.

You are happy, you smile!

By observing someone and the expression of her body, you can therefore guess certain feelings without having the person telling you about it.

In flirt too, body language is very important.

Know if a girl is interested.

Eye contact for example, if the person is looking at you, it means that she is interested.
If she looks elsewhere, it’s because she’s looking for someone else.

It is also the position of her body, a girl who sits close to you is looking for contact.
Her hands coming close to you, same meaning, the girl is interested and looking for physical contact.

If there is an inner desire for contact, it means that the girl is happy in your presence, her body wants to come closer or that she feels good being beside you.

Body language, these are signs that do not deceive and tell you a lot about what the girl in front of you is thinking.

Often, the girl does not even realize that her body language gives you clues about what she thinks of you or wants to do with you.

Her body follows what her mind dictates.

The body language works when you flirt and seduce, before you approach a girl and when you are going to talk to her.

Before tackling a girl, body language will play a fundamental role in flirt as it will let you know if a girl is open, if this girl is interested in you.
This especially will avoid being turned down if the girl does not seem interested at all from the beginning.

If you come cross her eyes or catch her watching you, doing it discreetly, you will understand that there is way to flirt with this girl.
A look back and forth on you, a visual contact that gives you the signal to come talk to her!

It may just be a blink of an eye and there, things are clear about her feelings and you.

A little smile when your look passes over her, no doubt, this girl is interested and you must approach her as quickly as possible !

If she passes her hands through her hair in your presence, it’s because she feels good with you and trusts you.
If she is not beside you, it is a way to draw your attention to her by passing her hands through her hair.

Female body language will also tell you if a girl is not interested in doing the opposite of some of the elements explained here.

If she avoids your gaze, avoids eye contact, physical contact, which means that she is not open to you and will therefore not be positive signs for you.

Eye contact is very important during the approach phase but also during flirt and seduction.
We want to know if a girl is interested and then if she feels good with you.

It is therefore necessary to understand that a woman uses her body language in order to make you understand certain things that she will not tell you.

It’s also what flirt and seduction are about, some kind of game, you do not say everything, you have to guess or understand to seduce otherwise it would be too easy.
Instead of saying things, she makes you understand them. As if she does not want to confess her interest in you but she tries to make you understand it with clues, body signs, body language!

Have the right body language to properly flirt and seduce a girl.

For a man too, the body language is important in his behavior to properly flirt and seduce a girl.

The expression of your body should inspire confidence and mastery to the girl who is in front of you.

Stand straight, open your arms to indicate you are open and inviting her to a closer contact.
This is also valid in a job interview, do not be shut on yourself, be open and go to each other.

You have to look at her in her eyes.
Avoid looking at her breast or ass, if she notices, she will get a wrong idea about your intentions.
Even if we know that we do not flirt with a girl for her brain! 😉
But a girl needs to feel that you are interested in her and not in her buttocks.

Smile, you have to smile and look nice, sociable.
You can be stressed when you flirt, it’s normal but you have to keep in mind that you have to smile to please.

In my ebook about flirt and seduction, I give a bunch of tips on self improvement, about your look or in flirting techniques.

The body language is therefore essential in flirt and seduction.

It is mostly a weapon to understand the girl you are flirting with or going to hit on and to find out if you can approach her.

Once you have the girl in front of you, the body language will also help you decipher her feelings.

Voice and intonation are also important in body language even if speaking is already communicating, your voice tone is part of the body language.

In order to flirt and seduce, you have to inspire confidence, and that therefore passes through body language.
How you are going to stand, talk, your gesture.

Do not forget that body language is also your look and your physical appearance.
I talk about it in detail in my ebook about flirt and seduction but also about your physical appearance or look which is what the girl will see first when she will meet you.

The first impression is the most important, do not spoil your chances with errors in your look or body language.

This is what we have to work upstream as I say in my book.
Advice that is equally valid for girls but hey, it is the man who has to do the work and to seduce the girl.
Guys chase girls so men get the most difficult part of the work, flirting and seducing!

It is therefore necessary to understand female body language to properly flirt and seduce but it is also necessary to work on your own body language in order to give good impression and succeed!

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