Cheap date ideas, how to flirt without spending money

Cheap date ideas: how to flirt without spending money!

Cheap date ideas: how to flirt without spending money!

Going out with girls without spending too much, without breaking the bank or even dating for free.

Flirt, seduce and save money especially if you do not have any money to spend!

Flirting with girls costs money, like to buy nice clothes but especially to meet new girls somewhere or to go out on a date with a girl.

Dating means spending money, paying her a drink, dinner, a cappuccino and all this without being sure that you will score with this girl at the end!

How many times I went out with girls and I told myself, “Damn, all this for that!”

Some drinks in a nice bar to find out that this girl was not interesting at all or that I did not like her face.
What a waste money my friends!
The girl thinks it’s ok of course but this money spent on dating girls for nothing in the end should instead be spent in girls who deserve it.

The best option is to avoid spending money when flirting with a girl before being sure that your really like her.
Then, you can spend more money on her but at least you will know why.

You can flirt without spending money, without breaking the bank, save money when flirting and seducing girls!

When you meet a girl, you want to give a good impression of yourself.
Especially if it is a first date or one of the first dates.
But what if you do not have the means or you do not want to spend too much money to flirt with this girl?
You do not want her to think that you are stingy, and that she does not mean anything to you either.

But who said that to have a good time with someone you need to spend money?
There are many cheap dating ideas if you look for inexpensive dating to flirt with girls.

  1. Rent a bike.
    In almost any city, you can now rent a bike to go around the city and stop at some romantic spots with your date.
    Even better if you know people who have some bikes, borrow the bikes, it will not cost you any money!
  2. A walk in a park.
    Walking in a park is very romantic and free!
    A great place to talk and look at the environment around you. Trees, fountains, birds.
    A good place to take pictures also.
  3. Go to the beach.
    Going to the beach is free, a very nice place to sit or walk with your date.
    If you have one where you live of course.
    Even if the weather is not very hot, it’s a good place to go to meet someone.
    A nice place for photos and selfies.
  4. Museums.
    Some have free entry sometimes or cheaper tickets on some days.
    Something different to do with a girl, to see something new.
    They usually have a coffee shop, not very expensive to take a coffee with her to chat.
  5. A lake.
    Like a park, a nice lake is a great place to take your date for a walk and to get to know her more.
    You can feed the ducks, look at the birds, sit down and talk.
    Great place to take pictures and it’s free to sit by a lake to chat with a girl.
  6. Tourism.
    Get to know your city or state as a tourist and take your date on a tour.
    Many places and things to visit as a tourist, she will love it and it does not cost any money to go around.
    Discover monuments you did not know.
  7. A picnic.
    Choose a nice place like a park to have a picnic with your date.
    You can even prepare the sandwiches yourself, she will bring things to eat too.
    A very romantic date idea, cheap and a good occasion to take photos.
  8. Swimming pool.
    Having some drinks or food by the swimming pool at your place or at a friend who has one.
    Very good idea to relax and talk quietly with your date.
    You can also play in the water with her and get to be closer to her while playing.
  9. Winery tour.
    Usually, winery tours are free so that you can taste the wines for free before buying them.
    You don’t have to buy anything and drink wine for free with your date.
    She will love it, it’s usually very fun to do a wine tasting and it’s free!
    You can do the same with a brewery and taste beers.
  10. Favorite activities.
    Ask her what she likes to do and go do it with her whether it’s a sport, a game, etc…
    Then you do the same with her, you ask her to go do something that you like to do, one of your favorite activities.
    A great way to learn about each other.
  11. A paddle boat.
    On a river or a lake, you can rent a paddle boat for a good price.
    A romantic date and something original to do with a girl you try to seduce, she will love it and it’s not expensive to do.
  12. Free events.
    In a city, there are always free events, free concerts, free art shows, etc…
    Check out what is going on in your city and take your date there.
    Free date and a lot of fun for your girl, I remember going to a free jazz concert in a park, it was awesome, the girl loved it and it was 100% free.
  13. Sunset.
    Take your date to watch the sunset somewhere.
    Bring a bottle of wine to drink there.
    Very cheap date, very romantic, she will love it and feel very special.
  14. Flirt at the gym.
    If you already go to the gym, you can flirt there for free.
    While you are lifting weights, look around to see if you see some interesting girls to flirt with.
    As you are already there, you just need to go talk to those girls to see if there is a way to date them.
    At the gym, you can check them out to see if they have a nice body.
    If you don’t go to they gym, you might consider doing it to get in shape and to flirt with girls on location.
    You will save money as you will meet girls there and you will know which ones you want to see outside.
    I wrote an article about how to flirt at the gym, check it out:
  15. Go for a drive.
    You can take your date to a nice place with a nice panoramic view.
    Very romantic and cheap, you just need to spend some money on gas to go there.
    You can go look at the stars or the moon or during the day to look at something special.
    You can also bring some wine to drink and something to eat.
    A great romantic and cheap date.
  16. A dinner at your place.
    You can set up a dinner at your place, cheaper than a restaurant and more intimate.
    You can ask her if she wants to cook with you, it will be fun to do this together.
    She will love this great date idea.
  17. Ice skating.
    Learn ice skating with your date, a great way to get closer to her as you will help her not to fall down.
    Or she will help you!
  18. Coffee Shop.
    You don’t want to spend too much money on a date in a fancy bar?
    Take your date to a coffee shop, a coffee will not cost you a lot of money and you will get to know the girl better.
    She can have a croissant or a bagel, won’t cost you much money and you will know if you are interested in this girl.
    Many times, I have taken some girls to bars and realized that I wasted too much money on them for nothing as I realized that they were not interesting at all or because I did not like the way they looked.
    A coffee would have been a lot cheaper!
  19. Go shopping.
    Go window shopping in a shopping mall, look at things you would like to buy but don’t buy anything!
    You will also see what she likes if one day you need to buy something for her.
    And if it’s christmas, a great time to go shopping.
  20. Go bowling.
    Bowling is very fun and you can check her out when she is bowling.
    You can find places where bowling can be very cheap.
    Some have very cheap drinks too so look around where you can go bowling for a very cheap price.
    Some places have free bowling for ladies during on some week days.

In fact, no matter where you take a girl to flirt or what you decide to do, do not worry about it being an inexpensive idea or a cheap date idea.

If you treat a girl nicely and show her that you have made an effort to make her feel special, even if it does not cost much, she will always feel very happy to see what you did for her! Girls want to feel they are special to you.

So there are plenty of cheap date ideas without having to spend too much money or even without having to spend any money at all if you look at the cheap date ideas that I give you in this article.

You can flirt without breaking the bank, especially if you want to meet lots of girls, the bill goes up quickly if you have drinks with each girl in a nice bar!

There are cheaper alternatives to flirt and seduce girls without breaking the bank!

There are surely other cheap date ideas to flirt and seduce a girl, look around you, things to see, etc…

These cheap date ideas are also good plans to meet new girls in these places where you can find single girls to flirt with (parks, museums, tourist places, etc…)

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