When to call back a girl after a first date

When to call back a girl after a first date?

This is one of the fundamental questions in flirt and seduction, not to call her back too soon so you do not look like the guy who is super interested.
But you cannot call her back too late otherwise you will look like someone who does not care.

It’s a bit stupid these rules I think that but girls are very special about rules in love life and seduction.

We talk about gender equality but if you go too fast, it’s not good and if you wait a little too long, it’s not good either.

So it is up to the man to call back the woman after a first date or when a girl gave you her phone number.

A girl who would call back a man would be considered an easy girl.

So you have to have an idea when to call a girl after a first date.

I talk about it of course in my ebook about flirt and seduction The top 100 best flirting tips.
I also talk about what to say, when to call back, etc…

So there is this rule, or rather a game which means that we do not show right away that we are interested in this girl we just met.

On the other hand, there is a time for everything and you have to know how to do things to succeed.
In flirt and seduction, it’s the same, a social process to follow in order to be normal unless you have met a girl a little special.

As with anything in flirt and seduction, there are divergent opinions about when and how long it takes to call back a girl after a first date or when a girl gives you her phone number.

It reminds me of the movie Swingers (1996) (very good movie by the way) where Mike (Jon Favreau) hesitates to call back a girl who gave him her number.
He calls her back in fact the same evening and gets all messed up to end up leaving her several messages in a row.
He then seemed to be a very strange guy and the girl tells him to never call her again.

I let you watch the scene here, hilarious and a good example not to follow when calling back a girl you just met:


That’s a bit of a question, when to call a girl at the right time so that it pleases her and she wants to see you again.

It is necessary to allow time to elapse so you do not look too hurried to see her again, you should not leave her too much time without your news either because she could look for another man thinking that you are not not interested in fact.

Many say it should be a week, personally I think it’s a little too much and this will surely be the maximum anyway.

In my ebook about flirt and seduction, I talk about it in detail and what to say when calling her.
Because the objective is to see again this girl that you like and to have a second date.

In conclusion, it is necessary to wait a little bit before calling her, not too long either.
A bit like cooking pasta, waiting for the right moment the pasta is good and ready to get them out of the hot water.

It will be necessary to call her back when it’s time and at a time when you do not disturb her so that she is comfortable to talk with you.

And there is of course text flirting.

So, get your phone ready to call back this girl at the right time or send her a text message to flirt.

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