How to flirt at the movies

How to flirt at the movies

How to flirt at the movies.

Movie flirting tips on

How to flirt at the cinema.

How to kiss a girl at the movies.

Flirting at the movies is a classic, if you follow some specific rules you could score with this girl you are trying to seduce.
One of the main rules will be of course to choose the right movie for your date to flirt at the movies!

Here are some flirting tips to flirt at the movies, flirting tips that can be useful to a girl too who want to seduce a guy at the movies. I say this in case some girls might read my article about flirting at the movie theater.

First, you go to the movies to have a good time with this girl, to flirt and seduce the girl must have a good time with you. Going to see a movie is a great idea for a date, it might be better for a second date so that you know the girl a little bit already.
But a first date at the movies is ok too, if she says ok it means she knows it’s a flirting date.

There is also no specific age to go for a date at the movies, if you are either young or an adult, flirting at the movies is fine for everybody, it’s fun to see a good movie.

A movie theater is a great place to flirt, you will sit next to a girl, it’s dark, you can get close to her, touch her and more.

Flirting tips to make your date at the movies a success.

First, you need to plan everything for your date at the movies. Choose the right movie, check showing times, etc…
If you want to flirt at the movies, you have to make sure that everything will be on your side to seduce this girl.

She agrees for a date at the movies so you want her to have a good time in your company.

Check if the movie theater has sofas inside.
Some movie theaters have sofas for two persons, it’s great for a date.
It’s comfortable, no armrest between you and her.
Like the one on the photo below, it’s the best to flirt at the movies, you watch a movie like at home, it will be easier to initiate contact with your date.


She will also see that you are ready to spend more for her to make her comfortable.

What is the best kind of movie for a date at the movies?

Horror movie.
It’s risky, some girls don’t like violence, blood.
On the other, a scary movie can be exciting for both of you, it has a lot of adrenaline.
But, a horror movie has a lot of distractions, screams, it might complicate your plans when you try to touch her arms or something as she will react to the movie.
I don’t recommend a horror movie to flirt at the movies.

Drama romance movie.
You don’t want this kind of topic when you are flirting with a girl at the movie.

A movie with many sex scenes.
Avoid it! The worst kind of movie to flirt at the movies.
She will get the wrong impression about you.
Too much sex in the movie will make her think that you just want to have sex with her.
Of course, you will want to have her in your bed but it will come later, first you need to seduce her and to make her comfortable and happy with you.

Action movie.
One of the best choices for a movie date.
Everybody loves action movies like Mission Impossible.
It’s a great option for a movie date. Adrenaline can be exciting for both of you and create some sexual tension and attraction.

The best choice for a date at the movies.
You want your date to laugh and have a good time with you.
A comedy will make her laugh and be happy in your company.
It’s funny and easy to understand. You want to flirt and seduce this girl so the choice of the movie is more for her than you.
You can go later see the movie you want, here you want to concentrate on your date and score.

How to dress for a date at the movies.

It’s just a movie, you don’t need to dress up, dress normally.

But you want to look good too, especially if it’s a first date, you want to make a good impression.
And maybe after the movie, you will go for dinner or for a drink so you need to be ready for it too.

The first impression is always the most important one.

Like I advise you in my ebook about flirt and seduction, The top 100 best flirting tips, wear some perfume but a good one.
Especially in your kneck as you will get closer to her during the movie, she needs to smell it!

Be a gentleman.

Don’t forget to ak her if she wants a drink or some popcorn.
Otherwise she might think that you are stingy.
You want to flirt at the movies? Treat her like a queen.

Going on a date at the movies costs money, take it as an investment, the goal is to make her happy and that she has a good time with you.
In the end, it should work out good for you if you do it right.

While watching the movie, follow these flirting tips to get closer to her but don’t be instrusive.

During noisy scenes, talk to her softly so that she has to get closer to hear you.
It’s like flirting in a club, it’s noisy and you need to be close to talk to each other.
A movie date is the same, noisy scenes are a great excuse to get close to her.
Be sly when you flirt at the movies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You to make her come closer to you. This is one way to do it during the movie.

Try to touch her.

As she gets closer to you, you will try to touch her to create some physical attraction and sexual tension.
Touching her means getting your arm next to her on the armrest for example.
You are not looking for love but physical attraction first.

Use the popcorn box to touch her hand.

When you pass her the popcorn box or if she is holding it and you want it, it’s a great opportunity to touch her hands sometimes.
She will notice it, you initiate physical contact with her, one of the first things to do to flirt at the movies.

Just a few times during the movie, you want to see her reaction.

Put your arm on the armrest.

But leave quite some space so she sees she can put hers too.
The goal is to let her put her arm there too and you will get closer to her arm after a few minutes.

Don’t act like you want all the armrest for you, it must be welcoming for her to put her arm there too.
She does not know you, if you arm seems to be too close to her already, she will be shy to put her arm there and touch you right away.

When she puts her arm on the armrest, get your arm closer to hers, touching her.

But it has to look natural, not intented or calculated.
You share the space with her but in your head you are planning when you will get your arm closer to hers.
She concentrates on the movie, you concentrate on her and how to get touchy and flirty with her.

When your arm is on the armrest, wait a few minutes and touch her arm.

And when you arm touches her arm, don’t move it back, stay like this.

You need a longer contact with her to make her understand you are initiating physical contact and attraction.
Concentrate on this physical contact between your two arms.

An intense concentration on physical contact with her, while she’s watching the movie, you work on this.
You have to concentrate on how to approach her and touch her while she is busy with the movie.

She will feel the contact with her arm and she will have a reaction that should show you that she accepts your physical contact.
She understands that you try to get closer to her, it’s flirting time!

This physical contact will make her more and more attracted to you.
Going to the movies with you, she knows you and her came for this besides seeing a good movie of course.

You just need to go slowly but surely, more and more physical contact to increase sexual tension and attraction.

Try to look at her too sometimes, even though she is watching a movie, she will see that you look at her, smile!

Go further.

After some time, move your arm back.
Do it after like 5 minutes.

You move it back to come back even closer! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You still need to look like you are also concentrated on the movie but you are in fact planning everything to get close to her and to touch her more.

You can put your hand on her hand on the armrest, softly, girls like it, it’s soft and nice.
You will see her reaction, you can try to put some fingers in her hand.
The armrest limits your moves anyway unless you are sitting in a sofa where you can a lot more with her.

If you are in a sofa, you can tell her to move her legs on your lap to stretch and to be comfortable while watching the movie.
You can then put your hands on her legs resting on your lap.
A sofa makes it easier to flirt at the movies for sure.

See how she reacts, is she responding positively to your touchy intentions?
Does she open her hand to welcome yours?

Doing this, you already did most of the work, she sees you are flirting with her and inviting her to be more intimate with you.
You moved your hand or your arm closer to her to make her understand that you initiated physical contact and sexual attraction.

That was the big first step with your movie date, you now need to move on to the next step, even closer and intimate!

Get a lot closer to her!

Get closer to her and ask her if she is having a good time.

If you are a girl, tell him that you are having a good time. (I say this in case some girls will read this movie flirting tips.)

While telling her this, you can also touch her hand to be nice and touchy.

You have initiated a physical and she now knows your intentions, there is some physical attraction going on.
It’s now time to try to kiss her, that’s why you’re here, just like in movies by the way.
She knows you will come to this step, she just does not know where it will happen.
That’s why you made her ready for this, going slowly with her.

If you did it right, she will be ready for a kiss.

You are looking for physical and sexual attraction first, not love yet.
So you can try to kiss her on the cheek for example, or on the lips if you think that she seems ready for this.

Personally, I advise a kiss on the cheek for a first approach, this already allows you to test the girl on a first soft kiss.
Unless she turns to you at the time of the attempt to kiss her then you can kiss her straight on the lips as she turned to you precisely.

A small kiss on the lips of course, don’t try anything with your tongue.
This is a first date.

She’s watching the movie too, do not insist too much, let her watch the movie, otherwise it could annoy her.
You are there to initiate an intimate contact in a place conducive to flirt and precisely to bring people together in the dark.

If the kiss was positive, let her watch the movie, touch her hand if it is on the armrest and watch the movie also, you made it at the movies!
Do not forget that you came to see a movie, do not overdo it.

You can move on to something else after that.

And if she avoided an attempt to kiss her, do not insist, limit yourself to touching her hand.

Some girls do not want to go too fast either but accept a soft touch with the hand while watching the movie.
The important thing is to initiate physical contact, the kiss is more intimate so some girls will not accept it but it often also means that she refuses it now but she will accept a lot more later. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Women like to be desired and will play on it, she dodges but has understood that she is desired but does not want to look like an easy woman.
When hungting, the prey does not get caught right away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The art of seduction and flirting in a cinema is like that too, we plan and go slowly to her reactions.
Some attempts to see how far you can go during the film.

Move on after the movie.

If you did not dare trying to kiss her of she avoided your kiss, don’t end your date right after the movie.

You started something with her, you flirted, it’s just the beginning.
She saw that you like her, that you want her so you need to move on after the movie.

You need to give her more romance after your physical contact at the movies.

Ask her if she wants to go eat dinner, have a drink or eat some ice cream.
Something comfortable and quiet to talk to her face to face or to talk about the movie indeed.
You initiated a physical contact during the film, she will be able to spend time in the light this time to look in your eyes.

Finish on a good impression.

Plan a second date or maybe she may want to go back with you.
This will depend on how your date will go at the movies, depending on her attitude, you will see what to do next.
Body language, physical contact, eye contact, either she is ready for an intimate time with you at your pace or she needs to see you again to know you better in order to be more at ease and intimate with you.

Finally, remember to go slowly during the movie, take your time to work on your approach and physical contacts.

Do it well and follow these movie flirting tips if you want to succeed at a date with a girl at the movies.
It is progressive, you go slowly to make her understand your intentions and to initiate a more intimate physical contact.
Flirting at the movies is to go slowly but surely.

She also came for a date but she is waiting for a seducer who will go slowly with her to increase sexual tension and physical attraction.

So now, you just need to get ready for your date and to flirt at the movies, follow these flirting tips, it will work just fine!

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