Signs you are being too nice with girls

12 signs you are being too nice with girls

12 signs you are being too nice with girls!

Signs that show that you are too kind to girls when you flirt.

There are signs that say if you are being too nice with girls.
And especially too nice when you flirt with a girl precisely.

Being too nice with girls when you flirt is not good as I say in another article on this subject precisely.

You are not asked of course not to be nice, but everything must be done with measure, you do not want to give the image of a submissive man who does everything to please others even before yourself sometimes…

When you flirt, a woman wants to see a man who has confidence in him, who controls the situation and who also knows how to stand up to her, to say no to her sometimes.

Women are said to love bad boys because they resist women precisely.
A bad boy is certainly an extreme case but there is certainly some good to take from their attitude with women.

Before that, you have to recognize the signs that you are being too nice with girls, there are signs that prove this easily.
You may not realize it because this is how you are in everyday life except that being too nice with girls is not good for flirting and seducing women.

Many men think that being nice is going to please girls but no, being too nice with girls will not help your flirting technique at all!

So what are the signs that show that you are being too nice with a girl you are flirting with?

    – You never said NO.
    – You do everything to please her.
    – You apologize easily even if it is not your fault.
    – You are always available even when you have something else to do…
    – You take care of others before yourself.
    – You feel responsible for things you should not.
    – You worry that people will not love you.
    – You do not give your opinion, especially when it is different from others.
    – You avoid conflicts.
    – You fear rejection.
    – You seek approval from others.
    – You let her decide or choose for everything.

Read this list carefully and see if you find yourself there, if it’s the case, then it means that you are being too nice with girls and that you need to change this.

Fear of being rejected and being too kind to avoid rejection.
Not knowing how to say no.
Or, being always available while you have things to do.

These signs indicate and prove that you are too nice with girls, this is not going to help you to flirt and seduce girls.

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