Dating tips from Bartenders

Dating tips from Bartenders

Dating tips from Bartenders.

A bar is a traditional place to meet people like friends or for a date with a girl of course.
Bartenders witness a few dates every night and can see when a date goes well and when it goes wrong and why.

He can see the mistakes guys make when meeting a girl for the first time in a bar.
How they approach her physically, how they talk to her, their behavior, their mistakes.
And they also witness when a date goes well and see a new couple coming back to that same bar where they first met.

I spoke with bartenders and asked them for their advice for successful dates in a bar, everything they saw during their work and the dating tips they got from it.

Who better than a bartender to give dating tips and advice in a bar, and to tell you how to flirt in a bar.

The bartender is a privileged witness of bar dating, he sees everything and can also be your ally or wingman in flirt as I say in my article on how to flirt in a bar.
When you like a girl, the bartender can help you to flirt with her, he is the master of the place, respect him and give him a good tip, he could be useful to help you when you flirt with girls in his bar.

Let us see the dating tips from bartenders and what they have learned from all the dates they have witnessed.

Don’t force it.

Bartenders say that you should go to a bar first to have fun and not to absolutely find a girl to flirt with.

If you just stand there looking for a girl to flirt with, it won’t work.

People are attracted by people who have fun so be that person having fun at the bar and you will attract girls.

Things happen but don’t try to force destiny, it just won’t work at all.

If you just go to find a date, you will fail.
But if you go there to have fun, you will have a good time and good things will happen to you then.

Don’t complain and be positive.

When you meet a new girl, don’t spend your time complaining about negative things in your life.

Be positive, smile and she will smile too.
The girl you are flirting with wants to have a good time with you at the bar, she does not want to hear you complaining about your problems or negative feelings about life.

You need to show positive energy, body language, smile and make her smile too that’s how you can flirt and seduce a woman in a bar.

If you complain, you will fail, she will look for someone positive and enthusiastic.

Don’t bring different girls to the same bar.

Sometimes, bartenders see the same guy at their bar and remember him.
They might say hello to him and talk about his previous visits which could cause problems to him because he comes with different girls to flirt with them.

Girls might think he is just a serial seducer who date different girls every day, a girl does not want to feel that she is just a number on your list of dates.

So, don’t bring different girls to the same bar, you might meet people who will remember you and make your date a bad experience in the end.

Go to different bars to increase your chances to have a successful date.

If your date looks more like a job interview…

Just looking at people, bartenders can tell if a date is going well or not.

He does not need to hear them talking, he can see their body language during their date at the bar.

So, if he sees two people having fun, laughing for real, ordering more drinks to have more fun, it means that the date is going well for this guy.

On the other hand, if a date looks like job interview, nobody having fun, it means that these people are not compatible and the date will fail.

A girl comes to have fun with you during a date at a bar, if she’s cold and it does not change after a first drink, it’s not a good sign.

Body language tells you a lot about a girl’s feeling, if it’s boring, move on to another girl then.

Don’t talk too loud.

It might be noisy in a bar, but you don’t need to yell when talking to your date at a bar.

Be sociable, charming, smile and do not yell if the sound is loud in the bar.
On the contrary, it is an excuse to get closer to the girl and to whisper in her ear.
This favors your physical approach, body language, you can slide your hand on her shoulder to talk to her and initiate a physical contact to better flirt with her!

If you score with this girl, make this bar your favorite place.

One day, a guy met a girl on a dating site and had a date with her in a bar.
She became his girlfriend, his date at this bar was a success and they made this bar their favorite place to have drinks.

It is always a pleasure for a bartender to have witnessed a successful date, perhaps to have contributed to it and to see this couple come back for drinks in the bar where they met.

And don’t forget that bartenders can help you during a date a bar like I say in this article.
Don’t see them as someone watching you or listening to you but as a wingman who can help you in his bar to flirt with girls.
Coming back to his bar with your new girlfriend is also a way to thank him, he will apreciate it!

So, you have here good dating tips from bartenders to flirt in a bar to make your date a success.

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