Should you buy a drink to a girl to flirt with her

Should you buy a drink to a girl to flirt with her?

Should you buy a drink to a girl to flirt with her?

Should you buy a first drink to a girl in a bar to get her attention and to seduce her?

It’s probably a question you asked yourself many times, it’s like the question who should pay the bill on a first date?

It’s all about how to flirt in a bar or in a night club, you want to attract bees with honey but sometimes buying a drink is not a good idea at all.

Buying a drink, you think you will get her attention to flirt with her but it really depends of the situation as a girl might think that you are just trying to “buy” her!

Girls will expect men to buy drinks but in some specific situations.

Therefore, there are situations where you can buy a girl a drink and other situations where you should not.

When not to buy a drink to a girl?

Don’t buy a drink to a girl in a bar or in a night club if you don’t see any sign of interest from her.

You have to spot the girls who are open and receptive to you.

Girls will be looking for men they like, someone they are attracted to so you will need to use eye contact first to see if it’s worth buying her a drink.

Walk around the bar or the night club and look for girls you like, look for eye contact to find a girl interested in you.

If you spot a hot girl and she ignores you, no eye contact, don’t buy her a drink to get her attention, it will not work.
You will just be a naive loser who wasted some money with a girl who does not deserve your time and money!

Sometimes I see some guys who are really attracted by some girls in bars or night clubs and they buy a drink to girls who clearly don’t give a shit about them.
But men are weak haha, sometimes you just hope that she will be interested but no, do not waste your time and money, look for a girl who seems to be interested in you, eye contact!

If a girl asks you to buy her a drink?

Do not buy her a drink either! It’s a trap.

How many girls do this to get free drinks all night?… Many!

You don’t even know her, she’s not your girlfriend or even just friend.
You are just facing a gold digger, a cockroach, she’s interested but only in you buying her a drink that she will go drink somewhere else…

We cannot blame them for trying to get free drinks, they will find a guy who will buy them a drink, just don’t be that guy.

If a girl is interested in you, she will talk to you first, not ask you to buy her a drink.

Don’t be fooled! She just wants a drink, she doesn’t want you at all.

Buying a drink to a girl who is not interested in you will not help you to flirt with her or to seduce her.

When to buy a girl a drink to flirt with her?

When you notice eye contact with a girl at a bar for example.

You are at a bar and you see a girl looking at you sometimes, it’s a good sign.
And when you flirt, you look for good signs, positive signs that a girl is interested in you to go hit on her and to flirt with her.

So, to surprise her, you can order a drink for her and ask the bartender to give it to her.
She will ask who ordered a drink for her, he will tell her it’s you and then you can see her reaction.

You can then move on and go talk to her to start flirting with her.
You can ask the bartender what she is drinking and order one more for her.

Don’t forget to give a good tip to the bartender, they are good help in a bar, they run the place!

The other situation when you can buy a drink is when you started to talk with a girl, you can propose her to buy her another drink to keep on with the conversation.
Here too, you know that the girl is interested in you so you can buy her a drink and even to her friends, it will give a good image of you. Showing that you are nice and not stingy also.

You buy a drink to a girl when you know that there is some positive signs of interest coming from the girl.
Eye contact or because you already started a conversation.

Flirting and seducing is also about saving time and money, don’t waste your time and money with girls who don’t show any sign of interest towards you!

You need to spot girls who are open and interested in you, eye contact is your best friend.

Then you can buy her a drink and even more if things are positive when you flirt with her.

And sometimes, a few drinks can help both persons to flirt together and to have a good time in a bar or a night club.

So, here you have some good flirting tips and seduction advice about buying a drink to a girl in a bar to flirt with her.

Buying a drink to girls who don’t seem interested or open to flirt will not help you, save your money! 😉

On the other hand, when you spot a girl interested in you, go for it, a drink will help to start a conversation.

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