Eating cheese could make you live longer

Eating cheese could make you live longer!

Eating cheese could make you live longer!

Cheese would also help prevent liver cancer.

Who would have believed it? Eating cheese would make you live longer!

And especially aged cheeses such as Brie, Parmesan, Cheddar, Roquefort, etc…

We say that cheese is mostly fat even if there are dairy products in it and therefore vitamins or calcium that is good for the bones.

This is an American study that reveals this amazing information and especially very interesting for health.

A study from the A&M University in Texas reveals that cheese contains one element, Spermidine (no relation to sperm of course!).
Spermidine is a compound that prevents the replication of damaged liver cells.

It has the ability to prevent fibrosis from releasing, the accumulation of scar tissue that occurs in most diseases of the organ; and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which is the most common form of liver cancer.

After studying the effect of Spermidine on mice, researchers found out that the life expectancy of mice increased by 25%, which is enormous.

Applied to humans, it would seem that life expectancy would increase from about 80 years to 100 years.

The rather old cheese, like Parmesan, Brie would be very good for the health and the human life expectancy.

This is of course to consume with moderation as any food but it may be wise to eat some cheese from time to time and to have some in the fridge.


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Yes, eating cheese with good wine is nice but not good for your diet.
It is therefore necessary to eat cheese with moderation and to do sports!

You want to have or keep a rather slim body and stay in shape, so eat balanced, salad, cheese, wholegrain cereals, fruits.
And do sports, run, fitness, gym or at least push ups at home every day to stay in shape.

To flirt and date girls, you have to work out for your body and do a minimum of sport, there is no secret, it takes a minimum of physical work.

See my articles about fitness, abs, sports, etc…


So, you can eat cheese, it’s good for your health, and if it makes you live longer, it’s even better for you.

Just that it must be consumed with moderation especially to pay attention to your diet and stomach!
Do sports to compensate and stay fit to flirt with a body that appeals to girls and attracts them!

We are what we eat, so it is important to pay attention to your diet.
It’s easy to buy chips, coke, pizza etc… You get used to eat junk food and get fatter.

Eating balanced is possible by making a little effort, you will enjoy the results after a short time.

Different kinds of food are very good for your body, natural food, cheese is one of them but fat so you can eat some sometimes to benefit from the Spermidine to live longer and to avoid liver cancer!

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