Eat Whole Grain Cereals To Live Longer

Eat Whole Grain Cereals To Live Longer!

On best flirting tips, I also give you diet tips in order to stay in shape, from losing pounds to stay fit.

To flirt and seduce, you have to pay attention to your body. We easily let it go but this is an important element in flirt and seduction.

If you like to flirt with pretty girls who attract you. Well, it’s the same for girls, they will look at your body and look too.

So be careful with your diet and eat healthy.
And sometimes go on a diet to lose a few pounds as with the DASH diet.

Let’s go back to our cereals, I wanted to talk about it because many do not know that it is good for your health and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Yes, if you want to live longer, you have to eat whole grains or whole grain cereals.

If you did not know, well now you know.

The best is to find whole grain cereals without a lot of sugar like in Bjorg Muesli.
Dried fruits like raisins are very good too.

Whether in the morning at breakfast or in the evening as a small snack, eat 70-90 grams of whole grains with semi-skimmed milk or yogurt 0% fat.

Whole Grain Cereals reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes and the risk of mortality by 20%.

Oats, rice, rye, barley and buckwheat must be given the attention.
Whole Grain cereals are better for health than refined cereals.

Some whole grain cereal are rich in fibers and antioxidants.
Vitamin B and minerals such as zinc, iron, copper and magnesium.

Whole Grain Cereals can therefore be a protection against cardiovascular diseases.

Some studies published like in the British Medical Journal show the health benefits of eating whole grains to live longer.

It’s never too late for you to do it, go to the supermarket and buy whole grain cereals, eat it every day without eating too much of it of course.
70-90 grams per day is recommended.

In addition to sports, eating whole grains is therefore a very good dietary supplement for good health.

Living longer is a plus, the main interest being limiting the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Vitamins, minerals, good things for your body when you see that you are easily tempted to eat junk food.

I will write other articles about effective diets and good things to eat to be fit, to take care of your body.

5 fruits and vegetables per day instead of chips and pizza in front of the TV.

Sometimes you have to question yourself and clean up your bad eating habits.
Good in your body, good in your head. Get back to sport too but you have to motivate yourself to exercise again.

It’s all about taking care of your body to look better and seduce more.
People try to sell you junk food all the time, it can taste good but it’s not good for your body.

Flirt and seduction require efforts to maximize your chances of success.

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