The importance of taking risks when flirting

The importance of taking risks when flirting

The importance of taking risks when flirting!

Know how to take risks to flirt and seduce girls!

Take risks to succeed at work but also in flirt and seduction.

This is surely one of the best flirting tips, you must grab an opportunity when it comes and take risks.
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Easier said than done you’ll answer me, sure, telling someone to take risks is easy.

It’s first of all a matter of mind and preparation, the first thing you can say to yourself and keep in mind when it comes to taking risks is, what is it going to happen to me if it does not work?

Well, nothing!

You risk nothing but a positive reaction that could turn out to be very interesting afterwards.

And it’s also a question of practice, we get used to everything in life and to flirt and hit on girls too, and therefore to be turned down too.
After a few times, we get used to the fact that maybe the girl will say no or will not be interested in you but that’s perfectly normal and it does not matter.

There is someone for each one of us but we have to find the right person first!

And to find her, we must meet various girls first to discover the good one.
Without approaching and flirting, you will not find the girl you are looking for and who is looking for you too because remember that a girl also seeks to be with a man.

It is not you alone who seeks the soul mate or company for a short time or a short-lived relationship.
So, this is an important point to keep in mind, if a girl is interested when you approach her, it is not only a victory for you but the girl is also happy to find a man that she likes too!

Like this scene in this cult movie, this great Miramax movie “Swingers” (1996) (a very good film about flirting and dating) where Mike (Jon Favreau) is a shy guy who tries to meet new girls and flirt…

In this scene, try to download the movie or to see it in streaming, Mike thinks he has no chance with a girl he wants to flirt with but his friends tell him instead that he must go straight to it and do not let go of the case.
To think that he is a bear with big claws to catch his prey and that he has every chance to flirt and seduce this pretty girl!

Build confidence and go for it, hit on girls you are interested in!
If you do not take chances to flirt with a girl you like or you are attracted to, someone else will do it for you and you will see another guy with the girl you were interested in!

If mentally, he does not tell himself that he has every chance to succeed and that he must go, he will not go.
His friends motivate him to take risks in flirt and seduction, you must do the same, tell yourself that you have all your chances and that you have to go for it and hit on the girls you like.

If you do not do it, another guy will take her in front of your face and flirt with the girl you were interested in, it will be too late!

Grab any flirting opportunity that comes to you, in the street, at the supermarket, on the beach, at the office, at the airport, etc…
You do not know where you are going to meet a girl you will be interested in or attracted to, so you have to take risks and approach her to see if she is interested or not.

If you do not do it, you will never know and another man will take the girl you are interested in!

At work or in your professional life, you have to take risks if you want things to move forward!
As in financial investment, see my article about Bitcoin, take risks by investing in new cryptocurrencies and grab an opportunity that presents itself.

Work on your mind and motivation, take risks to flirt and seduce women, increase your chances of meeting new girls and score.

You have nothing to lose other than getting a positive response that will allow you to flirt with new women.

Prepare yourself mentally by telling yourself that you have nothing to lose and that with trials, it will become even easier to flirt and approach girls.
And above all, do not forget that if you do not do it, another guy will do it for you, do not miss the good opportunities and do not give them to another man.

So if you go out to meet girls, be that tiger on the picture or a big bear with claws like Mike’s friends say in the movie “Swingers” and go get that girl!

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