How to get abs

How to get abs

How to get abs.

In my flirting tips that you can find in my ebook The Top 100 flirting Tips, there are of course tips to improve your physique.

What does a man look at a woman first, her face, her breast, her ass?

Women are a bit similar, they do not notice your brain but your physique.

So you need to get back in shape if you need to, improve your physique and your attraction.

Abs is a classic, women like to see abs.

For ourselves too, we appreciate seeing that we can have abs or even beautiful abs.

So how to have beautiful abs?
Well, by working your body and physique.

Alone, without doing anything, nothing will happen!

There are so-called electric impulse machines that would sculpt your abs without doing anything but do not believe in Santa Claus, we have nothing without doing anything!

You will have to make an effort and a bit of sport.

Maybe also pay attention to your diet because drinking coke or eating burgers and pizzas is not going to help either.

The good news is that to work your abs, you can do it every day and a few minutes are enough.
There are abdominal exercises, 8 minutes per day that allow to sculpt your abs gradually.
It is a long-term and substantive work.

Overnight, you will not have any nice abs.

It’s going to take time and you will have to be motivated to wait for the results.

Eat less, have a proper diet.

So, you have to eat less and play sports.

We have a sedentary life and generally we eat more than we need.
Knowing that, basically, you need 2500 calories per day maximum.

Eating chips, cakes, and other junk food is very bad but it’s so tempting.

Fruits, vegetables, rice, chicken, some specific food to dry your fat out.

Avoid especially sugar, nutella, coke, chocolate, sweets, ice cream!

Yes, I know, it’s hard to change your eating habits, but you will have to make some effort.

You have to go gradually by removing some bad food, just do not buy them anymore.
If they are not within reach, you will not eat them.
That’s what I do, I don’t buy junk food otherwise I know that I will see it in the fridge and will eat it.
My fridge does not have any junk food in it.

I do not buy any sweets, ice cream, or cakes, otherwise I will eat them too and get fat watching TV.
Not to mention chips or beer, with moderation!

And then, think about the money you will save by not buying these junk food any more, you are going to save money that can be used for something else.

Play sports.

Yes, to have abs and beautiful abs, you have to play sports.

There are quick ways to have abs but you have to do it with time because if you stop, the muscles deflate.

Weight training is not just to look bigger as you hear sometimes but doing sports takes care of your muscles and makes them take volume.
If you stop sports, you will lose muscle and mass.

We do not talk about taking steroids or things like this of course, it is very bad for your body and health.

No, by doing sports, you will gain muscle, you just have to do it regularly.

Personally, I always look for the easiest ways to improve my physique even if you still have to work a little and do a minimum of sport.
And then sport is good for stress and to be in a good mood too!

You have to do abs, so the first solution and the simplest one is to do push ups.
Push ups, you can do it everywhere, next to your bed, in the bathroom, in the living room, etc…

Push ups are good, it works on your abs but also pecs and arms, and triceps!

The more you do, the better, start with a few at first, you will see after that you can do much more!
You just need your body and arms to gain more strength over time, so you can do more.

8mn abs a day can sculpt your abs.

I give you here a method by David Kimmerle that I saw on Facebook to work your abs:
8mn Abs.

Simple and daily exercises to work your abs and to have beautiful abs!

The best is to do push ups and these dedicated exercises for abs, push ups will make you work other important muscles like arms, pectorals, shoulders.

If you are brave, go to the gym otherwise do these exercises at home.

It’s great to be able to do these exercises at home.
Going to the gym is not easy to everyone, between work, transportation, etc…
Being able to do sports exercises at home makes your life easier.

You can also buy a weight bench if you have room at home and do weight training at home.
That’s what I do.
And you can do it when you want!

A weight bar, rights, you can do a lot of things at home in weight training.

You can also do bicycle crunch, easy to do at home and it works very good on abs.


Running would be a plus, either on a treadmill, or riding a bike or going outdoors.

This in order to stimulate your heart with cardio.
Cardiovascular activity for endurance and blood circulation.

Practice every 2 days, during one day, let some muscles rest. Alternate.

Over time, you will take the pace and sports will become a habit.
The beginning will be more difficult because your body is no longer used to sports, you will have pain in your muscles that will disappear after a few days.

It is therefore necessary to keep up the good work, you will see results with time only.
Don’t give up!

It takes some discipline to succeed, you will be happy with the results if you want to have abs!

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