Health benefits of beer

Health benefits of beer

Health Benefits of Beer.

It’s often said that beer makes you fat and it’s often the only thing I hear about beer…

Yet beer contains much less alcohol than wine for example.

There are many beneficial virtues of beer for health that we do not know in general.

An article to let you know the health benefits of beer.
The only important thing is that there is alcohol in beer and that is therefore to be consumed with moderation, without excess.

Let’s see the health benefits of beer.

  • Less alcohol than wine.

Beer contains about two or three times less alcohol than wine.

This depends of course on the type of beer because there are beers with 8% of alcohol but most beers contains roughly 5% of alcohol.

  • Beer is good for kidneys.

Indeed, drinking beer reduces by 40% the risk of developing kidney stones as found in a Finnish study on the subject.

Beer has this advantage over other alcohols.
You can read the study here:

  • Beer reduces cholesterol.

This is no less as a benefit if consuming beer can help reduce bad cholesterol.

Fibers in beer reduce LDL, the bad cholesterol precisely.

  • Fibers in beer help with digestion.

Again, fibers contained in beer help digestion unlike wine that does not.

Beer will therefore help you digest while the wine is not going to help you at all.

Fibers promote intestinal transit.

  • B vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Beer is the fermentation of germinated barley.

Yeasts bring B vitamins including vitamin B9.

Vitamins B6, see this Dutch study that shows that beer drinkers have 30%  more of vitamin B6 than non-beer drinkers! (

B12 vitamins in beer have anti-anemic properties.

So there is plenty of minerals in malt beer through its germinated barley manufacturing process.

Potassium: 36.5 mg/100 g.
Magnesium: 36.5 mg/100g.
Phosphorus: 13.5 mg/100 g.

Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, you do not find this in whiskey!!
While beer brings you all this compared to other spirits precisely.

The health benefits of beer are not negligible.

  • Beer helps you to sleep.

Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid contained in beer will help you sleep.

  • Beer is good for bones.

Beer contains a lot of Silicon, which is very good for bones and bone density.

  • Beer reduces the risk of cerebral infarction.

A beer drinker would have up to 60% less risk of having a cerebral infarction than a person who does not drink.

  • Beer prevents the formation of blood clots.

If you sometimes have this problem, drinking beer can help prevent the formation of blood clots.

  • Beer helps reduce stress.

A Quebec study showed that drinking beer reduces work-related stress.

  • Beer is good for the skin.

Yeah, maybe an advantage of beer that will appeal to women.

Beer contains vitamins that help regenerate the skin and its pigmentation.

  • Beer reduces the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

A study in Chicago shows that beer drinkers would have 23% less risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

An interesting detail when you know the problems and the consequences that this painful disease engender.

  • Beer can help you flirt with girls.


If you have a date with a girl, why not go to a beer bar to try beers she has never tried before.

So you now know the advantages and benefits of beer on health compared to other alcohols.

To go back to what I was saying at the beginning of this article that we often talk about beer to say that it is fattening, remember that beer actually contains a lot of calories: 20 to 70 Kcal/100g!
Beer can therefore make you fat in high doses especially.

And do not forget that there is alcohol in beer so drink it moderately, don’t drink and drive.
If you flirt with a girl in particular, do not be drunk, control yourself.

And plan sugar free mint sweets for your breath too! 😉

Beer has health benefits making it an alcohol that can be more interesting than others if you want to drink something at a party for example.

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