Ways to keep a relationship alive

10 ways to keep a relationship alive

10 ways to keep a relationship alive.

A successful romantic relationship is as much a source of pleasure, well-being and fulfillment as a cocoon to recharge, rest and recover.

In love relationships, like so many other things, it is also the little things that count.

Just as a misplaced word or a look can degenerate into a long-lasting dispute for several days, small and seemingly insignificant gestures of everyday life can help to keep a relationship on the right tracks and fortify it.

A small gift, an innocuous compliment, a moment of physical contact can greatly strengthen a relationship.

These small marks of interest and affection may be more important than all active listening exercises or all games of trust.

Moreover, women are particularly sensitive to this kind of manifestation: they feel reassured about your love and their power of seduction.

I suggest 10 tips, which are as many small marks of attention, affection and tenderness, to maintain your relationship, to keep partners satisfied and happy with each other and to please your lover.

10 ways to keep your romance alive.
Do not hesitate to make good use of it…

  • Tell her you love her.

It is therefore a question of not abusing it so that your companion does not feel reduced to the status of simple gluttony.

However, we men generally tend not to make sufficient use of it.

Although it is true that acts are more meaningful than words, words sometimes speak better than actions.

And then, it’s also simpler ๐Ÿ™‚
Depending on the moment or the circumstances, feel free to express your feelings to her.

A simple “I love you” may suffice: your partner is then reassured about your feelings, she feels wanted and safe in her couple.

  • Have small gestures of affection.

The small gestures of physical intimacy give your partner a feeling of attention and warmth and transmit the love and affection you have for her:

The hand on herr lower back as you stand side by side.

Your arm around her shoulder on the sofa.

Hhand on her thigh when you sit side by side.

Hand in hand while walking down the street, a little kiss on the cheek…

These tiny physical contacts can be as important, if not more important than a longer sexual intimacy.

  • Tell her what you like about her, and show your gratitude.

This is the “psychological” counterpart to the preceding point.

Tell your partner what it is that you like in her.

And I’m not just talking about her physical characteristics!
Of course, you can tell her about her beautiful eyes or her beautiful chest.
That will flatter her. But by force, it will also make her tired.

And also express what you admire in her, what makes you proud of her, what are her strength in your eyes.

Not only will she understand that she is not just a physical toy for you, but she will also earn her esteem and self-confidence.

In the same vein, be grateful for her presence and the many thousand blessings she has brought to your life.

Remember that if you are happy in your relationship, your partner does little things for you every day to make your life better.

Cultivate a daily feeling of gratitude, and tell it to her.

  • Confide in her.

Do not keep your tastes and dislikes, your dreams and fears, your accomplishments and your mistakes.

Do not be afraid to confide yourself. If it’s important to you, share it.

We all need a personal and intimate space.
Even in the most intimate relationships.

And we do not necessarily entrust anybody in a very close relationship, even if it is your companion.

However, trusting, sharing and giving as much of yourself and your time to your partner remains the best way to create the intimacy and complicity necessary for any couple.

  • Spend time together.

No matter how busy you are: make sure you spend an evening together and alone every week and every 2 weeks.

Enjoy these moments to exchange and entrust you two (the point just above), share new experiences, or just enjoy her company.

  • Be present.

It is obvious that you must be present when your partner is facing a major challenge in her life, such as losing a job or the death of a close relative.

But even for the small challenges of life, your presence and your support are equally important: a hang-out with a family member, a critical period at work, a misplaced note, etc…

Do not be an amorphous doormat.

Be the shoulder for her to rest, or the voice of calm and reason when chaos occurs.

Listen to what bothers her and offer any help you can. Even if it is only an attentive ear.

  • Gifts.

Here is a point where, personally, I have to improve myself ๐Ÿ™

A small gift, especially when there is no particular reason, is the opportunity to do all these little things over… in 1 time!

You express your love to her, your affection, your attention, your gratitude.
All this at once. And with one and only gift.

All the opportunities are good to find this little gift that will be a small mark of your great love: a good book found at the bookstore, a special dessert, a little jewelry gift, her favorite perfume or clothing.

Any gift, small or large, is welcome to express what you feel for her.

  • Organize a new romantic first date.

It’s been so long since you’ve been in a couple that you just take your couple and your partner as something you have earned.

A good way to seduce her again and to combine, at one time, several of the previous advice, is to organize a new first romantic date.

Remember your real first date with her.
And even the few that followed after…
You tried to make her laugh and to seduce her, you made some efforts (clean, well dressed, nice haircut, …), you were entirely present and attentive to her, you were listening…

And today?
What do your meals look like in the restaurant?…
There’s a good chance that they are not talkative or very silent, or you talk about basic things.
You don’t really care about these little things anymore…

Change all this by making your next dinner a new first date.

You can of course go further by organizing a weekend or a romantic outing.
But the time of an evening is much simpler and it can do just as much effect.

  • Do not take anything for granted.

The final advice. Very surely the most important.

And in love, it’s the same.
You seduced her?
Repeat it!

You have maintained your intimacy and complicity?
Keep going! Do not let the routine settle into your couple.

Basically, apply, again and again, the few previous tips.
As well as everything that works in your couple and with your companion.

This may sound tiresome and tiring.
It may be a little bit.
But your couple, your well-being and her are at this price.
And then, every time, it’s also a little bit of happiness and fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Surprise her.

Do new things, surprise her with new activities together.

Going to new places.

Trying new restaurants or bars.

Going somewhere on a weekend.

Don’t let the routine take over your couple and relationship.

After some time, it’s easy to do the same things all the time, take things in hand and try new things together.


These few small marks of attention or tenderness will help you create, in your couple, an atmosphere, a harmony and a complicity conducive to your mutual fulfillment.

Nor is it a matter of making each one an absolute rule to never miss.
But not following these tips is not good either if you want to keep your relationship alive.

Find the right middle ground for your partner and your couple.

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