How to flirt and seduce a girl that is your friend

How to flirt and seduce a girl that is your friend

How to flirt and seduce a girl that is your friend?

How to flirt with your female best friend?

How to turn a girl friend into a girlfriend?

You know a girl who is your friend with whom you have developed strong affinities to the point of falling in love with her.

This often happens, you spend time with a friend and you get close, affinities and feelings happen.

Yet you are her best friend, her confidant, she sees you as her brother and sisters do not sleep with their brother!

You have to get out of the friend zone, in order to be able to flirt with her and become her boyfriend.

How to get out of the friend zone to flirt with her?

First of all you have to understand one thing: women and men do not see friendship the same way.

While a man could always have sex with his best friend, a girl manages (by some miracle) to make the difference and to completely disconnect her sexual tension in your company.

She suddenly becomes asexual at your side.

She sees you as a guy for whom any notion of sexual or loving tension is excluded.

And your friend may already have a boyfriend, we are then on how to flirt with a girl who has a boyfriend, in addition to the difficulty to flirt with a good friend.

So, how to flirt and seduce your friend?

Your mission, to seduce this friend, is going to be little by little to change the way she sees you, and from which she perceives your relationship.

Say goodbye to your exaggerated kindness.

You were until then too kind, always available and understanding to her.

From the moment you decide to seduce your friend, you must learn to contradict her from time to time.

You must express your true thoughts. Also learn to say no, be less available.

The seductive man is anything but “a good buddy”.

What stimulates a woman in a loving relationship is the challenge of men who seem inaccessible.

Be touchy.

As close as you can be close to your friend, some touching will clearly show your intentions and even if the subject is not addressed directly, it is certain that she will become aware of your attempt to be physically close to her.

From time to time, touch her hand, elbow, hips…
This will create a dimension of sensuality in your exchange.

You have nothing to lose, and your friend’s reaction will tell you a great deal about her feelings towards you.

You can even talk to her about sexual matters. She must see you coming.

Get on it seriously.

She must be aware that you are a man, with your desires.

She must remember that other girls like you, and that you like other girls too!

If possible, make her jealous by telling her that you see other girls.

Highlight your strengths.

Again, ask yourself and list everything your friend finds good in you.

Remember all that she has been able to say about you, anything that could serve you to attract her into your nets.

Now that you know your strengths, you will need to put them more prominently. Be careful not to show off.

You have to value yourself subtly.

She must say to herself in her head and subconsciously: “In fact, he is really an interesting guy! How come he’s been my friend all this time?”.
If you want to pick her up and evolve your relationship with her, just one solution: do not try to get her, and make her want to get you.

She may think that she would miss something by simply keeping you as a friend.

You can then invite her to dinner, go out together or spend the night at home, to begin the real thing and being boyfriend/girlfriend.

Remember, you have to work on it on a regular basis so that the transition happens gradually.

The road will be long my friend. You will have to arm yourself with patience and perseverance to achieve your goals.

Girls know very well when a guy is interested in them: she’ll know you’re in love.

And knowledge will cause quite a lot of things in his head. A mixture of anxiety, stress, contempt and anger.

Do not think that your friend will end up in your arms after one week.
Do not be in a hurry: it can take time.

Depending on how long it will take her to start seeing you as “more than a friend”, seducing a friend can take time.

There are no magic tricks or secret techniques to accelerate this change in her.

You have here some good flirting tips and seduction advice to flirt and seduce a girl that is your friend.
Remember also that it might not work, some girls will keep you as a friend and will not accept to be more than a friend or to have sex with you.

It’s just like regular flirting and seducing, some girls who are your friend will enjoy becoming more than a friend and will let you flirt with them.

If it does not work, keep her as a good friend, she will know that you like her a lot and that you will always be ready to go further with her.
So if one day, she changes her mind, it will then go faster to have an intimate relationship with your friend and to have a good time in bed with her!

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