Avoid The Friend Zone!

Avoid The Friend Zone!

And if you are already in the Friend Zone, you have to get out of it.

Getting out of the friend zone is a priority if you want to pick up the girl you are interested in.

What is the friendzone or friend zone?
The friend zone means that the girl considers you as a friend and not as a seducer.

Everything you do not want in fact.

Once I noticed that, a girl I liked whom I spoke to, whom I knew but who at the time had a boyfriend.

Once she was single, I said to myself, it’s good I will flirt with her and will get her in my bed!

Well no, I could not score, she had put me in the damn friend zone!

I made her understand that I wanted something sentimental of even that I wanted to have sex with her.
She was shocked, she really took me for a friend and did not understand that I wanted to do “something” with her!

So there was some long-term work to get out of this damn friend zone, it’s not yet the case unfortunately.

If you meet a girl and you start to be nice right away, friendly, helpful, protective, it’s over for you!

You will become a brother, her brother, her best friend! Haha
If you flirt and hit on girls, you do not want to be her friend but her lover!

When you meet a girl, first you are interested in her and attracted by her body, not her personal problems or her confidences.

So if you go into her personal stories, her confidences and you become her new best friend, she will not sleep with you.
So do not be too friendly at first.

If you start paying everything from the start when you see her, it’s over, you become her buddy!
You fall into the friend zone and it will be difficult to come out of it, so, avoid the friend zone from the start.

All the girls are looking for confidants, leave this ungrateful role to the neighbor! Haha

You are here to hunt, flirt, seduce, conclude and fuck!

Why lose so much time to approach a girl, flirt if it’s to end up in her friend zone.

Being too confident and becoming a friend also means showing a certain feminine side.

You will end up shopping with her, carrying her bags, looking at purses with her! Haha

You’re her buddy, she’s not gonna fuck her buddy…

So you need to know the friend zone in order to avoid falling into it.
And if you are already in it, you have to get out of the friend zone.

If you are one of her friends, she just wants advice about her personal problems or someone to talk to.
But she does not want to fuck or sleep with you, you are friends, good friends. Haha

What a nightmare this friend zone, the zone of friends.

The first rule is therefore not to be too friendly with her, to make her understand that there is a distance in personal life.
That you’re going to be able to do things with her but as a lover, not her shopping mate!

    – Avoid contact if you want to leave the friend zone, she will see that you are no longer a confidant or that you are no longer there to listen to her stories.

With time, you will no longer be her good friend as before, then it will be time to make her understand that you can do something else with her!

Because if you are already in the friend zone and you think that with time it will create a complicity and you can sleep with her, you are wrong.

If you are a friend in her friend zone, you will stay there and she will never sleep with you, she will never dare to think of an intimate relationship, you are her friend.

By avoiding her, you will have to see if she changes her behavior with you if you are no longer her friend or confidant.
So if she saw in you only a friend, by no longer being her friend, you will know if she wants to do something else with you.

You can also make her jealous by spending time with another girl, she will not like it and maybe will want to be more than a friend to not leave you free to another girl.
You have to try different things to see what can get you out of her friend zone.

The girls do not like competitors, they hate it and will do anything to get them out.
She must understand that if it is not her, it will be another girl so it’s up to her to choose what she wants or to find herself on the sidelines!

Once your situation has changed and you are no longer her confidant friend, go to the movie theater and try to kiss her, you will see if she is into it or not.

If you see that after leaving the friend zone, she is still not interested in anything else, so move on to another prey.

A girl can find you nice but will not want an intimate relationship so if you do not want extra girlfriends, go your way!

You actually have to make a girl understand what you want her to do or do with her.
Entering the friend zone is that she thought you did not want anything else.
And this may be due to your attitude being too nice or too kind for example.

So you have to make it clear to a girl that you are flirting, that you do not want to enter her friend zone.
From there, you will know if she is open to do something else with you.

The friend zone is a nice trap in which you should not fall because it is a big waste of time or even money.

It is necessary to be clear on your attentions from the beginning, if she is interested you will know very quickly, otherwise it is necessary to actually pass to another girl to flirt with.

If you did not know the friend zone, it’s done.
You also have tips and advices not to enter it or to leave it if you are already in hell! Haha

Some men are sometimes in a girl’s friend zone and do not realize it right away.
They say that they have a good contact with this girl and that they will get her while the girl considers them a friend, a buddy, a confidant and that she will not go further with them.
And for sure, no sex with a guy in her friend zone, remember that!
Her breast and ass will be for another guy who will have made her understand that he wants to sleep with her, to be her boyfriend and not a confidant thrown into her friend zone!

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