Should you flirt with an ugly girl

Should you flirt with an ugly girl?

Should you flirt with an ugly girl?

Is it more interesting to flirt with an ugly girl?

Flirting with an ugly girl, is it going to be easier especially?

This is a question that is often asked between friends and opinions diverge!

There are those who have a strong inclination for girls qualified as ugly, and those who dare not even think of it.

Let’s make the point, because dating an ugly girl can have benefits and disadvantages.
Flirting tips and seduction advice will of course apply in the same way with an ugly girl or a pretty girl.

Why prefer an ugly girl?

When everyone around you think that this girl is ugly, she probably has few boys running after her.

But that does not mean that she will say yes to the first guy who will flirt with her, not at all.

What you can conclude is that you will not have to compare yourself to many contenders, this will boost your self-confidence when you approach her.

Seducing her could then be an easy task!

You can also use these kind of girls to train yourself to flirt and seduction.
A very good idea to train yourself to flirt and seduce women.
The funniest thing is to be turned down by ugly girls.

Do not think that they are all easy to seduce, some will turn you down in a few seconds. haha

But, as she is ugly, you will not really pay attention to it and you will renew your attempt with another ugly girl.
You will get more experience before trying to flirt and seduce pretty girls.

Why avoid ugly girls?

If you find her so ugly than that, why would you want to flirt with her?
Flirt only with the girls that you really like, because she will see it and feel it!

But what will be most affected is your personal esteem.

You admit deep down that this girl is ugly, and you are still trying to flirt with her, and even consider going out with her, surely your ego will suffer.

You might even start wondering if you will ever be able to seduce pretty girls again, and just go out with the ugly girls left behind all the pretty ones.

Moreover, if you give great importance to the image you send back to others, what will they think seeing you flirting with an ugly girl?

In brief, whether it is to train yourself to flirt or that you seriously like this ugly girl, never flirt with ugly girls unless you are able to assume your tastes with regard to yourself and others.

And if you are happy with an ugly girl, where is the problem?

Everyone is beautiful in someone’s eyes, this is the most important thing in love.

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