Best Places to Flirt!

Best Places to Flirt!

Flirt, ok, but where?

In my ebook about flirt and seduction, I talk about places to flirt.

I will give you some ideas here but it is more detailed in the book of course.
There are also sometimes unusual ideas of places to flirt.

We can say that we can flirt anywhere already because at any time we can meet a girl that will interest us.
This is where you sometimes have to seize the opportunity and approach a girl you see on the street, at Mac Donald’s, at the supermarket!

It also allows you to train to flirt even if it is not conclusive.

Where to flirt?

– Flirt at work.

The majority of people go to work every day, so we are in contact with people and therefore women.
How to flirt with a woman at work.

Many couples are formed at work, it makes sense, we meet people in our circle of friends, at work because that is where we spend most of our time.

If after that, it does not work there, we will look elsewhere where to flirt.

The work is therefore a place of flirt where you can find girls to flirt and seduce.

After that, it will depend on the type of job you have, if it is a male job, you are not lucky even if there is certainly a personal assistant to flirt with at work.

I have already flirted with personal assistants, they only ask for that in general.
Seated at their desk or counter, they get bored and ask nothing more than chatting with a nice guy. And maybe more! πŸ˜‰

This can be a good opportunity for a one night stand.
Many men have their mistress at work, daily contact creates intimate ties!

So take a look at what’s going on at work and the girls you could flirt with.

Do not neglect public transportation to flirt, flirt in the bus, flirt in the subway? Why not.
Going to work every day, you will surely notice girls who take public transportation at the same time as you.
This is a common point that will allow you to approach her and to flirt with her.

She will see you every day too, she will cross your eyes and a complicity will start.

Public transportation is therefore also a places of flirt where you will be able to meet and flirt with girls.

– Flirt at School or University.

If you do not work, you may going to school or university.

And there, you will find girl to flirt with at school or flirting at the university.

You have to look for the girls you are interested in and start to flirt with them, at school or on campus.

If you are not a student, you can also go to any university campus and flirt with pretty girls.
If you are a more mature man, young students are there to learn and ask nothing better than meeting an older man who has experience. πŸ˜‰

You may even be able to help them with their homework!

Young women love mature men.

– Flirt at to the supermarket.

When shopping, we meet single women and single girls who also do their shopping.

Flirting at the supermarket will have a lot do with eye contact with the person you are going to approach.

I talk about flirting at the supermarket in my ebook.

Many girls to flirt at the supermarket, Walmart, Tesco, Target, Safeway, Publix, Whole food, Costco, Macys!

It also allows you to see first if you are attracted to the girl.
If during shopping you can also flirt and meet girls, it’s great!

There is also the cashier but usually cashiers are not very pretty otherwise they would do something else as work.
But sometimes we can come across some nice girls, see when you come regularly if you see one who is always there, why not flirt with the cashier or a girl who works in the store!

Do not forget shopping malls also where many girls go shopping alone.
You will also see them having coffee at Starbucks maybe, they are shopping and relax.
Easy to approach them while they are shopping, the place is peaceful and friendly to flirt.

– Flirt at the gym.

If you go to the gym, there are plenty of girls to flirt with but you will have to be cautious not to look like an annoying serial seducer!

The advantage of flirting at the gym is that you can see the girls in sports outfit or even swimming suit.

You get a better idea of ​​her body and you know she loves sports and fitness if you do too!

In my ebook about flirt and seduction, The Top 100 Best Flirting Tips I also talk about it in places to flirt.

There’s a lot of girls to flirt and seduce at the gym!

– Flirt on the street.

To flirt on the street, you must already learn how to approach a girl.
You can learn about it in my ebook indeed.

Flirting on the street is a difficult task because the girl is generally not willing to be approached or hit on!

It is therefore a more difficult flirting technique, let’s face it but here too, if you come across a girl that you like and you do not approach her, you will regret it later then.

You can also easily flirt on the street by hitting on tourists, these girls are on holiday and are more willing to talk with men on the street who can be tourists too!

If you approach girls on the street, you have to work the approach, I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction.

– Flirt with friends.

Your friends have friends, girls you can flirt with when you go visit your friends precisely.

Many meetings are held in your friends circles as we spend a lot of time there.

At parties or dinners, there are girls to flirt with.

Do not hesitate to ask your friends if they have girls to introduce you.
You have to look everywhere, your friends may have nice girl friends that they have not thought about.
Or at their work, nice girls to invite and flirt with.

And even more girls to flirt with, the girl friends of your friends, make them work a little bit! πŸ˜‰
Let them look around for girls to flirt with for you.

– Flirt in a night club or in a bar.

Flirting in a nightclub or in a bar, these are places where people meet.

Girls are generally willing to get hit on because they often go there for that too.

It should not be forgotten that girls also want to meet men, for a lasting relationship or a one night stand!
It is not just men who chase and flirt, women also want to meet someone.

As men are often said to go hunting, women go fishing!

Flirting in a bar or a night club will have a lot do with eye catching, everyone is looking to see who is interested in them.

After that, to flirt in a night club or in a bar, you may have to wait until girls are drunk a little so that they are more jovial and therefore easier to flirt with.

The girls are more joyful after a few drinks, a few Mojitos.
You too, a few drinks might help to be more joyful to hit on girls.

But beware, drink with moderation.
Otherwise drink a good fruit cocktail if you can not drink alcohol because of your health or for religious reasons.

– Flirt on the internet.

Among the most important places to flirt and meet girls, there are of course internet and dating sites.

I talk about it in several articles on my website about flirt and seduction.

Thousands of girls to flirt with on, Tinder, Badoo, Happn, etc…

You can read my article about the best online dating sites.

Flirt on Facebook too, everyone is on the internet, so go flirt on the internet too.
Before we were flirting on Myspace but it died like many websites.

Flirt on Facebook, you have to look after your profile and photos.
I will write an article on how to flirt on Facebook!

There are some mobile applications to find a one night stand like Tinder.

And there are other dating sites to find more serious relationships like or Eharmony.

Internet and mobile dating apps are important places to flirt not to be missed.

Whether on the internet or in real life, it is also necessary to let luck make it happen.

There are other places to flirt, I talk about it on my website like How to flirt with a dog?
Dogs even have their dating site, Tindog!

Look around, you can flirt everywhere, an interesting encounter can happen anytime, anywhere.

Places to flirt are numerous but some are more suitable for encounters and flirt like those cited in this article.

You can also flirt by Text message or SMS but it is not really a place to flirt like the internet can be.
It’s more what happens after having really flirted with a girl somewhere.

If you want to know more about places to flirt, there are other tips in my ebook about flirt and seduction to download.

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