How to last longer in bed

How to last longer in bed

How to last longer in bed.

How to make sex last longer in bed.

How to be good in bed with women.

On average, men would only last 5 to 8 minutes in bed during sex

However, the majority of women get a vaginal orgasm only when sex lasts on average more than 12 minutes!

Even without being an early ejaculator, it must be said that these few minutes of differences constitute a considerable gap, once in the heat of the action.

However, it is entirely conceivable to apply certain good sex techniques so that your partner reaches orgasm, well before you!

Bet on foreplay.

Foreplay is the key to success.

Here, it’s about taking care of your partner first, and not the other way around.

Not only with foreplay you will put her in the best conditions to start sexual intercourse, but also that by lengthening it, you will gain precious minutes to bring her to orgasm.

In short, you will have already done half the work.

By spending time on foreplay, you turn your partner on and it also helps to last longer in bed.

Take some breaks.

As soon as you feel close to ejaculation, stop and withdraw your penis completely.
How to last longer in bed is knowing how to take breaks during sex.

Wait a few seconds before feeling that you have regained control.

During the break, you can take advantage of it to give her caresses, languorous kisses, making sure that you are not too horny, it’s not the goal!

If you feel like it, you can also use this break to give her a cunnilingus.

Switch sexual position.

Some sexual positions are often more stimulating for men: doggy style, andromache and the lotus are generally conducive to premature ejaculation.

To avoid falling into the trap, let her take the lead and let her take over!

Indeed, there is as an idea of ​​domination when you let someone lead the sexual intercourse, and this gives her an enormous excitement.

Thus, by changing sexual position, not only will you vary the pleasure, but also that it will bring down your sexual arousal, and will then allow you to regain control.

How to last longer in bed is a cocktail of different things, namely slowing down the pace, changing sexual position so as not to ejaculate too fast.

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