Seduction The Power of Eye Contact

Seduction: The Power of Eye Contact

Seduction: The Power of Eye Contact.

Eye contact seduction and attraction.

Eye contact is a weapon of massive seduction using your eyes.

The look is an effective tool that is within everyone’s reach.

Yet very few of us know how to use it wisely to seduce girls.

With eyes alone, one can transmit a whole bunch of information that can instantly attract a potential target.

Visual contact or eye contact, a body language function that communicates information about your intentions or how you feel.
When you flirt, eye contact will allow you to try to contact the girl you are targeting to make her understand that you are interested.

In return, the girl will also use her look, eye contact to let you know what she feels about your seductive intentions.

Eye seduction techniques.

The first contact.

With your gaze, you send the trigger signal to the girl you want to flirt with.

It shows your interest for a particular girl.

The game of seduction begins the moment you start to look at a girl and the girl crosses it unexpectedly, tries to ignore it, then turns her eyes back on you.

By insisting, you send the message to this girl that you are interested in her and that you want to flirt with her.

Even before you approach her, she will have a glimpse of what you intend to do, you will also know in advance if she shows any interest.

Indeed, for there to be a real connection in this first glance, which is the very definition of eye contact, it is necessary that the target girl returns you the signal that you sent her through eye contact.

If she avoids your eyes, it is a negative point even if the girl can also be a shy girl who does not dare look at you. Flirting with a shy woman is yet another thing of course.

With a normal girl, if you are looking for eye contact, a true eye contact and she responds positively, it is a very good sign then.

Smile when you look at her and look for eye contact.

Maintain the connection.

You have to catch her gaze and hold it for a moment to make it clear that it was not accidental.

Your steady and confident look can attract and even disturb her.

However, you should in no way seem to stare at her.

Beyond 3 seconds, turn away your eyes, before looking at her again.
If she turns her head first, crossing her eye contact, it means that the seduction game is on!

The game may even last for hours, but it is up to you to decide when to approach her.

Nevertheless, do not wait too long, at the risk that she gets tired and cuts off the connection.

Visual contact is therefore an important element in flirt and seduction.
Body language allows you to communicate information to the girl you are flirting with to let her know that you are interested in her.
In return, her body language will also let you know what she thinks or feels when you try or start to flirt with her.

Eye contact is therefore a weapon of seduction to use when you flirt with a girl.
A look and a smile have an effect on a girl you want to flirt with, she will not be insensitive and you will notice it in her body language too.

Body language is essential in your art of seduction.

Eye contact allows you to initiate contact, letting her know that you are interested in her and to see if it is reciprocal.
Her look and body language will give you the signal to approach her.

You only have to work your eye contact when you flirt, body language is very important in flirt and seduction.

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