Mobile Dating App to meet singles on a plane or a trip!, the name says it all, dating and flirting in the air!

Whether you are flying today or preparing your next trip, Airdates is a Mobile Dating App to meet singles (or not) who will fly on the same plane or will travel the same destination.

Airdates will put you in contact with the people doing the same trip or flying the same plane.

A specific dating app that focus on people flying or traveling so you know you will meet or talk to people doing the same.

Many women fly or travel alone and would like to meet someone during their trip, just like you!

Instead of spending your time reading the Skymall magazine, use this Mobile Dating App to meet and date women on your plane or on the same trip.

This dating app is a great idea to match people traveling the same destination and who also want to date or meet someone.

It means it’s not just to find a companion during your trip but people on the app are there to date and flirt.

One day, I met a cute blond hair Russian girl who was alone on vacation for 2 weeks and looking for a “temporary” boyfriend during her trip!
What a great holiday I had with this nice Russian girl and what a good time we had on the beach and in the hotel room!

At that time, Airdates did not exist and I met her in a bar but imagine all the women like this Russian girl who are alone on a trip and would like to date and flirt during their holiday!

So download this Mobile Dating App on the Google App Store or on the Itunes Store on your Apple iphone.

Many girls to meet (or guys for single girls) so give it a try to meet new women.

Airdates uses FireChat Technology so you don’t have to use up all their data or rely on spotty in-flight Wi-Fi to chat with girls while in air.

A great idea from the founder Michael Richard who had this business idea while flying himself and realizing there was no Mobile Dating App for people traveling or flying.

Just go to and for flirting and dating advices, download my ebook! 🙂

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