How to have sex on an airplane

How to have sex on an airplane.

I have already written an article on how to have sex on a plane but here is another idea.

After watching this video on LifeAccordingToJimmy’s Youtube Channel, I wanted to share his funny video on how to have sex on a plane precisely.

Jimmy offers us another idea to make love on a plane.

Very good actor, he simulates an argument with his girlfriend on the plane, they will then settle their problem in the toilet to actually be able to have sex on the plane.

The idea is very original like the one I advise in the other article.
To pretend to be sick in order to have your girlfriend follow you in the toilets of the plane or who knows a girl you just met on a plane during a trip.

Having sex on a plane is in the top 10 fantasies for many men and women.

If you know a hostess or a steward, ask them to help you with this on one of their flights, this can be another way to have sex on a plane without taking too much risk.

Watch the video, it is very well done, Jimmy is very good and his girlfriend very nice. 😉

So if you are traveling with your girlfriend, it may be an idea if your partner is ok to play the game in order to have a fake argument with you in the toilet after discovering some text messages on your mobile phone.

The idea is to be able to justify to have someone with you in the plane’s toilet in order to have sex on a plane without arousing suspicions from other passengers or members of the crew.

You can also go first to the toilet, your partner joins you afterwards, which can be discreet even if some sly passengers will notice you like in the video I put in my other article on How to have sex on an airplane.

So, you have another idea if you want to have sex on a plane.

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