Flyover Country Mobile App

The Flyover Country Mobile Application

The Flyover Country Mobile Application.

Sometimes, when you travel by plane, you look outside the window and you wonder where you are or what you are seeing at the moment.

Unless the captain tells you where there plane is at this moment, there is no way you will know where you are.

And if you are traveling with your girlfriend or your new girlfriend, she might ask you where she is or what she is seeing outside.

A nice landscape, a monument, an island but no idea what it is or where it is…

So, there is a mobile app that tells you all this fortunately, technology is always great help in these moments when you need to find an answer or learn something new.

Just like google, when you need to know something, google it and you will find many answers, you just need to filter the wrong ones but the internet is very rich in useful information.
Like for flirting tips, you found when looking for the best flirting tips and it’s free!

So, back to this mobile app that tells you where you are when you are traveling by plane.

The mobile app is called Flyover Country Mobile Application.
Flyover Country is a National Science Foundation funded offline mobile app for geoscience outreach and data discovery.

The inventor of  The Flyover Country Mobile App is Shane Loeffler, a Geology Student at the University of Minesota in the United-States.

The Flyover Country Mobile App is free.

Wherever you are, the Flyover Country Mobile Application will tell you exactly where you are, magic?
Well, no, it’s a smart application that can tell you where you are at the moment according to some GPS information.

The Flyover Country Mobile App Tracks your flight or your trip with GPS but also with offline maps and POI.

You need to know that this Flyover Country Mobile App mainly works from the window seat in a plane!

GPS Reception will also depend on conditions and Device performance, it might not work well on a Nokia 3310. 😉

The Flyover Country Mobile App is very easy to use, you can indicate your trip on the app and The Flyover Country mobile App will tell you all the interesting things to see on your trip!

The Flyover Country Mobile App can also be used for a road trip, a hiking trip, outdoor activities, trip by train or bus, it’s a great mobile app to learn about your trip if you don’t want to miss anything on the way.

You can find The Flyover Country Mobile App on social networks like:

The Flyover Country Mobile App is FREE and that’s great, this mobile app helps you and other people to learn about so many things on their trip and especially when you are on a plane!

If you want to download The Flyover Country Mobile App, you can find it on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:

Download The Flyover Country Mobile App and discover many places or monuments along your trip!

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