Sex is better on holiday

Sex is better on holiday.

Nothing better than holidays to boost your libido and spice up your sex life.

To realize your fantasies with new encounters or with your girlfriend.
Make love in new unusual places like a paradise beach, a luxury hotel in Thailand, a cove on a Greek island, etc…

Why sex is better on holiday?
Let’s see some reasons why sex is better on holidays.

  • New places to discover.

Who says holidays, says discovering new places and nothing better than novelty to boost your libido and spice up your sex life.

New things stimulate you and especially to make love in unusual places during your holidays, on the beach, near a lake, on a balcony, etc…

  • No stress!

You are away from work, no stress, no alarm clock ringing, you are free to do whatever you want.

You can get up when you want and make love, have sex whenever you want.

Holidays is synonymous of fun and play, have fun!

  • You do not know your neighbors!

You want to make love loudly, well, go for it!

On holiday, you do not know your neighbors and if you wake them up, it does not matter.

If your nights are warm and lively, you do not have to worry about your neighbors on vacation.

  • Take a room with jacuzzi.

On holiday, indulge yourself and take a room with jacuzzi and make love in the jacuzzi.

New sensations, very relaxing, you can also order champagne.

Holiday is the opportunity to have fun with sex and try new things to spice up your sex life and make your couple stronger if you are a couple.

If there is a sofa in your room, have sex on it too, try all the furniture in the hotel room for fun and spice up your sex life.

  • Girls are hot!

These are the holidays and the girls are hot, swimsuit and want to get hit on to have fun.

Sea, sex and sun! As the song says.

See my article how to flirt at the beach precisely:


Tons of girls to flirt with in the bars, in clubs, at the camping site also if you are there.

Sex on holiday is better because we do lots of new encounters when we are single on holiday.

You have nothing to do the next day other than waking up.
This is what makes sex better on vacation, you are relaxed, happy, no stress, you enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Sex is better on holidays because you see new things, new people, these elements excite you and boost your libido.

Have a few drinks or cocktails and end the night in style with a one night stand.

On holiday, you are free, there is that carefree aspect that makes you want to have fun and have original adventures.

So sex is better on holiday, the sun and the heat awaken the senses and even if it is a winter vacation, the novelty aspect is an element that invite you to enjoy sex and pleasure!


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