The best unusual places to have sex

The best unusual places to have sex!

The best unusual places to have sex!

When you have been living with someone for a while, you should add some spice to your sex life.
But it can also be a good idea to surprise a new girlfriend too!

This may involve erotic games, the use of naughty sex toys, the discovery of new sexual positions or making love and having sex in unusual places.

But if a little change in habits can help to spice your sex life up, make sure that this experience remains a good memory.

Especially as ideas for unusual places to have sex are numerous.
You have to find an unusual place to have sex AND… a “practicable” one especially.

When talking about sexual fantasies, the elevator is often one of the most popular unusual place to have sex.
But you have to be very efficient or… very fast!

Same thing for doing it behing a door in the street, in a shop or in the cinema.

Yes, the risk of being surprised adds a dose of excitement. But sometimes it can squarely cut off any desire.

Fortunately, many other unusual places are available for you and your partner.

Here are the best unusual places to make love outside your home.

Have sex in a car.


A car is very practical to have sex, and you can go anywhere you want.
While driving, your partner could even give you a blowjob if she feels like it, just be careful when you drive.

The backseat of your car, if you have one, can be a very good unusual place to have sex.
There is not a lot of space but enough to have sex in different positions.

Just be careful where you park your car to avoid any bad surprise like a cop driving by and coming to see what’s going on.
It happened to me one time, funny memory but well, I would have prefered to avoid this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have sex in a train.

If you go on a trip in a train, you might use the toilets to have sex.

If you are doing a night trip, you might be able to do it in your cabin, even more exciting.

A train is a classic as an unusual place to have sex.

Have sex at work.


What a better place than having sex at work to be an unusual place to make love with your partner.

When everybody is gone or if you have your private office, tell your partner to come see you during your lunch break and have a special break indeed.

If you do it late in the evening when everybody is gone, do not hesitate to have sex on the desk of someone that you don’t like at work.
You will have a smirk on your face when you will see him working at his desk thinking of what you did on it with your girlfriend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have sex in a Jacuzzi.

What more romantic than a jacuzzi to make love with your partner.

Take a hotel room who has a jacuzzi and have a good time in it.

It’s fun to have sex in a jacuzzi, all the bubbles, a doggy style position is a must do in a jacuzzi.

The beach remains at the top!


Have sex at the beach!

What could be more romantic than a deserted beach on a hot summer night?
There are places that are uncontrollable… But from the top to the flop there is only one step!

The beach can quickly become unpleasant if you are not equipped (this is not the ideal time to try a body scrub with sand…).
So, during your night strolls (or even daytime!) Do not forget that a pareo or a blanket in your bag can always be used when you have sex on the beach!

And then, nothing forces you to stay on the sand.

A small midnight bath (or midday if the bathers are rare) may be conducive to multiple acrobatics sexual positions and naughty hot action.

Just make sure there are not sharks there.

The beach is one of the best unusual places to have sex.

Have sex in a swimming pool.


Ah, the pool…

For the oldest or most film-lovers of you, so many movie scenes with people having sex in the pool.

Like the beach, having sex in a swimming pool can be very romantic

But here again, small downside: make sure that the temperature is warm enough.

Have sex in a Spa, sauna, hammam: well-being and pleasure.

We stay here in the aquatic area… or almost.

If the bubbles of the jacuzzi are a call to debauchery – yes, nothing but that! -, a hammam and a sauna also reveal a real sensuality.

A place so hot where you hardly see your partner through the intense clouds of steam, a very sensual atmosphere. The problem is that the place is very hot. Sometimes too much!

Having sex in nature is trendy!


Have sex in a park!

Organic and 100% natural are trendy nowadays, so maybe you should go green too?

After all, nothing prohibits to live your sexuality in vegan mode.

In a forest, a field, a barn, a vacant lot (even a soccer field for the amateurs), there is a lot of choice. It’s up to you to create the atmosphere that best suits you.

Have sex in a plane!


Another sexual experience to try in this ranking of the best unusual places to have sex: in a plane.

In the toilet or discreetly when it’s dark in the cabin.

But be very careful, the rules are very strict on a plane, don’t get into troubles if you think it will be hard to have sex in the plane during your flight.

You can read an article about this here:

You can also have sex at the airport but be careful too!

Have sex in forbidden places: a sense of sin.


Forbidden place by morals, by law, by parents…

All the places where, if you get surprised, fornication can send you to hell for eternity – or to the police station for a few hours – are excellent for your libido.

The most courageous will be able to have sex in places where nobody would expect to see someone having sex there (hospital, cemetery, …).

But, be careful, having sex in these places is prohibited by the law!

Have sex in a bed… but not yours.


Making love in a bed can be a real adventure.

Especially when you decide to have sex in your parents bed, your best friend or your ex.

In any case, somebody else’s bed has a double advantage: comfort is preserved, novelty is a bonus!
On the other hand, getting caught can have unfortunate consequences to your entourage!

Have sex neither inside nor outside.


Yes Yes, it’s possible ! A veranda, a balcony, a terrace, a patio, stairs, …

You are outside but still inside, almost out but not quite out.

In short, these are perfect unusual places to have sex for lovers of poetry and metaphors.

Take a look at the feature image of this article, this nice girl waiting to have a good time on a balcony with a panoramic view!

A very unusual place to have sex and to make love with your partner.
Everybody can see you but nobody sees you, a very exciting place to have sex.

You have here the best unusual places to have sex, if you needed some advice where to have sex with your partner, you now know where you can try to spice up your sex life!

You just need to try them all now!

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