Sex tips for men

Sex Tips for Men

The Best Sex Tips for Men.

Since nothing is ever perfect (unfortunately), some tips are always good to take to improve performance in bed! Gentlemen, here are some sex tips to follow to become better lovers and impress your conquests.

If there are no rules about sex to be always on top, some advice can nevertheless be useful in order to always improve a little more. Best flirting tips offers you five tips just for you gentlemen!

Sex tips for men, sex tips for couples.

Sex Tips for couples

1. Do not neglect dialogue.

And what is the best way to find out if women want to go to the room? Ask them ! (Of course).

Even if talking about sex with your partner is not always the most obvious thing for a couple, it is essential and allows to discover the preferences and desires of each one.

There’s nothing like getting in tune and having better parties than realizing that your beauty does not share your fantasy of food spread over her body.

If you want to know what your partner is looking for, it’s probably a good idea to just ask.
You’d be amazed how far a conversation about sex can go.

2. Consider abstinence.

A tip that may seem strange, but it is scientifically proven: abstinence is good for couples and can revive sexual desire! Obviously, you should not wait too long too.

3. New positions.

Like food, sex is even better when you vary the pleasures.
Different places, experimental positions or accessories, nothing is to neglect and everything is to be tuned according to your tastes.
And even if varying the pleasures is also a risk taking, it’s worth it!

And as to inspire is not a crime, why not dive into some erotic books (very in vogue since the release of 50 Nuances of Gray) to draw some new ideas?

Have sex in different places to spice up your sex life.

Car, plane, train, elevator, public toilets, park, shopping mall, etc…

New positions, ask her what she wants to try or come up with something new to surprise her in bed or outside.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

4. Initiate sex more often.

Nothing better to light the flame than a few compliments! Well balanced, compliments help to put your partner in trust, while guiding you to what you particularly like.

Then you move on to initiate sex, women don’t want less and will not start it, they wait for you to do it.

You have to take control.

Often, women want more foreplay. For a woman to have pleasure, she needs to be horny, foreplay will get her ready to make love and to have an orgasm.

Cunnilingus, anilingus, etc… There are many ways, foreplay games to get a woman horny and wet before sex.
You can also ask her what she likes, some will be sensitive in different parts of their body, breast, clitoris, anus.
If you know what she likes or she is sensitive, you know where to focu on and how to make her happy.

And if you become very good in bed, you might make her come just with a cunnilingus!

5. Give importance (sincerely) to her pleasure.

The good news is that if you sincerely want to give pleasure to your partner and you are not selfish by nature, the rest should follow naturally.

If you want to understand the pleasure of your partner in order to make her live more intense moments with you, you will only need to understand certain things and put them into practice.

Ask her what she wants to do. Spend time focusing on her body, both foreplay and after love…

Tell her how much when she moans: there’s nothing sexier than a partner who appreciates also giving you pleasure.

However, do not put pressure on her to have an orgasm!

Some men, on the contrary, so much at heart the fact of providing pleasure to their partner, that they end up putting pressure on her.

They believe strongly in this, yet it is useless to act as if she absolutely has to have an orgasm, besides it is better to be honest, she will (probably) not have an orgasm every time.

Most women are very sensitive to pressure and stress in terms of sex (like men!)
And orgasm becomes more difficult to reach than when you feel you have to have it.
Her pleasure must be important to you, not because you are looking for a way to flatter your ego, but because you want her to feel GOOD.

One last tip: yes sex is a two-way street, your sex life is always going to be better when you focus on her. If she’s having a good time, you’re both having a good time.

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