8 things that turn women off

8 things that turn women off!

8 things that turn women off!

Things to avoid in bed with a woman and when flirting too.

If there are things in bed that do not turn a man on, there are also things that women do not like to see in a man.

Things and details that can be useful in flirt and seduction and with sex in bed with a woman, a love killer like we say sometimes or attraction killer.

If you want to flirt and seduce, you don’t want to turn women off with little details.
In bed too, some minor little details could easily turn women off!

Let’s see then what to avoid doing with a woman in bed if you don’t want to kill her desires to make love with you.
Some things also important in flirt and seduction like bad breath for example…

  • Bad breath.

This seems obvious and yet many men sometimes neglect their oral hygiene.

Wash your teeth, use an anti-bacterial mouthwash to have a good breath.

Wash your teeth several times a day, after each meal if possible as I recommend it in my ebook to download about flirt and seduction.

When you go out, have sugar free mint sweets if needed like after drinking beer.

  • Too much hair.

Nothing can be more repulsive than having too much hair on your back, on your stomach, around your sex too.

Cut, epilate, wax, do something but a woman will love seeing a skin not too hairy.

I am sometimes surprised to see men with super hairy back, horrible!

If you did not know it or pay no attention to it before, you know it now.

Same, under your arms, cut your hair, do not shave, this could create mycosis fungus with deodorant and irritated skin.
Cut with scissors or hair removal.

  • Ugly underwear.

Do you like to see a pretty girl with sexy underwear or lingerie?

Well, a woman too.

A woman will not be excited nor horny, you will kill her excitation and attraction by wearing ugly underpants or underwear.
This can be because of an ugly color, an old-fashioned and ugly style like a wide shorts with flowers images on it…

Wear sexy tight-fitting underwear for men.

  • Perspiration.

Same as bad breath, some men do not even put deodorant…

If you smell bad, good luck to flirt and seduce a woman…

Same thing in bed, if you smell sweat, you will ruin everything.
If you smell bad, a woman will lose all her sexual excitement out of disgust and that’s understandable!

Put deodorant to smell good when you flirt or when you make love with a woman in bed or in an unusual place.

You can put perfume too.

  • Socks.

If a woman can turn a man on by wearing small socks, it is on the other hand a love killer for women when they see a man wearing socks and nothing else on him…

Men think it is comfortable to stay in socks at home but they are ridiculous in the eyes of a woman when they are in intimacy before making love.

Do not wear your socks at home if you are naked.

The narcissist guy.

Stay yourself, do not think that you are the new Rocco Siffredi in bed with a woman.

You have to be good in bed to please a woman but do not overdo it.

If you are narcissistic, this will reduce her attraction to you.

  • The noisy man in bed.

We often talk about women who simulate in bed but there are men who do not simulate and can be very noisy in bed.

This can disconcert a woman during sex, if you think that you are too noisy, work on your excitation in bed and your sound level to not do too much in bed when you come for example.

  • The man who does not dare.

A woman is at home, sensual, open and you dare not take the step?

It is a thing that does turn women off and that will cause them to lose all excitation if you do not move on in bed while she makes you understand that she wants to make love with you.

Often men do not dare to start touching her more sexually while the girl is already on the bed with them and waiting for him to take the first step.

A woman wants a man who has confidence and takes things into his own hands, in bed as well as in flirt and seduction.

So do not be too hesitant when you see that she is open to make love with you and to have sex right now!

In this article you have  a list of things that turn women off.

Things to work on in order to seduce a woman when flirting but in bed too.

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