How to approach and flirt with a girl at a coffee shop

How to approach and flirt with a girl at a coffee shop

How to approach and flirt with a girl at a coffee shop.

How hit on a girl at Starbucks or to pick up girls in coffee shops.

You can flirt anywhere, on the street, at the beach but also at a coffee shop.

For each situation, there is a flirting technique as for example to flirt at the supermarket in one of my last articles (

At a coffee shop, it’s the same, an ideal place to meet different types of girls, it will also depend on the neighborhood.

In a tourist area, you will meet a lot of tourists (, in a student district, there will be plenty of students to flirt with, etc …

A coffee terrace or a coffee shop are therefore gold mines to meet girls in all styles, just choose the neighborhood.

You may notice a pretty girl at a coffee shop, sitting outside like the one in the picture.
When you meet a girl like that, hard to resist to go to see her to flirt and to seduce her.

So here are some flirting tips to flirt with a girl at a coffee shop.

  • Physical preparation and your look.

Like for any flirting technique, there are the basics that are valid for all flirting situations.

I remind it to you in many articles or in my ebook to download Top 100 best flirting tips, be clean, put on a good perfume, it clearly makes the difference when you approach and flirt with a girl

By smelling a good perfume, a girl notices it immediately, this sends a positive message to the girl you are flirting with.
She sees right away that you have style if you smell good and that you are well dressed.

These are a bit your ambassadors in flirt and seduction, have style, smell good, put on deodorant, have good breath too because you are going to be close to the girl you will flirt with especially at a coffee shop.

So take care of your look to give a good impression right away and to make the girl you are going to approach and flirt with feel comfortable.

  • Coffee shops are great places to meet and pick up girls. Why?

 – You see many different kinds of girls there (student, workers, tourists, etc…)

 – It’s cheap to go there, you don’t have to buy expensive drinks like in a club, just coffee.

 – Usually, girls go to coffee shops alone!

 – You can quickly engage in a conversation with a girl sitting there.

 – It’s a relaxing atmosphere to approach a girl who will be more open to talk to you.

 – Girls don’t expect to be hit on in a coffee shop.

You know now why a coffee shop or a terrace is a great place to meet and flirt with girls.
Many guys don’t think about it or do not try to hit on girls at a coffee shop.

  • What kind of girls you will see in a coffee shop?

There are about 5 kinds of girls that you will find in a coffee shop.

How to flirt with a waitress

She won’t mind being hit on by a nice guy as her job can be boring and having someone to flirt with her will make her day.

  • The worker.

She might be in a hurry so don’t wait too long to approach her and flirt with her.


  • The tourist.

She’s having a good time with her friends or alone. She’s on holidays, she is open to talk to a nice local guy to learn about his culture and country.


Easy to approach and to flirt with a tourist.

She is just waiting to meet new people and especially local people.

  • The student.

She comes to study and to have a coffee during a break or after school.


She is young and open to meet new people.

And if she came to a coffee shop, she does not really want to study! 😉

Nice girls to flirt with if you want to hit on students in a coffee shop, go to coffee shops near a university.

  • The girl alone waiting for someone.

You noticed a girl alone in a coffee shop but you don’t know who she is waiting for…
It could be her boyfriend, husband or just a friend.


  • Go to busy coffee shops.

One flirting tip I can give to hit on a girl at a coffee shop is to go to a coffee shop that is full already and ask a girl to sit at her table.

First, you look around to find an interesting girl to sit with and you go to her table.

A good excuse to sit at her table and to engage a conversation with her. It looks natural but you planned it all.

I do this sometimes, and it works great, girls don’t mind to help and to share their table.

You can then hit on her and flirt with her.

When you sit in a coffee shop, observe the girls there to see what they are doing, if they are waiting for someone, etc…
Looking at them and what they are doing can help you plan what you will tell her when you approach her, which opener to use to hit on her.

Try to sit somewhere where you can see who is coming and going.

  • Bring something with you to flirt at a coffee shop.


A way to flirt at a coffee shop is to bring something with you that will help you to engage a conversation and to flirt.

Bring a book, your computer, something related to what you like to do in life to attract girls attention or to have something to talk about there when you will hit on a girl at a coffee shop.

If you like to cook, come with a cookbook.

If you like to travel, bring a guide book about a country you visited or will visit.

It’s about having something with you to talk about with a girl at a coffee shop. This accessory will be your wingman in a way.

  • Patience.

Flirting at a coffee shop requires patience.

You might have to wait to see an interesting girl coming at the coffee shop where you will be.
Unless you walked by and spotted a nice girl sitting there.

When you go to a club or a bar, you can just walk in and see if there some girls you like to hit on them.
If not, you just leave.

A coffee shop, you have to sit there and wait to see the girls who will come and go.

Choose a coffee shop where you will meet the kind of girls you want, student, workers, etc…

  • Hit on a girl with a good opener.

To hit on a girl in a coffee shop, you need the right opener to approach her and talk to her.

You just need to see what she is doing and ask a question about it.

Is she reading a book?
Ask her if it’s a good book.

She is working on a computer?
Ask her if it’s a good brand.

To flirt easier in a coffee shop, pay attention to what she is doing and hit on her with something related to her.
That’s the best way to approach a woman in a coffee shop, talking to her about something that she is doing, reading, etc…

It will look natural to approach her this way, it’s the best flirting tip.

You don’t want to look like a guy who spends his time hitting on girls in this coffee shop.
If you hit on her saying “You are very cute”, you just look like another guy hitting on a girl, a serial seducer.

You want to be different when you hit on a girl in a coffee shop if you want to pick up girls at coffee shops.

Flirting at a coffee shop is very specific, the girl will be surprised that you come talk to her so it has to look natural.
She has to be interested to answer you and to engage in a conversation with you.

Women love when you are interested in them and not just their ass. 😉

  • Approach her and talk to her.


Coffee shop conversation starters.

You just need to go to her table, excuse yourself and ask a question related to what she is doing like explained previously.


A smile is contagious, she will smile back even if she will be surprised to be hit on by a man in a coffee shop.
Be friendly and smile, you have to look sociable, she has to feel comfortable right away when she looks at you surprised.

You can also approach her when you walk by her going to the bathroom or when she walks by you too.

You can talk to her about the book she is reading like mentioned before.
Most of the time, a girl will answer you and engage in a conversation.

You can borrow a pen from her too, it’s a way to start a conversation too.
But make sure you have something to write on otherwise she will that it was just an excuse to come to talk to her.

You need to talk to her for a few minutes about the subject you started to talk with her first otherwise she will see that it was just an excuse to hit on her.
If you ask about her computer, keep talking a little bit about it before switching topic.

The opener and the conversation have to be neutral, non sexual, it has to look natural when you approach her and start talking to her.
Don’t ask personal questions yet, you will do it later, she can do it but you can’t.
You need to keep some distance in your flirting technique when you hit on a woman in a coffee shop.

If she is a tourist.
It’s easy to hit on a tourist girl, the discussion topic is right there, her trip!

She is in a mood to learn and discover a new culture.

Be friendly, a tourist girl might be careful who she will talk to as you don’t know who you are talking to in a foreign country.

If she is a student.
You have the discussion topic right there too, her studies!

Ask her what she studies.

  • Flirt with her.


When you hit on a girl at a coffee shop, the most difficult thing to do in a short time is to make her feel interested by you.

You need to find a discussion topic that will make her ask you some questions about you.

You are in a coffee shop, you can talk about coffee and say that you had one of your best coffees in Costa Rica and would like to find the same kind of coffee somewhere.

If she is curious, she will ask questions about your trip in Costa Rica.

If she likes you, she will ask more questions about you.

So, you need to have a few discussions topics to talk about in order to grow her interest in you.
It might depends on what kind of girl you hit on, a worker, a student, etc…

  • Move on to a personal conversation.

Once you have talked about some neutral topics, and after she asked you a personal question, you can move on to a more personal conversation.

You want to ask her what’s her name, what her job, etc…

Ask her where she lives, it will be useful for your future date with her.

Make her laugh, either about something at the coffee shop or with some jokes that can fit your conversation.

You can comment and answer to what she says but don’t tease her, you are not hitting on a girl in a club or a bar.
She is not in the mood or a place to be hit on like a guy would do in a club to flirt with a girl.

Flirting in a coffee shop is very specific, some rules apply, girls don’t expect to be hit on there so you have to behave specifically to seduce a woman at a coffee shop.

It’s also the advantage or the benefit to flirt with a girl at a coffee shop, girls don’t expect a man to hit on them there.
Therefore, many men will not think about this opportunity and will not hit on girls there, you will.

It’s like flirting at the supermarket, it’s very specific too to approach and flirt with a woman there so you need the specific flirting technique according to the flirting place or the situation in order to seduce the girl you are flirting with.

  • Get her phone number.

If she is receptive to your conversation and questions, if she asks you questions too, you can ask for her phone number.

You need to have a good smartphone when you flirt, I say it often in my articles and flirting tips.
Don’t have a smartphone in a bad condition with a broken screen.
A smartphone is like your wingman when you flirt, to take her phone number, to take a selfie with her or to show her something on your smartphone.

To hit on a girl at a coffee shop, you can show a map or a business on your mobile phone and ask her if she know where it it in the neighborhood.
Another good way to approach a girl at a coffee shop.

To get her number, you can ask her where she likes to go out and when she answer, offer her to go for a drink there sometimes.
If your conversation came to that point, she will give it to you.

The conversation cannot be too short otherwise she will not be ready to give you her number.
It has to be a little bit personal so that she feels comfortable to to  give you her number.
If it seems to short to ask her number, keep on talking a little bit more to be more intimate with her and to get her number.

If the conversation is too short, she might give you her number but you won’t get anything else after that, no date because she will not know you enough or will not feel comfortable to see you because it was not personal or intimate enough.

It’s not a flirt in a club at night, during the day, you need to have a more serious and neutral conversation when you flirt with a girl at a coffee shop.
She needs to know you a little bit to feel like seeing you again on a date, it make sense.

Talking with her, you will see if she is interested like in any flirting situation but you need to talk to her for a least 15 minutes to have something solid to be able to get her phone number and see her on a date.

In conclusion, flirting at a coffee shop is very specific and you need to be ready to hit on a girl depending on what she is doing there so that it looks natural to her when you approach her and engage in a conversation.
You need to have a specific flirting technique to flirt at a coffee shop like explained in this article.

You have here some good flirting tips to approach and flirt with a girl at a coffee shop, you just need to go to a coffee shop and look for a nice girl to hit on.

You are now ready to pick up girls at coffee shops!

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