People Use Sex Toys more and more!

People use Sex Toys more and more!

Sex-toys or sextoys, people use them more and more at home.

I was reading an article in a newspaper about an Ifop poll for Dorcel company on the use of sex toys among people.

Nothing better to spice up your sex life than to offer a sex toy to a wife or husband, or to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

A large majority of women or men is willing to use a sex gadget to spice up their sex life.

Spicing up your sex life is important not to fall into sexual problems within the couple.

I had read that also in Vanessa Flores book How to be good in bed.

It is also to surprise a girl that you can get a sex toy but maybe not during the first encounter, she might believe you are vicious or obsessed with ​​sex. haha
What you may be actually but she will see it later with your performance in bed.

Almost 50% of the people say that they have already tried a sex toy or a sex gadget, it’s not a bad number.
I did not expect such a figure, half the people you meet have already used a dildo. Haha

It can also be handcuffs, a vibrator, a dildo belt, geisha balls, a penis ring, etc…

There are plenty of different sex toys to try and it is recommended to play with sex toys to spice up her sex life.

Many will not dare admit it because it is still a little taboo but we have fun with sex toys.

It is necessary to provide a sex toy for her and for him, the sex shops are full of ideas about sex gadgets, you can buy one to surprise your companion.

Or you can look at the catalog of a sex shop together and see which sex gadgets you want to try together.

Spicing up your sex life is essential, to be good in bed and to please women in bed, you have to surprise them and a sex toy is a very precious asset.

Many girls will pretend to be surprised or will say that they do not do that but after a few minutes, they will quickly show some interest and will want to try your sex toy. 😉

The study and the survey show that people use sex toys mostly together and not in solo.

Alone, it would be rather a dildo for a woman. A man does not have many sex toys to choose from to have fun alone, let’s admit it.

With sex toy, we also include lubricating gel for sodomy for example, sexy lingerie too.

So you have to go shopping in a sex shop or a sex shop on the internet to find fun sex toys.

In general, we do not come with a sex toy, you play and have fun with your partner before having sex and coming at the end the way you want!

So it becomes more normal or common to use a sex toy with your partner.

So do not hesitate to try new sextoys to have fun in bed.
Girls are only waiting to be surprised in bed by their man like Vanessa Flores says it in her ebook about female sexuality.

You can also use fruits or vegetables but you have to be careful.
Whipped cream or champagne on her body or on your sex for a hot blowjob. Haha

There are plenty of ideas to explore in sex, for that I advise you to read Vanessa’s ebook on her website, it is worth the detour to be better in bed.

So get to your sextoys!

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