Best sex positions in bed

Best sex positions in bed

Best sex positions in bed.

What are the best sex positions in bed?

Sex is important in a couple but also when you flirt and meet a girl.

Being good in bed is essential to seduce a girl if not, she will go elsewhere to find a guy who is good in bed.
There are positions that men prefer and others which are women’s favorite sexual positions.

So what are the best sexual positions to please a woman in bed.

There is a whole range of possible sex positions to make love, if you look at all the sex positions in the famous Kamasutra.

Sex is good for your health, it relaxes your mind. Women enjoy sex too.

If we, men, get horny (and sometimes very easily!) a little faster than women, they often need certain favorable conditions to be horny too.

The more excited she is, the more intense and enjoyable sex will be.

Discover the best sex positions that bring as much pleasure to you as to a woman.

The Missionary.

The most classic and the most natural sex position.

Woman lying on her back, legs open, you lie on her and penetrate her, resting on your knees or on your elbows not to weigh too much on her.

The missionary position favors kisses and hugs, the bodies are in contact along their entire length.

The Andromache.

The woman leads the game and you, you provide little effort.

You are lying on your back while your partner sits facing you, taking things over.

This will make her crazy with desire as she watches you ecstatic as her movements give you a lot of sexual pleasure.

The posture promotes feminine pleasure, the woman is in control.

Doggy style.

It’s a sex position that is the subject of many fantasies, the woman gets on her knees and hands, you penetrate her from behind, on your knees.

It allows a very deep penetration, while choosing the angle and at the same time stimulating her G point.

There are several possible sensations to explore.

It is often men’s favorite sexual position, domination and overview of her body and her ass of course.

The spoon.

Your partner lying on the side, you put yourself in her back to penetrate her while holding her in your arms.

This is one of the women’s favorite sex positions.

The sensuality of the position promotes comfort and confidence.

The Vines.

You lie down next to your partner and then you put her leg on yours while hanging it.

You penetrate her grasping her by the thigh with your leg.

You will then place your head on your partner’s arm.

This sex position favors intimacy and complicity, with much proximity. You are glued to each other, you can kiss and cuddle.

There are of course plenty of other sexual positions to try, you can do all the Kamasutra if you want to become a sex expert.
Here, it is a bit like the top5 best sex positions in bed.

This also allows you to experiment new things in sex with your girlfriend.

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