difference between clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm

What’s the difference between clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm?

What’s the difference between clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm?

What is the difference between a clitoral woman and a vaginal woman?

It sounds like one orgasm is linked to the clitoris and the other one to the vagina but concretely, what is different?

Is there really a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm?

  • The Clitoris.

It is the most sensitive organ of the woman’s body.

It is an organ dedicated to female sexual pleasure, it has no other function.

There are clitoris of different sizes, more or less large, which are often hidden under the lips.
It is therefore necessary to seek it to find it and to stimulate it.

Thousands of nerves to stimulate before having sex but also during sexual intercourse to make her come.

It is his most sensitive erogenous zone with which you can please her with a good cunnilingus.

The clitoris thus plays a very important role in sex and female pleasure.

The clitoris is a little bit like the surface of the penis for a man, the most sensitive part that will make him come.

  • Clitoral pleasure.

Due to its extreme sensitivity, the clitoris can achieve intense sexual pleasure.

It may be said that clitoral pleasure is first of all a physical stimulation which gives a very great pleasure to the woman in view of the sensibility of the organ which is stimulated.

A woman who masturbates will essentially stimulate her clitoris to come.
She can also use a dildo or vibrator to stimulate her vagina.

Clitoral pleasure and clitoral orgasm are thus made by the physical stimulation of the clitoris to obtain pleasure and satisfaction.

Let’s see the vaginal pleasure now.

  • Vaginal pleasure.

The vagina is the other female sexual organ that man penetrates with his penis.

The vaginal pleasure unlike clitoral pleasure is more psychological.

The vaginal pleasure and the vaginal orgasm are thus linked to the internal stimulation of the vagina to obtain a source of sexual pleasure for the woman.
The man will indeed penetrate her vagina and make her come this way, so we would talk about vaginal pleasure.

The vaginal pleasure would therefore be provoked by vaginal penetration.

But in fact, people talk about vaginal orgasm or vaginal woman whereas the female G-spot is only the internal extension of her clitoris.

The clitoris is not only the visible external part that you can observe on a woman’s body but there is in fact an entire clitoral network that extends to the inside of woman’s vagina!
The clitoral network goes up to the woman’s abdomen and surrounds the vagina.

Yes, during penetration, a man actually stimulates another part of the woman’s clitoris who is in the vagina wall.

We are talking about vaginal orgasm or vaginal woman whereas in fact it is another internal part of the clitoris that is stimulated during vaginal penetration.

Vaginal pleasure and vaginal orgasm are in fact related to clitoral pleasure.

The concrete difference between vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm is that the vaginal orgasm will cause internal and rhythmic contractions that do not occur with a clitoral orgasm where there is no penetration of the vagina but just a stimulation of the external clitoris!

There is indeed a vaginal orgasm but this one is nevertheless related to clitoris and clitoral pleasure because an internal part of clitoris is stimulated during vaginal penetration.

So, we could say the vaginal orgasm is like an internal clitoral orgasm.

The vaginal orgasm is more difficult to achieve because it requires a preliminary excitation (sexual foreplay), the woman must feel good which implies therefore an important psychological stimulation to obtain a vaginal orgasm.

Unlike the clitoral orgasm which is only the external stimulation of the clitoris which is its most sensitive part.

Many women have a vaginal orgasm by stimulating their external clitoris, which supports the fact that it takes a strong excitation to get a vaginal orgasm.

The majority of women are therefore clitoral, one part is vaginal.
Women generally claim to be clitoral, which leads to the conclusion that clitoris plays a primary role in vaginal orgasm as explained above.

There is a vaginal orgasm but it is linked to the clitoral network, it generates internal contrations from the fact that there is penetration of the vagina and that the orgasm is thus localized to the vaginal level.

So now you know a lot more about the difference between a clitoral woman and a vaginal woman.
And a clitoral orgasm versus a vaginal orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm are therefore linked to the clitoris, many men or women do not know that the clitoris extends beyond the external visible part that you see on a woman’s body!

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