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How To Make A Woman Come?

How To Make A Woman Come?

Flirt and seduction are another thing as I explain in my ebook with flirting tips and advice or in my articles on my website Bestflirtingtips.com.

When you have managed to seduce a woman for an evening or for a lasting relationship, you will have to please your partner in bed.

Sex is a bit the purpose of flirt and seduction, let’s admit it.
We do not flirt to just walk in the park together on Sundays.

To be good in bed, you have learn it, to make a woman come also and to give her an orgasm.
A successful sexual relationship is when you know how to make a woman come!

Vanessa Flores by the way will teach you a lot more than me in her ebook How to be good in bed where I could learn a lot of stuff about women and how to make them happy in bed.

Experience in sex will touch a lot of things of course buti you can learn some important things right from the start, it makes it possible to be good in bed much faster.

Like tips and advice in flirt and seduction, you learn about the art of seducing and if you are given good advice, you will avoid wasting your time and being turned down!

Well for sex, it’s the same. There are tips to make love good to a woman and how to make a woman come!

Your new partner or actual partner is waiting for you to take care of her in bed and to give her an orgasm.

I know it’s not easy life, you have to do all the work in flirt and seduction and then you also have to be good in bed to make a woman come.
Even if a man also expects a woman to make him happy in bed too and that is normal.
Besides, you must not hesitate to remind her or to make her understand that she must also make you happy in bed.
It’s up to her to learn what men love in bed! She can check out the other ebook of Vanessa Flores To please a man in bed.

But back to our main subject here and how to make a woman come!

A woman is more sentimental than a man, nothing new there.

From this point on, it must be understood that in order to make a woman come, it will first of all be necessary to put her in confidence, gently.
And that goes through foreplay!

– Foreplay.

Foreplay as the name indicates, is what happens before sex.

It is necessary to warm up your partner and to excite her before going to the sexual act itself.
You have to make her horny with foreplay.

A woman needs tenderness and feelings in love and sex.
A woman often blames men for not spending enough time in foreplay with them.
Not to mention men who do not do any foreplay or do not know what to do with them during foreplay!

Kisses, massage, cunnilingus or even anilingus if she likes it and if you are motivated!

It is necessary to know the erogenous zones of a woman which may be different from those of a man.
On these erogenous zones, you will have to linger in order to do foreplay with your lips, your tongue, your fingers, or a sex toy.

Kisses on different parts of her body.

You can ask her what her sensitive areas are.

Do not forget that the most sensitive erogenous zone of the woman is her clitoris with thousands of sensitive nerves.

Cunnilingus will surely stand out as an essential preliminary act in sex with a woman and to discover how to make a woman come.

    – Cunnilingus.

Do you like oral sex or when your partner gives you a good blowjob to speak frankly?

Well, women love cunnilingus.

It is the stimulation of her sex and her clitoris.

In order to give a good cunnilingus, it would require a long article in order to all well detail.
Check out https://bestflirtingtips.com/how-to-give-a-good-cunnilingus/.
Besides that I recommend the book by Vanessa Flores, it explains everything in detail about cunnilingus and sex with a woman.

You already have to know a little about the sex of the woman and know what the clitoris is in order to play with it and give a good cunnilingus.

I will write more articles on how to give a good cunnilingus, it is promised.

You already know that during foreplay, it is necessary to give a good cunnilingus, to play with your tongue on her sex, her vaginal lips and her clitoris.

You must be gentle because it is very sensitive but she will love it.

And if you become a sex pro and a master in cunnilingus, you may even get to make your partner come with a cunnilingus.

An orgasm with a cunnilingus is possible but requires knowledge and practice!

– Anilingus.

Anilingus is the stimulation of the anal area, lick her anus.

Many girls like it, it is a very sensitive erogenous zone and it can provide a lot of pleasure to women and to men too.

But you have to feel like making an anilingus and to know if your partner likes it too.

If you are motivated, she will love it as a preliminary sexual act.

Make love good.

On my site, there are articles on how to make love to a woman or how to kiss a woman.
https://bestflirtingtips.com/how-to-make-love-to-a-woman/ for example.

Here, too, it would be necessary to go into details to explain everything well in order to be good in bed and the book by Vanessa Flores is much more detailed.

It will be necessary to make love to your partner in the sexual positions that she likes and not to be limited to those that you like or the ones that you think give her pleasure.

You need to know what sexual positions she loves.

To come, men and women will have their favorite sexual position to come.
Everyone will surely can come in other positions but we all have a favorite sexual position for this.

If you have done a good job during foreplay, your woman will be all excited, horny and will want to come quickly certainly.

Foreplay is a part of the sexual act, sex in itself and sexual positions are the second phase.

It’s a bit like flirting and seducing, you have to know what the woman is waiting for and do what she wants to come in bed.

– Sodomy.

Sodomy or anal sex is a bit of a minefield, many girls are afraid of sodomy because it can hurt.

And for good reasons, the anus is not made for that. 😉

But well prepared, a woman can enjoy sodomy if you already can go inside her anus.

It is necessary therefore to do a good preparation, some Durex Gel and some fingering.

Again, Vanessa Flores tells you how to do a good sodomy in her ebook about female sexuality.
I also wrote an article about sodomy, it’s not bad but I recommend reading the book by Vanessa if you want a detailed guide on how to make love to a woman.

So, first you need to see if your partner is interested in trying sodomy if she does not know it already.

You too, knowing that sodomy is a source of pleasure for a man because the anus of the woman is narrow, you will have even more sensations than with a vaginal penetration.

So try to see if she likes sodomy or not.

– Make a woman come.

Will come the moment to make a woman come.

By following the steps described above, making a woman come is therefore the last step.

If your woman has enjoyed foreplay and you have made love to her in her favorite sexual positions, she will come.

Excitation rises, she will quickly come even if she has what she expected in bed!

In her favorite sexual position, she will come.

It is important to make a woman come first because if you come first, well it’s over for her.
If you ejaculate, your penis will go down and it’s over.

To be good in bed, you must know how to make a woman come first.
Your turn will then come.

Unless you get to come together but it’s not easy.
But it’s doable.

It is certainly necessary to accelerate the movement to make her come.

Sex is like sport, it is necessary to have endurance to make a woman come.
Indeed, the man does most of the work even if she also has her job to do in bed to please you and make you come too.

Although making a man come is going to be easier than for a woman as it is more psychological or sentimental for her to be horny and excited, the sexual act is here to finalize everything from foreplay.

How to make a woman come goes through these different stages.
We must not go straight to the point if we can say things like that.

Many men want to go straight to penetration but a girl expects something else from you in bed to excite her and please her.
It is therefore necessary to spend time on her erogenous zones. Like in flirt and seduction, you have to spend time before you win the jackpot.

To be good in bed and to make her happy in bed with the foreplay she loves.
Make love to her in the sexual positions she prefers.

In the end, you will be good in bed, a man who knows how to make a woman come!

Good seduction and good sex is the best reward. And you will appreciate the satisfaction when a woman will tell you that you are very good in bed or that she has come with you!
Mission accomplished!

And if you really become a sex pro and great in bed then you will know how to make a woman come several times.

Practice, read Vanessa Flores’ book, it can only help you to know how to make a woman come and become very good in bed!

Her ebook: Tobegoodinbed.com!

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