How to finger a girl

How to finger a girl

How to finger a girl.

Find a woman’s G-spot.

How to finger a woman and make her come.

How to finger a girl to give her a maximum of pleasure?
And how to avoid hurting her?
In other words, what are the techniques for fingering a girl in the most effective way?

Fingering a girl and giving her a good cunnilingus is essential in sex to make a woman come.
Foreplay should include cunnilingus and fingering if you want to be good in bed.Fingering a woman is one of the stages of foreplay that you have to master because it alone can make your partner come!

Fingering is in a way the counterpart of cunnilingus in manual version.
Instead of stimulating her erogenous zones with your tongue, you will use your hands and your fingers to give her pleasure, to make her horny before sex or maybe to make her even come just with your fingers and tongue.

Note that you can very well alternate cunnilingus and fingering during foreplay to give even more satisfaction to your partner.

That being said, let’s see how to become a fingering virtuoso by learning how to finger a woman with skill and dexterity to make her come for sure.

You need to learn and practise to be good in bed and to be good at fingering a woman in bed or in other places.

  • Fingering a girl: prepare yourself.
    The tools are the cornerstone of a job well done.
    Prepare yourself to finger a girl and to be good in bed.

If you want to finger a girl with extreme effectiveness, you will have to bring the right tools.

Those are :

Your hands and your fingers:
Think about cleaning them and cutting your nails so as not to hurt the girl by mistake.

Her clitoris and inside her vagina are very sensitive erogenous zones that you have to be careful with.
Women take care of their vagina and clitoris because they are very fragile and sensitive, if your nails are not well cut, you will hurt your partner, and it hurts really bad.

So pay attention to your fingers and nails, get a manicure if you need to.

If the girl is slightly tense or stressed, this can have an impact on her lubrication.

To finger a girl, she needs to be horyn and her vagina needs to be wet.

It is therefore important to always have a tube of lubricant on hand to remedy this kind of problem and thus be able to finger your sexual partner without difficulties.

Similarly, as was mentioned in previous articles, think about conditioning the girl to your sexual relationship.
This will prevent you from getting a little lubrication inside the girl.

Gel can be useful as maybe if you did not make her horny before fingering her, she will be dry so some lubricant will help.

Or if you finger her for some time, she might get try too, putting some lubricant will help you to finger a girl more.

You might see a little bit of cyprine but it might not be enough if she is not horny enough.
And if you want to make her come with fingering, lubricant might be useful to finger her until she comes to an orgasm.

This packaging goes through:

The psychological aspect:
A relationship of trust, that is to say a high relationship between you and the girl, is necessary for the sexual arousal to reach its maximum.

She has to feel comfortable with you as you will finger her vagina, give her a cunnilingus.
Getting inside her vagina is a very very intimate part of her body, a woman has sex with her vagina, babies come out of it too so it’s a very special and sensitive part of her body indeed.

So she has to trust you when you will finger her and feel happy that you will give her some fingering pleasure.

The environment:
Think to activate positively, in the place where your lovemaking takes place, all her senses to put her in a state conducive to sexual intercourse.
It is once all these components are in place that the time to begin your little games will come.

The girl has to feel comfortable, preferably on a bed when she can enjoy a pillow when you will finger her in different positions.

Her anatomy:
To finger a girl, you will focus on a few erogenous zones of her body.

Her clitoris, her vagina and the G-spot.

Her clitoris will be your first stop on your way to fingering.
It is located outside her vagina, at the beginning of her sex so start at the beginning.

The clitoris is very sensitive, be very careful with it when you will play with your tongue.
Women enjoy it when men play softly and gentle on their clitoris.

The vagina, well, I think you know where it is, easy to find, you will need to get it wet before you play with it with your wet fingers.
And if her vagina is not wet enough, put some lubricant.

The G-spot, you will need to look for it when you will finger a girl.
What is good about fingering is that you can move your fingers around inside her vagina.
You cannot do this with your penis so, with your fingers, you can reach some areas that you could not with your penis like the G-spot.

When you finger a girl for the first time, don’t try to find her G-spot right away, you can try to do it later when you have some experience and with a girl you know for some time.

You need to go up with your finger to stimulate her G-spot during fingering, she will enjoy it to feel your fingers doing different things and stimulating different parts of her vagina.

How to find a woman’s G-spot?
Located at the top of her vaginal wall, it might be hard to find so here is a picture to see where a female G-spot is located.
You can search on Google for more g-spot images.

If you can do a normal fingering, it’s good already, stimulating the G-spot is more difficult so you will need more practice to find it and to play with it.
So, first, learn how to finger a girl, later you will learn how to find a woman’s g-spot.

You will probably need to ask her if you found it. And every woman might enjoy a different kind of stimulation for her G-spot.



How to Finger a Girl: Practice.

Fingering a girl, how to finger a woman to give her a maximum of pleasure and to make her come.

Here we are.
The time has come for you to finger your companion.

At this level, if you have properly prepared everything, she should be in a condition to have sex with you.

Before you start putting your fingers in her vagina, you will first of all have to get them wet.
You cannot put dry fingers in her vagina, it will hurt.
You have to wet your fingers with your saliva or hers if you want to play games.

Before getting to her most sensitive erogenous parts, you can tease her by touching and licking other parts of her body but staying away from what she is waiting for, a cunnilingus and fingering.
It will make her more horny and she will beg for you to start licking her clitoris and fingering her afterwards.

You must stimulate her clitoris (erogenous zone K) and her vulva with one of your fingers previously wet of your saliva (I advise the thumb or the middle finger).

Remember to stay tuned to your partner to better excite her and make lubrication easier.

  • Get her horny and wet.

Start with a cunnilingus.
You can start with a cunnilingus and move on to fingering while still giving her a good cunnilingus.
They go well together and your partner will love it, she will have so much pleasure thanks to you and your foreplay technique.

Work on her erogenous zones, make her horny and wet.
See my other article about How to give a good cunnilingus, giving a cunnilingus is important but it has to be a good cunnilingus to make her happy in bed.

Giving her a good cunnilingus will make her very wet, a girl has to be horny to enjoy fingering and vaginal sex.
Foreplay, licking her breast, licking her clitoris to give her a good cunnilingus will make her so horny that it will be time to finger your girl.

Don’t hesitate to spend time on cunnilingus before starting fingering her.

But be soft and gentle, clitoris is the most sensitive part of her body, thousands of nerves, her most sensitive erogenous zone.
Vagina is very sensitive too, the skin inside is very fragile.

Once wet, start putting your middle finger into the girl’s vagina.

While you are boosting her inner areas, you can continue to lick the girl’s clitoris and play on it with your thumb but also her anus with your other hand if she likes it.

As soon as you feel your girlfriend is getting more and more excited, go for two fingers using your middle finger and your ring finger (advised) or your middle finger and your index finger.

You start slowly, you will accelerate later when she gets more and more horny.
You will notice her reaction and when to do it faster.

Learn when to do it faster.

Many guys make the mistake to stop fingering when the girl is getting very horny.

When she moans, it a signal telling you to do it faster as the pleasure is increasing and she might come.

That’s why you need to pay attention to her reaction and body language.

If she moans, moves her fingers in your hair, moves her body, it means that she is enjoying it.
Accelerating will make her more and more horny, that’s how you will make her come with fingering.
Giving her a good cunnilingus at the same time or kissing her.

  • Pay attention to her reaction.

See if what you are doing is giving her pleasure, who better than her can tell you or show you how to make her happy.

If she looks happy when you do something specific with your fingers, focus on it more.

You can also ask her to show you where she wants your fingers to be, what she likes.

She can take your fingers and put them in the right place to make her happier in bed.

The best sex tips to finger a girl will come from her as every woman is different and likes different things in bed.
Some women don’t like fingering for example, you will know pretty fast if it’s the case with your partner.

But if she likes fingering, ask her to show you how she fingers herself sometimes when she watches a porn video, well, if she does it.
Many women love sex but never finger themselves but she can tell you and show you where she is the most sensitive and what she prefers in fingering.

To go faster, slower, harder, she will tell you if you do it right or not to make her happy in bed.

You will get better results if she tells you how to make her happy, so do not hesitate to communicate with her.

  • Choose a comfortable position to finger a woman.

The position of doggy-style and missionary are the two most frequent and most used positions in bed but you can very well try other sexual positions while remaining always attentive to her reaction.

Sitting, standing or on the side, it is up to you to test with various positions which one will make her horny the most and to prepare her for the best sexual intercourse.

Doggy style, you don’t see her face but you have a good look at her ass.
When fingering a woman, you might want to see her reaction, seeing her face might be better then.

Missionary position, it’s one of the best positions to finger a girl, you can also give her a cunnilingus at the same time.

Doggy style, you could finger both her vagina and anus at the same time.

If you finger her on the side, you can kiss her or lick her tits, she will love it too.

Think also that you will get tired so you too have to be in a comfortable position to finger her for some time without being tired too fast.

  • Communicate with her.

You can ask her if she likes what you are doing.

You can tell her naughty things in her ear when you are fingering a girl, she will get more and more horny with your fingering technique.

She will go crazy, more and more wet, she might come this way or be ready for a hot sexual intercourse with vaginal sex to make her come as she will be very wet and horny.

She will tell you if she likes your fingering, where you should linger, go faster, slower, softer.
You must talk to her to learn more about your vaginal fingering technique.

Difficult for a man to know if he is doing things right because we do not have a vagina or a clitoris, only a woman can tell you whether you please her or not.
And every woman is different, some girls will just want a finger others will want two fingers or more.

Some girls will love a soft and slow fingering, others will want a faster and harder fingering.

You may even be with a squirting woman who knows! A woman who can have a female ejaculation.

By reaching her G-spot located at the top of the vaginal wall, some women can ejaculate and have a female ejaculation!

It’s impressive to see, if you’ve never seen it, look for female ejaculation or squirting women on a porn site in order to see videos of women having a female ejaculation.
To see if you would enjoy seeing a female ejaculation or if seeing a woman ejaculating some liquid would turn you off.
A squirting woman can have a lot of liquid to ejaculate, it is a real geyser that is offered to you.
Many women are squirting women, so you can then practise with them, stimulate their G-spot and see if she is a squirting woman, don’t forget your umbrella. Haha
If you see a female ejaculation, it is because she is a squirting woman but she did not even know it.

How to finger a woman.
Here is what you need to avoid when you finger a girl:

  • Switching the intensity of fingering too often going slow and fast, back and forth.
    Stopping the way you finger your partner when she begins to moan.
    Fingering your girlfriend for one hour to irritate her.
    Inserting several fingers or your hand to get her ready.
    Pressing strongly and scratching her erogenous zones.

It’s good to know what you should not do if you want to finger a girl the right way.

In conclusion.

Just as when you make love to a woman and want to make her horny to make her come, using a particular position can help your partner to have an orgasm when you finger her.

Effectively fingering a girl is therefore an operation that requires gentleness and a little practice before being perfectly mastered.

Most women are clitoral. It is thus counterproductive to focus solely on vaginal fingering.

It is even advisable to practice a cunnilingus before, after or at the same time you are fingering your girlfriend.

By adopting these two types of preliminaries, you will greatly increase the chances of making a girl come and make her crazy about you.

To be good at fingering a woman, it takes time, you have to learn about her anatomy and how to do it right with every woman as each one is different in bed.

And you need to ask her if you are doing it right otherwise ask her to show you where she likes to have your fingers.

If you take your time with her, she will enjoy it and you might be able to make her come.

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You have here some good sex tips to finger a girl and to make her happy in bed.

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