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How To Approach A Girl

How to approach a girl?

Whether it’s a perfect stranger or a girl you meet every day at your workplace or during specific activities, approaching her is always a challenge.

But what do you want, having a crush on a girl can make you lose all your means!
You want to succeed in your approach, capture the girl’s attention, get her number or even a date, but before all, you have to face the small ball that gains in size in your stomach before the fateful moment to approach her!

But rest assured, you are not an isolated case, this happens to any men. Then discover the best tips to approach the girl of your dreams.

You have to spot the girl who seems to be open, hitting on a girl is also choosing which girl to approach.

Do not be afraid of rejection.

Basically, it is always the fear of rejection that is the only brake.

You do not dare to approach a girl for fear that she will reject you, to appear ridiculous and also other ideas formatted by the present society.

Why tell you instantly that she will see you as a worthless person, will repel you, have no ounce of pity or empathy towards you?
Contrary to what others might think, girls all love to be approached, but not in any way.

Certainly, many are rejected in the first few seconds, simply because they deserved it, they did not follow the right tips to approach a girl.

Have the right attitude.

Remember this, always be natural.

It’s quite difficult to be natural when the girl in question pleases you enormously, but do not try to make you look like a hero or a star that you might never be!

On the one hand, stay yourself and above all do not let her think that you are a serial seducer either.
If, as mentioned earlier, girls love to be approached, they hate the feeling of being the potential prey of a serial seducer who just wants to sleep with her or to just have sex.

On the other hand, be positive and tell yourself that the guy who risks nothing gets nothing indeed!

 Wait for the right moment.

When you are going to talk to her, choose the right moment.

Do not try to attract her attention when she is busy with something else at the risk of bothering her.

For example, approaching a girl on the street when she walks is not obvious, the best is to go talk to her when she looks at something, a shop window, a book…
And use this situation to start the conversation.

On the other hand, approaching a colleague while you are walking on the way to the office is possible.

Start the conversation.

Whichever approach you use, you have to put it in context to make it valid and unique.

Use everyday situations and everything around you as a beginning of conversation.

A direct approach of the kind “I find you cute, I really want to get to know you …” might be quite heavy as an indirect approach of the type “I love your style, where did you buy your jeans? I would like to buy the same for a friend for her birthday. ”

But it all depends on the situation.

Go for direct approaches if you are on the street.

You see a pretty girl in the street. The desire to know it is triggered, take action! In the street, the time is counted, everyone is on the move.
Also, prefer a direct approach that will be simple and much more effective, and so that the girl does not waste time either.

Flattering a girl with a compliment makes your intentions clear right away, she will know immediately where you are coming from.

However, do it with a smile and in a natural way.
The girl in question will find it very courageous of you, a daring man, smiling and complimenting her naturally, it is not every day that she sees that!

Tell her that you will be brief.

Another way to reassure a girl in the street is to tell her that you will only have a few seconds.

Indeed, take an example on yourself. When someone you don’t know have approached you to sell flyers or to talk about other things, more often they do not specify how much time they will take from you, so your only wish was to politely escape that situation as you were more or less in a hurry.

This is the question that the girl will also ask inwardly: “Will he take me all my time? “So when you anticipate the answer, even if you have plenty of time in front of you, the interaction will take place in better conditions and it will be more relaxed.

Indirect approaches for outings.

In the evening (at a bar, dinner, night club), girls have time, they are there to have fun, the game of seduction can then spread out. But the obstacle is that they often go out in groups and even with male friends.

The direct approach will not be the most appropriate, you risk to be turned down, her friends will make it more difficult for you and she could refuse any dialogue, she will be embarrassed in front of her friends. Then, bet on indirect approaches to just engage the conversation.

You will initially look for a sociable guy, but especially you will have all the time to approach subtly your target. To approach a girl, you have to be sly!

Ask her for her number.

The secret to approaching a girl is that after a few successful approaches, you will then talk to her as if you have known her for a long time.

However, it can be only a basic flirt, you will talk about everything and nothing, without revealing a lot about you or questioning her about her love life.

And when you feel it, naturally ask her number in your own words.
Get out your phone so that she can anticipate you are going to ask her for her number, it will make things easier for you.

After finishing typing her number, reread it out loud to check, the trick is to topple the last two digits.
If she corrects you, it’s all good! She wants to see you again.
Otherwise, either it’s a fake number, or just that she does not want to see you again, move on to another one then!
One thing I also do is to call her phone right away so she has your phone number too.
But I can be bad too as she will know your number already so when you call she will know it’s you.
But what you want is to be sure it’s her phone number so if you can, call her right away to check.

That was some advice to approach a girl, there is more in my ebook of course, The Top 100 best flirting tips.

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