What to do when a girl doesn't text back or answer your messages on Facebook

What to do when a girl doesn’t text back or answer your messages on Facebook

What to do when a girl doesn’t text back or answer your messages on Facebook.

What to text a girl who stopped responding.

What to do when a girl stops texting you.

We’ve all been there.

You met a girl you like and you managed to get her phone number or Facebook profile to get back in touch with her.

Problem: When you write to her or text her, she does not answer you or test back.
Or, she ends up not answering you after a while. Or it takes a long time for her to answer 2 words without interest.

Today, in this article, I will explain you what to do when a girl does not text back or how to react when a girl ignores you and does not respond to you.

  • She no longer answers you or does not text back: the real good decision! 😉

In fact, we could have made a very short article.

It could have looked like this. A short answer.

How to react when a girl ignores you and does not text back or does not answer your Facebook messages either? Well, Next! Quite simply.

But, as we know that, anyway, you will retry anyway and try to contact her again.

So here are some ideas to put all the chances on your side.

Why a girl does not answer your text messages and does not text back? And neither your Facebook messsages!

  • This is the case No. 1.

You recontact her after retrieving her number or Facebook and, from the start, she does not answer you.

The most obvious reason is simply that she is not interested.

Or that she is no longer interested.

Maybe she gave you her number to get rid of you quickly and never intended to answer you.

Maybe she was excited at the moment when you met, but since then, her interest has subsided and she has changed her mind by saying that eventually you do not interest her so much .

Maybe she already has someone.

And you will not know. This is probably the hardest thing to live: not to know.

It’s not easy for the ego. Not obvious to accept, but it is so.

She does not intend to take her courage in both hands to explain the reasons for her silence.
You are not part of her life and that’s how it is.

A woman always has a billion good reasons for not answering you.

I will write an article about the main reasons why a girl does not answer your messages or text back.

The best way to avoid this is to arouse a strong interest at the moment when you are going to take her number.

If you make her laugh, give her a good time and give her a maximum of positive emotions, she is more likely to answer you later or text you back.

  • The girl who does not answer any more overnight.

Another case in which to understand why she no longer answers you.

You took her number and at first everything seemed to be happening for the better.

You re-contacted her by writing a first fun and light message to which she responded immediately.

The seduction phase seems to be going well and you think that you will easily be able to propose an date, see her again, put her in your bed and why not start a relationship with her.

And suddenly, from one day to the next, no news!

No more light or sound from her…

She was very interested and abruptly, nothing.

And of course, you do not understand why and you ask yourself lots of questions.

When you do not understand something, sometimes you just have to accept that you do not have all the information you need to better understand the situation.

Most of the time, the reality is simple.

Either she met someone else. As may be the case with a girl you met on a dating site and chatting with several guys simultaneously.

Either she has an ex that just came back in her life and she decided to give her a new chance.

And you can not do anything about it.

Either she just got tired of your conversations.

Still, you have no news.

  • What if she takes time to text back?

Last case: she answers you, but you feel that it is really the least of her worries.

It’s a situation that quickly turns you into a jerk.

You write her a message and she takes hours or even days to answer you a poor “LOL”.

But as she answers you anyway, you still hope to be able to seduce her.

You dig your brain and you wonder what is wrong and why she does not answer you.

And, that’s exactly how you will keep thinking about this and nothing else…

To begin, let’s put things in context.

To know if this girl is interested or not, you must consider her attitude in the long term.

If overall she answers you fast enough, but sometimes it takes several hours, she may be really busy.

On the other hand, if it is systematically like that, get it out of your head.
It simply means that she is not interested. Or at least you are not her priority yet.

And in these cases, in addition to taking time to respond, she will send you messages of no interest, onomatopoeia or in any case, answers that do not call for any continuation for the dialogue in progress:

“Yes No”
“I don’t know”

In short, you see what I mean…

These moments when you feel like you are milling and the process of seduction does not move an inch.

Maybe she wants to be desired. But in these cases, she will send you more developed answers.

Let’s see how to try to give a new lease of life to your ongoing contact and text flirting technique.

  • What to do when a girl does not answer your messages on Facebook?

Or rather, let’s start with what you should not do.

We know how annoying it can be to wait for a response that does not arrive.

You look at your phone every 30 seconds wondering if you should immediately send her another message.

As a result, you will tend to overdo it and send her messages until she answers you.

At first, you will probably be rather worried.

You will ask her if she has received your previous message on Facebook. Then, before her deafening silence, you will ask her if all goes well.

Then, seeing her posting new pictures and realizing that she has read your messages, you will understand that she does not answer you, simply because she does not want to.

You will then send her messages rather annoyed.

Then you will regret and you will apologize flatly to try to fix the mistake.

This really is all you can do worse.

You’re going to look like a desperate guy.

So, what strategy to put in place to recontact a girl without seeming needy?

  • What can you say to a woman who does not answer your messages or does not text back right away?

if she doesn't text back should i text again

Ideally nothing!

Normally, you are someone who has an extended social circle, who practices many activities and if you are on the path of personal development, your lifestyle should allow you to protect yourself from oneitis and be happy and fulfilled in your life.

Oneitis is a common affliction, especially amongst geeks, affecting millions of men and women.
Symptoms can include feelings of hopelessness, heart palpitations, dry mouth, depression, anxiety and an inability to seek out other romantic or sexual relationships.

So if you see that a woman no longer answers you and she will probably never answer you again for a reason that you do not know, do not waste your time.

Stop contacting her and make new encounters by going to women who match you more and who will probably be more motivated and interested in getting to know you.

But I know that you want to go further. 😉

So if you think the game is worth the effort and want to persevere, the first thing to do is not to panic.

As we often repeat, for a relationship to work, both partners must move at the same pace.

If it is always you who write to her first and you always reply to her right away while she takes an hour to answer your text messages or your Facebook messages, she will probably feel stifled.

She’s going to tell herself that things are going too fast and it’s going to scare her away.

So whatever the situation you are in, learn to persist intelligently.
Leave at least 24 hours after your first message or text message.

It is absolutely useless to ask her, a few hours after contacting her, if she had received your message.

In 99.99% of the cases, she received it. So, let her have time to respond or text back.

And, in the remaining 0.1%, her phone was stolen. So she will not be able to answer you.

Women are sometimes like us: they have a take-home job, meetings, sports activities and outings with friends.

So it’s possible that she really does not have the time to respond to your texting.

I have seen that a few times with some girls I was interested in.
I thought they were not really interested but in fact they were busy with work and other things so they were not answering fast on Facebook or texting back right away.
When you are busy working, you leave some things on the side, time goes by and you did not have time to take care of it.
So, yes, it can happen.

Maybe she plans to reply to you later.
Or maybe your first text message or message on Facebook was not fun enough and did not make her want to answer right away.

Maybe she has not seen your message yet, and if you send others in the wake, you’re going to look like a desperate lover.

But whatever the reason of her silence, you will obtain no result by insisting too heavily.

Most women are suspicious when they give their number to men they do not know.

They are just afraid of the guy who will spend his day harassing them with  text messages or messages on Facebook and which they will not be able to get rid of.

Do not become that kind of guy.

The more you will insist in a short period of time, the less likely you are to hear from her.

  • Recontact her after 3 or 4 days if she does not respond or text back.

As a general rule, most men will insist greatly after the first message, but then completely disregard the silence of the girl.

It is at this point that you must know how to make the difference between insisting and persevering.

To insist is to bomb her with messages on the same day when she obviously has no intention of answering you.

To be persistent is to take things with detachment and to be patient before sending her a new message.

And most importantly, do not make her notice that she did not answer you.

Do not tell her that: it is “not nice”,  or it’s “disrespect”, or “who do you think you are?”.
Do not show yourself unpleasant.

In short, do not give her a good reason to eject you from her life.

If she feels that you are already full of bitterness, she will jump on this futile pretext to put an end to your interaction.

  • But then, what can you write to her?

Do not offer a date immediately.

Don’t try to see again right away.

Maybe your first message was to try to set a date.

If she did not respond, it’s probably not necessarily to try again at the moment.

So do not bring back the subject.

It is likely that she does not feel confident enough or that she is not attracted.

Before you think of seeing her again, you must first arouse her interest by bringing her fun and positive emotions.

  • What message to send to a girl who did not answer your text messages or your messages on Facebook?

When a woman does not answer, you must try to get back into the game by showing her that you are someone really fun and that she will not get bored with you.

Use the language of emotions:

“Wow, I’m listening to Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, I think I’m going to have a musical orgasm.”

Choose your words carefully.

Do not write: “The last album by Kendrick Lamar is nice. Listen to it.”

Make her vibrate. Put passion in your writing.

Share something interesting that you’ve done lately:

“Hello ! I just got out of a salsa class. That’s it, I know how to wiggle now. 😉
And you, what’s the most fun thing you’ve ever done since we met?”

You can also add a photo or a GIF. This will make her more and more want to answer you.

Ask her a funny question about her.

“If you could have the power of a superhero, who would you be?”

In short, humor is probably the easiest way to get back into the game.

If you make her a smile, she is more likely to answer you and text back.

The message you send must match your style.

And if you run out of ideas, check out my article on how to make a girl laugh:

  • Conclusion.

Remember one thing.
If a woman is really interested in knowing you, she will always find a moment in her day to answer you, however busy she may be.

And she will do whatever it takes to make things easier and to see you again.
But maybe she will be busy and will answer later but she will.

If she does not answer at all, she simply does not want to.

So ideally, do not waste your time and move on.

If you decide to persist, do it smartly.
Do not blame her and try to give her some fun, to make her laugh to arouse her interest and start on a new foundation.

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